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The Sophistication of Wood at an Affordable Price

Blinds for the Ultimate Decor of My Home.

I need poise. I’m just so clumsy that it would kind of save me a lot.
Brea Grant.


It could be my windows saying that as well because with all the loose hanging curtains, they kind of appear untidy and clumsy at present. They need something more trendy and tidy to give them a facelift. I think the best option for my home is either the wooden blinds or shutters, which are unfortunately not within my budget. Wooden shutters and blinds have always enthralled me. I find them quite exotic, effortlessly enhancing the visual appeal of any building. Wood calls to me – the natural warmth it exudes along quality and craftsmanship is reflected in every product made of wood.

Since there was no use talking about something I could not afford, I decided to check out what fell within my budget to cover my windows. The contemporary window coverings market gave me more choices than I had ever before. Graber Blinds, a renowned brand in window treatments had alternative options for wood blinds available in different styles like.


• Lake Forest Faux wood blinds
• Lake Forest Premium faux wood blinds
• Traditions Composite Blinds


It is clearly possible for me to transform my clumsy looking windows into to something more chic with these sturdy, reliable and cost-effective window treatments. Graber also has Faux Wood Arches that would be a perfect complement to the faux wood blinds I install on my windows.

Faux wood blinds in variety of sizes were the answer to all my window treatment requirements. They would provide my home with the look I wanted and comes with a strength and resilience that is unmatched by others. They not only fit into my budget, they will save me plenty in the long run through their energy efficiency, low maintenance, and durability.

The pros of installing faux wood blinds on windows –

• They had the natural look of real wood with its warmth creating a friendly ambiance
• They were more durable and easier to clean than real wood blinds
• They were economical compared to wood blinds and are a great alternative to them
• They do not warp, crack or split even when exposed to high humidity conditions
• The No-Holes feature makes these blinds perfect for bedrooms and washrooms with the maximum level of privacy


Graber Faux wood blinds combine the extraordinary look of wood with extra durability, making them an excellent addition to high humidity areas such as my kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms. In addition, they are finished to repel dust and prevent yellowing due to over-exposure to the sun. Further, they are warp, crack, and rot-resistant, which is an excellent choice for use in climates that swing to extremes like in Columbia, characterized by its humidity, wind and rainfall.


I had the 2 inch Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds from Graber installed on my window; they were priced way below my expectations for a product that looked so perfect. Available in different paints and stains, the decorative designer cloth tapes I got served to enhance my window decor, as did the color-coordinated cords and ladders. I could now also afford the cordless control that would eliminate the risk of strangulation for the kids and their pet. The routeless vanes offered excellent privacy and ambient glare control, so TV viewing during the day would be a painless experience.


My living room door has an amazing arch over it, and has stood bare so far since specialty window treatments were beyond my budget. Now that I had window blinds covering my windows, I decided to match the arched window with a faux wood shutter arch as this is an affordable solution that comes with great style with protective features. Faux Wood Shutters can withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as the faux wood blinds, and quite easy to care for and operate. The arch louvers are designed with a grooved or rabbet edge for a tight closure that prevents air seepage and makes for great insulation. As the louvers are movable, it provides protection from the harsh sun when it intrudes.


Since I’d opted for faux wood blinds a faux wood arched shutter, I had kept well within my budget – I decided to indulge in covering my patio doors with real wood vertical blinds that are also specialty window treatments. The beautiful vertical slats of these 3½ – inch Vertical Elite Wood Blinds from Graber create a unique woodsy aura, and along with its corded operational smoothness, they make an awesome solution. The American Hardwood used in its manufacture is light weight, rich in texture, of consistent color, and most importantly, have attractive grains. The split stack assured me of a full view, and for privacy, I could tilt the vanes to the left or the right while still having light slant in, when the blinds were drawn closed.


Combining the real wood vertical blinds, faux wood arch shutter, and faux wood blinds have made an enormous difference to my decor, so much that I can’t believe it is the same home anymore. My windows have sure got all the poise they need for now.




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