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Spring into Action! Creative Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Window Treatments

Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring into Action! Creative Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Window Treatments


Spring is a time of restoration and renewal, of fresh life and of a warming climate.

Every season brings a charm of its own, but for many of us, spring is our favorite season of the year. Spring never fails to lift our spirits to see those dormant plants coming back to life again. We get to enjoy the greenery all around. Flowers that looked like sticks a week ago, now flourish with green leaves and fresh buds.


We all love the spring season, and we enjoy the beauty of the nature that this season allows us to view. At the same time, spring does allow a lot of dust into our home. And spring showers bring allergies. After a heavy rain and thunderstorm, mold spores, green grass, and plant pollen are disturbed and released into the air. The day after the rain and thunderstorm, the pollen counts go up, and allergy symptoms are triggered. Because of the rain and thunderstorms and other climatic changes, spring is associated with a lot of dust and many other allergies.


Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Spring Window Fashions

 Spring Cleaning Ideas

We need to keep ourselves safe and secure during this season. For any home, windows and doors are the interfaces that connect us with the outside world. It is essential to make sure that we keep our home distant from these troubles that spring causes. But the question is, how?

It becomes easy when you clean your Spring Window Fashions and Window Treatments on a regular basis. But most of us might be wondering about how to clean our window treatments. Many also think that cleaning window treatments are a tough job.

If that is your concern, don’t worry. Here are the best and easiest ways to clean all types of window treatments in a perfect manner.These tips will help you in Spring House Cleaning.


How To Clean Blinds and What are the Easy Ways to Clean Blinds


When your window blinds are neglected, they can become difficult to clean as they hold a layer of solid dust and other dirt particles. If you have a pet, you will even find pet fur on your window blinds. But cleaning blinds is not that difficult. As most of the window blinds are made of wood and plastic, they are easy and simple to clean.


The best way to maintain your blinds is to clean them on a regular basis, preventing dirt and dust buildup that can damage or ruin the slats. The tools and techniques you use for cleaning your blinds are dependent on the amount of dust they contain.


Tools for Cleaning Window Blinds

  • You can clean the blinds using
  1.  Vacuum cleaner
  2.  Microfiber cloth


Vacuum Cleaner

As far as cleaning is concerned, the first tool we think of is the vacuum cleaner. For window blind cleaning, a vacuum cleaner works really great. If cleaning soft fabrics such as on roller or cellular shades, use a light setting so that you don’t damage the shade.


Micro Fiber Cloth

You can use a microfiber soft cleaning cloth or a mini fiber window blind duster. This works as a great tool to clean the blinds and make them tidy.


# Here are Few Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Windows


• Spring Cleaning Ideas for Vertical Blinds

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are smooth and stylish and are an ideal choice for wide and long windows. They are also considered as easy to clean blinds.For simple cleaning, you can use a duster to dust the vertical blinds. Once the dusting is done, you can use a light cleaner spray on the slats of these blinds to loosen the dust.

If the blinds are dirtier, you can clean them using a vacuum cleaner.


• Spring Cleaning Ideas for Vinyl Blinds

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds offer an eye-catching look to any room and make your home even more beautiful.
These are also easy to clean blinds. Dismount these blinds from your spring windows. Wet a brush by dipping in soapy water. Rub the blinds on both the sides and wipe them with a soft cloth. Let them dry.


• Spring Cleaning Ideas for Natural Blinds

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Natural Blinds

The Natural Blinds are ideal for any interior, as they transform an artificial decor into a beautiful place with a natural atmosphere. These blinds can be cleaned with good furniture polish and a soft cloth. Sprinkle the furniture polish on a soft cloth and clean each piece of the blind individually.

For heavier cleaning, use plain water, but be careful not to soak the wood. Wipe off the water immediately you clean to prevent spotting or warping.


• Spring Cleaning Ideas for Cellular Shades

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are appreciated for their unique design, fashion, and style. The honeycomb structure of these shades affords the greatest level of protection from extreme weather. You can clean these shades using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attached. Clean gently across the horizontal pleats. This makes them dust free.


• Spring Cleaning Ideas for Roman Shades

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Roman Shades

Fabric roman shades offer a smooth mechanism and a sophisticated look to your home.

You can clean your Roman Shades with a vacuum cleaner and fabric brush. Make sure you pay special attention to the sleek folds where the dust will reside.

The best way to keep Roman shades clean is to clean them regularly.


• Spring Cleaning Ideas for Window Shutters

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Window Shutters

Shutters beautify your windows with the smooth and classic look combined with the fashion and practicality of indoor window treatments. Window Shutters are made of wood and are easy and effortless to clean. Soon after dusting, use a soft cloth to wipe them. You can even clean them using a small brush for hard to reach areas. Avoid water or any other chemical solution as they are made of wood.


• Spring Cleaning Ideas for Drapery Window Treatments

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Drapery Window Treatments

These coverings are fashionable, comfortable, affordable, smooth, and cheap.

To bring back the drapery window treatments to their real glory, you’ll need your trustworthy vacuum cleaner. Drapes must be dry clean friendly, and if possible, a gentle cycle would be the best way to keep them clean.


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