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The Art of Staying Cool with Outdoor Roll up Sun Shades

Outdoor Roll Up Sun Shades 

The Art of Staying Cool with Outdoor Roll Up Sun Shades


With winter way past the horizon, it’s time to head out and enjoy the summers. And if you are one of those lucky people to have a porch, it’s the season to revamp it with treatments of your choice to stay cool. They are an investment if you are looking to extend your living space in the warmer months. We present some outdoor roll-up sun shade treatments that can help you master the art of staying cool while being out in the sun.

Outdoor Roll Up Sun Shades

Outdoor roll-up shades provide privacy and excellent light control while ensuring your view is unhampered. They are easy to operate with the help of a motor or a cord. Ideal for any space, indoors or outdoors, these shades are simplistic and work great to protect your areas from the harshness of natural elements. With its in-numerous benefits, these shades have been a source of protection from the harsh UV Rays from decades. Technology has made improvements to the materials used for this product wide. Hence, discounts and offers ensure that you are bound to get one in your budget.



Outdoor Roll-up Sun Shades


Like indoor window shades, the outdoor coverings are hung around porches and other sun-kissed areas to provide a cooler ambiance. They can be a fashionable, functional and economical home improvement choice. They are made of durable materials in order to withstand nature’s harsh elements. Available in various lift type options, the most popular ones are motorized or cord types. Choose from various varieties of light filtering window shades to darkening window shades.


Radiant Outdoor Roll-Up Solar Shades with 87% UV Ray Protection


These sturdy Roller Shades are a great value for money. Made from PVC coated fabric resistant they block sun glare and provide UV protection while ensuring you still have all the light and air flowing in. The weather resistant material ensures no fading, cracking or tearing. Great for both indoor and outdoor spaces, these are an ideal fit for those odd shaped windows and a glass door window coverings as well. It incorporates a smooth cord lift type that features a safety device to reduce the risk of strangulation for easy operation.



Roll Up Solar Sun Screen Shades


These chic looking blinds are made of breathable woven polyethylene hence ensuring they are lightweight yet durable. The synthetic material provides extra durability and maintains privacy while still filtering light and blocking heat. They maintain high visibility while providing excellent protection from the harmful UV rays. The panels are easy to install and can be adjusted with a cord that can be placed on either side of the shades.


Fabric Outdoor Roller Sun Shades


These fabulous Fabric outdoor roller sun shades help protect against UV rays by almost 92% and helps boost energy efficiency. They easily enhance the comfort of your outdoor spaces by blocking direct sunlight, and blinding glare. A very sure-shot option to protect your family, pets, and furnishings from the harsh UV rays while ensuring to be an investment for years to come. Additionally, the cord operated roller chain features a child safety tension device that can be easily moved to either left or right.


Cordless Outdoor Roller Shades


These knitted polyester fabric outdoor roller shades are great at blocking the sun’s heat while at the same time allowing in airflow during the hot days. Made up of lightweight, weather resistant fabric, these shades boasts of being high on energy efficiency with the right placement. The material and components of these shades will resist fading, mold and, mildew, while giving you comfort for years to come. With a great child-safe cordless operation, these shades are a great asset to any home.

Light Filtering Roller Solar Shades

These light filtering shades reduce glare without actually darkening a place.


Vinyl PVC Outdoor Roll Up Shades


In case you are looking for a minimalistic option with high functionality values, then this is the right choice for you. Light on the wallet but with high usage benefits, these shades provide you ample sun protection and privacy. These shades use PVC material that operates like a traditional window blind. The PVC slats make this product high in durability and easy on operations. An automatic cord lock helps in a comfortable installation at higher locations. They are popular as half-circle window blackout shade or as blinds for odd shaped windows as well.


Tips on Choosing Outdoor Roll Up Shades


Some points that you would like to keep in mind before deciding on Outdoor Roll up Shades;

  • Creating the setting – Decide before-hand on the kind of ambiance you want to create and allow the shades to complement this

  • Level of Protection – Choose wisely depending on the weather in your area

  • Budget – The options are plenty, so one is sure to fit in your pre-decided budget

  • Durability – Depending on your geographical location you will want to choose shades that will be more value for the money and last longer

Do call us for expert advice on any further queries that you might have and we will be sure to clear them for you. You can order your free samples online and take advantage of our huge discounts and offers before you decide to go ahead with any product.

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