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2018 Summer Solstice Decor Trends From Your Favourite Bloggers

Summer Window Treatments

Summer Solstice Decor Trends with Summer Window Treatments


The Latin word Solstice means “sun-stopping”.

During the time of the solstice, the sun remains in the sky for a longer time than it usually does. The summer solar solstice signifies the start of the summer season. For the US, summer solstice takes place in the month of June.

Summer solstice is recognized as the longest day of the year. This time signifies the start of longer days and shorter nights. The excess of sunlight results in increased temperatures and more glare. You need to shield your home with window treatments in order to protect your family and your valuable belongings from the brutal summer sun.


Window Orientation and Shading with Summer Window Treatments


During the summer solstice, it is easy to shield the portion of your home that faces the south. Installing the perfect insulating window treatments is a great way to block sunlight from entering through the windows when the sun is directly striking the house. The windows facing towards the north generally do not require as much protection as the suns rays are not as direct.

The windows facing the east and the west require more attention in terms of insulation and protection as they are the spots through which the heat and the sun’s glare enter in.

To block the sun rays, shield these windows with shutters and other insulating window treatments. Plant as many plants as possible if you have space in front of your home as this makes your surroundings cool and pleasant with the shade and fresh air they offer.



Install the Perfect Window During Summer Solar Solstice


Installing Perfect Window Coverings

You can insulate your home in two ways. One is installing the external window treatments to your outdoors and blocking the sun without entering your home. The second one is to install the window treatments inside your home and shielding your home and valuables inside from the harmful sun rays.


Let us learn more about these two types of shading.


# Exterior Window Treatments


Exterior Window Treatments 

In the summertime, we love to spend most of our time outdoors, especially during the evenings, but it can be unbearable due to the heat. It’s the perfect time to create a cool backyard so we can relax peacefully without the uncomfortable heat. With outdoor window treatments, you can easily make your outdoor spaces cool and comfortable this summer.


# Exterior Solar Shades


Exterior Solar Shades

Solar shades are one of the most popular outdoor window treatments. With Exterior Solar Shades, you can cover your outdoor porch and transform it into a beautiful living space. These shades diffuse the light greatly and prevent solar heat gain. These shades are an ideal choice if you are expecting the extreme heat in your outdoors.


They come in a wide assortment of patterns, colors, and fabrics to supplement a touch of fashion to your outdoor space. You can choose them based on their fabric openness as they come in a large range of openness levels. You can either create an outdoor with a clear view outside or if privacy is your main concern, you can even make it totally dark.

Go for Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades for an impressive look with easy operation and excellent durability.


# Graber Shutters


Graber Shutters

If you are looking for an elegant window treatment for your outdoors, Sun Protecting Graber Shutters are the perfect solution. Shutters are considered as one of the most attractive window treatments that can be customized according to your requirements for your outdoor spaces. The shutters from Graber are designed to give an elegant look and to be extremely durable, which makes them ideal for this summer. Using Graber shutters, you can create a space that will render you with a view when open and privacy when closed. Shutters are an excellent choice if you have children or pets as they are cordless they are a safe and easy to operate.


# Combining Curtains with Blinds


Curtains with Blinds

You can combine the Curtains with Blinds for better privacy and added insulation. Adding drapes to your outdoors is an easy way to add color to your outdoor patios. There are infinite design possibilities with the endless crazy types of fabrics and colors that will complement your outdoor decor. Drapes add an extra touch of privacy, and they also act as a protective layer when the sun is burning outside. The ambiance of your home completely depends on the choice of design color and pattern of the drapery you choose.


# Indoor Window Treatments


# Solar Shades


Solar Shades

If you want to shield your home this summer from the harmful sun, and you do not want to block your beautiful view, then Solar Shades is your ultimate choice. These shades are light and beautiful. They block the blinding sunlight yet still allow some natural light in.


These shades help to absorb the heat and reduce the glare. They also block up to 90% of dangerous UV rays yet maintain the view of your outdoors.


# Graber Cellular Shades


Graber Cellular Shades 

Cellular Shades are appreciated for their unique design and style. The cellular shades from Graber are also a good option for the summer protection as they help reduce heat transfer through your window, which makes your home cooler during the hot summer days. This is because of the honeycomb design. The honeycomb structure of these shades provides the ultimate protection from the outdoor heat. Graber Cellular Shades help build an effective temperature-transfer barrier between the window and your home, keeping the heat out. These shades protect your home from the sun, exterior noise, cold, and UV rays.

The R-value of any shade represents the insulation property. Cellular shades hold a high R-value which makes them perfect for insulating your home this summer.


Get the best heat resistant and insulating window treatments at ZebraBlinds and make your indoors as well as outdoors look beautiful. Protect your home with these window treatments and make your home cool and comfortable.

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