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Springs Window Fashions – Best Experience philosophy

Spring Windows Fashion
“We create products that improve the lives of our customers. Our blinds, shades and draperies help people enhance their environments and achieve their design dreams.”  Springs Window Fashions

Springs Window Fashions being the second largest window shading operation in the world has enjoyed a consistent and prosperous reputation in the market for its advanced innovations that has resulted in stylish yet environmentally friendly products. They own some of the most recognized brands that deal with window treatments like Bali, Graber, Mechno Systems, Horizons, and Nanik. Springs Window Fashions has its headquarters in Middleton that functions with thirteen other facilities all over the world, to supply retailers, designers and customers with window treatments such as shades, blinds, specialty treatments and drapery hardware.

“The Best Experience philosophy is the cornerstone of our company. It guides every decision we make.”Scott Fawcett President and CEO.

The Best Experience, a philosophy followed by the company is something that the enterprise holistically works towards in every aspect of its working. Right down to how they function internally, to how they design and build their products, to what they deliver to the customer. This policy works towards increasing the accountability and performance of the company and employees.
Springs Window Fashions take corporate social responsibility very seriously. Every aspect of the business is designed to reduce environmental impact, where working towards a greener future is ingrained into the company’s functioning right from the office space, to the production, to the product. Recycling is practiced ardently by the enterprise. Millions of tons of industrial waste are recycled every year, they use waste sawdust to fuel their kilns and heat factories. Even their products and packaging are made from recycled material that is Green Guard certified. Their commendable energy conservation system has managed to save 90 million gallons of water annually by using a closed loop water cooling system for plastic manufacturing. As a result of their efforts, a considerable amount of energy is conserved every day by using energy efficient light fixtures and machinery throughout the workspace. They even have routine inspections of employee cars to check for fuel efficiency.

In 2009, when the CPSC (Commission Product Safety Council) expressed concerns about the cord system that holds the risk of strangulation, Spring Window Fashions started a programme called Voluntary Corrective Action Plan that was designed to remove any safety hazards and spread awareness about the dangers of the cord loop system. They also offer over a hundred safety classes on their online learning system to caution the customers against different areas of possible risk.

Graber Blinds

“Every home a gallery, every window a canvas.”

The company was started by John Graber when he invented the Badger Drapery Crane in 1939. Throughout the years they added new products to their product line, they were the first company to use nylon slides in their window treatment and through the years, products like roller shades, vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, pleated shades, etc., were added. In 1979, Graber was purchased by Spring Mills.

“I believe that windows are truly the most important consideration in home decorating…You might say that we see through our windows and that the world sees us through them too.”
Marie Graber, First lady in window fashions.

Since then Graber has become a world-renowned brand in window treatments. Graber ensures superior quality, unmatched style, and high energy efficiency. They aim at giving you the creative freedom to customize your window treatments, according to your own tastes and preferences. Graber, like all brands under Springs Window Fashions, work seriously towards reducing its carbon footprint. It’s window treatments are designed to regulate heat in such a way that it reduces power consumption. Cellular shades are an excellent example of a product that enables utmost power conservation due to its honeycomb design that traps air, increasing insulation. The products are Green Guard certified ensuring low chemical and particle emissions. They even use renewable hardwood that is grown domestically. When it comes to shades, Graber provides cellular, roller, roman, solar, exterior solar, natural and pleated shades. Under blinds, they have fabric, faux wood, real wood, vertical and horizontal blinds. They also have shutters, drapery, panels along with a variety of top treatments.
Apart from the usual range of products, Graber has innovative come up with their own unique products that combine several features of different products, giving you a seamless experience of benefits.

Light Weaves Dual shades combine two fabrics into one headrail that can function as two separate shades with their own features. For example, one can combine a solar/light filtering fabric with a room darkening or blackout fabric, which can be used separately, giving you the benefit of two in one. So these shades can be used to merely block glaring sunlight and harmful UV rays while, at the same time allowing further privacy with the room darkening fabrics, or even a complete blackout.

Another unique product is their cellular pleated shades. These shades combine the light filtering abilities of pleated shades, which typically occupy the top half of the shade, with the energy efficiency of cellular fabrics that occupy the remaining half. The cellular fabric is preferably room darkening or blackout, this way, combined with light filtering fabrics, these shades allow the utmost versatility in light control, not to mention the flexibility to set the mood of the room. When fully closed the shades allow light in, and at the same time, since the room darkening fabric occupies the bottom half, allows a decent amount of privacy.