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‘He who hesitates is lost’

That would have been my state had I not fallen in love with the Horizontal Sheer Shades offered for sale on My decision was instantaneous, one that I have not regretted ever since. I relax now in my family room and feel a gentle, cool breeze on my face. Nobody is at home yet, and as I sit and relish my hot cup of evening tea with my pet Cocker Spaniel, Pepper, for company I look around my home and feel a fulfillment at all the right choices I have made. Changing the vinyl blinds on the long French windows overlooking the road had been overdue. The bright sunlight reflecting off them showed telltale signs of wear and tear. “Why not?” my hubby said dear, and without the least encouragement, I was at it. Sheers have always appealed to me for its light, airy, and ethereal, look in whatever way it is used. From pink or lemon yellow baby dresses to table linen richly embellished, sheers lend a classy appeal, a style statement. Its softness is alluring and replacing them for the blinds has given my windows the complete look. However, there is a lot to know about them before they entice you.





Horizontal Sheer Shades are a modern and chic version of the conventional roller shades or the blinds. They are ‘Special’ for their unique structure. They are made of two vertical lengths of soft, knitted, sheer fabric in between which float, or are suspended horizontal fabric vanes. They work on the same premise of a horizontal wooden blind. The wooden slats are replaced with fabric vanes, and the corded ladders are replaced with two pieces of sheer mesh. The two sheer meshes are attached at the top to a roller tube in an enclosed head rail, and the fabric vanes are suspended in between the two pieces of sheer mesh. The fabric vanes are spaced at 2 inch or 3 inch spacing, and the sheer mesh pieces are anchored by a bottom rail at the end of the fabric. The fabric vanes are left in the open view position by turning the roller tube so that the fabric is completely lowered. To close the fabric vanes, the roller tube is turned slightly upward so that the fabric is raised a little. The fabric is completely raised when the roller tube is rotated all the way to the ‘up’ position. The adjustment of the two vertical panels of sheer fabric makes the vanes open and close. They can be controlled by a manual clutch or a motor.





There are two options to choose from, depending on how much privacy and light control is required for your room. How much light comes through the fabric vanes can be controlled based on the fabric selected. The light filtering fabric allows soft light to flow through while providing moderate privacy. The room darkening fabric blocks light effectively for eliminating glare on your T.V or creating a darker bedroom to sleep in. Deciding between light filtering and room darkening options depends on how much light you want during the day and how much privacy you want during the night. This versatility makes it possible to work with them in any kind of décor where style, class, elegance and a soft appearance are your goals.





The sheer translucent fabric vanes of the Horizontal sheer shades can be positioned fully open, fully closed or anywhere in between for the light control you want and still feel the gentle outdoor breeze. They can be raised with the vanes open too, unlike any other window shading and fit snugly into the head rail provided at the top without obscuring the view outside. Tilting the vanes open allows sunlight to pass through into your room, but in a diffused state making the room cool and cozy. The soft light creates a beautiful, ambient setting creating a peaceful atmosphere in the room. When the vanes are tilted shut, they darken the room and provide greater light control.




The privacy that the Horizontal Sheer Shades give us goes hand in hand with light control. Tilting the vanes open allows us a veiled, outside view at the same time cutting off the view from the outside, into the room. This means that nothing that is happening inside your home can be seen from the outside. Tilting the veins closed entirely blocks off the sunlight from coming in yet providing us with a view of the outside. We are safe with total privacy at any part of the day or night.

However, the privacy level can also be controlled by the type of fabric used. The room darkening fabrics give us a broad range of light control options. You can combine a light filtering material with more opaque vanes darken the room. Increased opacity of the vanes means more privacy during the day and night. Darker, more opaque materials are suitable for bedrooms and a perfect choice for light sleepers. Total blackout is not possible. It can provide more light control than a traditional blackout shade if an entirely dark room is not preferred.

Match your Sheer Shades with your privacy needs. Doors and windows that are in the front of the house need more privacy than those that face a secluded backyard. Light color fabrics will continue to filter light when the vanes are shut but will allow others to see shadows and silhouettes at night.





While giving control over natural light in your home, Sheer Horizontal Shades also help to save energy in heating and cooling costs. Although Cellular Shades are leaders in energy efficiency, Sheer Horizontal Shades are an excellent alternative. Cellular Shades are known for the pockets of air created between the room and the window. Sheer Shades create the same pockets but to a lesser degree. The Sheer fabric that is used to filter light into the room traps less air but still provides a certain level of insulation between the room and the window.

One of their biggest assets is their light control. Because of the different layers of fabric that provides multiple lighting options we can have a better control over natural light and harness more sunlight to illuminate our homes during the day and save on electricity. The light diffusing properties of these shades means that we can light our homes without worrying about excess heat or bright UV rays.

Combining the versatility of light control with a motorized timing option can give us a perfect energy efficient shade. By setting the shade on timers, you can keep your home cool during the hottest times of the day even when you are not at home. You can also use them to raise your shades during short winter days to help utilize sunlight to warm your rooms and save energy bills.






Besides being great for light control, they can help prevent fading in your furniture. Under brilliant sunlight, most upholstery fades causing uneven coloring and diminishing the brilliance of the patterns and texture. When the vanes are tilted open, the sheer fabric provides some protection against direct sunlight while still providing soft filtered light to your room. When vanes are tilted shut the UV light protection is maximized while still maximizing your control over natural light.





Big and hard to reach windows can make controlling these shades difficult. Motorized Sheer Shades makes it convenient and safe to control light from anywhere in a room. The motorized option is designed to control the lift of the shade and the tilt of the vanes for complete light control at any time.






The vane widths of Horizontal Sheer Shades are made to match the shape and the size of individual windows. Vanes come in different widths 2 inch, 2 3/4 inch, or 3 inch. Smaller vane widths are ideal for standard windows, wider vanes are ideal for larger and deeper windows. Thin vanes take up less space against the window but more space when raised to the head rail. If you are choosing a Sheer Shade to preserve your view but still minimize direct sunlight, smaller vanes will clutter the view when kept open. 2 inch or 3 inch vanes tend to be very popular as they take up less space when tilted open and look less cluttered.




More than anything else these shades are easy to install and easy to maintain clean with a regular dusting. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent any premature damage to them.

So here am I viewing the world through a sheer wonder and not through rose tinted spectacles. A unique, dreamy experience indeed.




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