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Somfy vs Lutron – Which Motorized Shade Brand is Best

Somfy vs. Lutron Which Motorized Shade Is Best

Smart window coverings are a boon to any home fortunate enough to have them. Being able to turn the sunlight off without having to get out of bed is what one would call a power move. However, even if you do have a sufficient budget you’ll still find yourself stuck at a crossroads. Most people will inevitably be looking at two incredibly effective brands: Somfy vs Lutron. Each brand has their own perks and features, each of which could be that perfect requirement you have in mind. For example: Maybe you considered cheap motorized shades only after realizing you can’t reach out and close your skylight without a ladder.

When you try and decide between Somfy vs Lutron, all you’re doing is choosing between two products that will give you the same result with a few minor differences. Let’s start with the most important parameter to check when dealing with smart or motorized blinds. First, let’s distinguish between smart window blinds and motorized blinds. Motorized blinds come with motors that raise and lower the blinds themselves simply at the touch of a physical switch on a wall or a remote control device. Smart blinds do come with motors that raise and lower the blinds. But they also come equipped with a connection that links it to an app on your smartphone. Smart blinds open up a world of possibilities depending upon the technology used to control the motors (Z-wave vs direct Wi-Fi) where you can set them to raise at a particular time or even set them to a sensor for sunlight and let them control themselves.


Somfy comes with a wide array of options to control your motorized blinds should you decide to use them.
From the Telis 16 RTS (handheld remote) to the Deoflex wire-free RTS (wall-mounted), there’s no limit to the physical remote control options you will have for your shades should you decide to go with Somfy.
Somfy can also tie the products to an app on your smartphone and do away with remote controls altogether.
Somfy Motorized Shades
In this case of Somfy Vs Lutron we discovered that while Lutron has quite a number of remote controls, only a handful of them are usable for lighting control via shades. None of them seem to come with a built-in display. The Range of Pico wireless controllers is filled with compact and useful devices.
Lutron seems to rely heavily on the “smart” aspect of their products meaning most (if not all) of their solutions come with a feature that lets you control them via an app on your smartphone.
Lutron Smart Shades

Motorized Efficiency:

Somfy motorized shades have a series of wireless and non-wireless motors called the Sonesse series. They’re known to last long and be quite efficient when it comes to regular use.
Lutron has its own “Roller” series for blinds of different sizes. While these are comparable in quality to the Sonesse series, the “Roller” series has been celebrated as some of the quietest motors you can find.


One of the best ways to reduce expenditure would be to forego the installation cost and install it yourself. But when it comes to Somfy Vs Lutron and you pick Lutron, you may want to reconsider.

The instructions on attaching these shades aren’t that complicated. They’re almost like the plug-n-play printers of smart and motorized shades.

Lutron’s Serena shades often come with complex arrangements that would be a technician’s dream, but an inexperienced assembler’s nightmare.

Overall Requirements and Pricing:

Lutron tends to manufacture most of its own parts so they function better as a whole. This means you’re more likely to get replacements a lot faster. Even the features that you get with your Lutron shading systems and products are quite exquisite. However, this limits the extend of direct mechanical integration that is possible with Lutron systems. While you can get motorized window shades from Lutron, you will need to buy the entire shade as opposed to Somfy which also sells parts of the solution that will work with other products. But you’ll find that Lutron is far easier to deal with when you’re trying to integrate it wirelessly. Even somfy’s own Somfy Connect LTI can operate systems made by Lutron.

Somfy offers a more versatile range of products. Somfy shades are compatible with a variety of systems and ecosystems. This versatility followed by more affordable pricing is what makes Somfy stand out.
So here’s the verdict on Somfy Vs Lutron: If you’re starting from scratch then you should definitely consider Lutron for your home if there’s room in the budget. But if you’re simply intent on making small scale changes for improvements on your quality of life, then Somfy is an excellent and affordable choice!