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The Sheer Horizontal Shadings.

Hakuna Matata! All of us who watched the movie The Lion King with our kids, or grew up watching it know what fascination the wild holds for all of us. Yeah, Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers tapped into our elementally primitive side! I don’t think I’ve ever met a soul who hasn’t enjoyed that movie. It’s the call of the wild, I guess! And put together so creatively by Disney, really, who could blame us? The animals that held us all in a thrall – the giraffes, zebras, monkeys, leopards and specially lions – arr, arr!

And through the history of mankind, it’s been a tendency to bring closer to home what arrested our attention – bear skin, a lion’s tooth, a leopard’s claw, snake’s skin bags and shoes. And this has had environmentalists and animal rights protection agencies come together in protest to preserve our forests in order to maintain its rightful balance. So we can have future generations enjoy the same fascination that held us spell-bound.

So we find ways to keep our wild side going – faux leather, Swarovski animals, metalized artifacts, animal print designer wear…….and now, Zebra sheer Shades! Over the years, we’ve seen endlessly fascinating window shading options that mimic nature – vertical and horizontal wood blinds, wooden shutters, natural grass and bamboo shades, animal printed Roman shades and draperies – you name it, we have it! What are Zebra shades? Just what it says it is – a zebra-striped window shading option!

Called Zebra Sheer Shades by Crown, Overtones by Comfortex, and I’m sure a whole lot of alternate terminology by others (but the first certainly describes it best – made of alternating stripes of dark and sheer), this shading is constructed from a lightweight but sturdy polyester material attached to a roller tube mechanism; it is essentially a versatile Sheer Roller Shades that enables both room lightening , room darkening or blackout features without having to open and close vanes, as you’d have to in the case of Venetian Blinds – the ultimate convenience of operation. Two apparently seamless layers of delicately woven, striped polyester fabric mounted on a roller tube, operated manually or automatically.

Light Filtering, Room Darkening, Blackout.

All rolled into one, which allows you opt for an alternating sheer and dark effect with the front and back of the shade aligned perfectly – makes for diffused light streaming in at alternate intervals as the stripes are generally 2 inch sheer and 3 inch dark – how’s that for a zebra effect? You can also align the stripes to allow just that required amount of light, or adjust the shade so that only the dark bands show, for a blackout effect. Having made much of the alignment, it would be remiss of me to omit the fact that the dark bands are available to you in light filtering and blackout options while the sheer band is standard.


The great thing about this shading is that it’s adjustable to an enormous degree. Even when lowered completely, with the stripes in perfect alignment, the sheer bands aren’t entirely see through; they allow filtered light into a room, muting the view from outside as the sheer bands reflect a certain amount of light outward. For total privacy, especially at night, adjust the shades so that the dark bands overlap the sheer bands to ensure that all the view is blocked from outside. Raise the shade up so it retracts completely for an unobstructed view outside.


The fact that light is reflected outward from a room effects the maintenance of a fairly standard temperature indoors while protecting indoor elements from the harsh UV rays of the sun. The dark bands tend to absorb light, and thereby heat, so even in cold weather the shades can provide a measure of insulation, especially since they drape over the roller tube (much like the baggage conveyors in airports, only those are horizontal) in dual layers that trap a layer if air between them. The U.S.Dept. of Energy recommends the use of dual layers of window shades, one side being reflective and the other side being absorptive – well then, aren’t Zebra sheer shades the perfect solution? And no need to change sides according to seasons! It is also recommended that the shades are hung as close to the windows as possible, with the sides as close to the walls as well, to create as perfect a sealed space as possible.

Ease of Operation:

These shades are available with both manual and motorized operating features, and believe me when I say that the motorized version is so competitively priced that it would certainly not be in anyone’s best interest to pass up the opportunity to buy yourself some convenience as well as earn LEED credit points for sustainable window shading. Tax credits are awarded to those who use motorized shading that can be programmed to shade windows when the sun’s heat reaches uncomfortable levels during the day, and to cover windows at night so that interior heat is not transmitted outside.

Care and Cleaning:

Is also easily facilitated as these shades can be feather dusted, gently vacuumed, and if necessary, sponge wiped to keep them looking fresh and new.

Isn’t modern technology wonderful? A sure thing is that humans will always find innovative ways to mimic the abundance of ideas already available to us in nature! Hakuna Matata!


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