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Solar Shades vs. Roller Shades

Solar Shades vs Roller Shades

There are different types of window coverings available for different purposes and it is imperative that one knows what they are buying into. There are some choices that leave you puzzled, and it is not easy to make the final decision. Apart from adding to the appearance of a room, window coverings serve many other purposes such as providing privacy, light-filtering, UV ray protection, temperature regulation, and so on. Each window treatment has an edge over the other when it comes to specific features and you may be split in choosing between one that provides more privacy and one that is more energy-efficient. To draw comparisons between two types of window shades is something all of us have struggled with. So, to make your work easier, we’ll do it for you. We have laid down a comparison between solar shades and roller shades. First, we will describe what both these products are and how they are different from each other, and then list their advantages and disadvantages. This will give you a better sense of what the product actually means, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

To begin with, roller shades are drop-down window treatments that are made from a single piece of fabric and provides privacy and light control. Solar shades are also a drop-down window treatment but are made from woven polyester material that has small openings in it, allowing you to see through to a degree. Both these shades use the same mechanism for operation but there are so many ways in which they are different from each other. Let us look at how:
1. The material used – While roller shades are generally made from fabric and other such material, solar shades are made from woven polyester.
2. The purpose that they serve – While roller shades essentially work as a light-filtering and light-blocking shade, solar shades are generally used to reduce glare and the harshness of the sunlight while allowing you to preserve your view.
3. The transparency – Roller shades are not designed to preserve your view and you cannot see through them, while solar shades have a variety of openness options available all the way up to a view that looks like a tinted window. Now that we have a fairly decent idea of the expectation from the product, we can look at the pros and cons of these and finally see how one holds the other.

Solar shades

The advantages of using solar shades are:
1. They are fairly good at reducing glare. This will prove to be very effective in offices or if you used computers and TV at home. This is why they are a very popular choice in commercial spaces where the work is done on computers and other such devices.
2. They filter out the UV rays – This is the greatest benefit of using solar shades. The material filters out these rays and the sunlight that enters your house then is much healthier. This makes it a very good choice for you if you have kids at home. Given the exposure to the already polluted environment outside, it is advisable that they get as clean air as they can at home. UV rays are also known to cause some skin disease and are even attributed to cancer.
3. They protect your interiors – Due to its technique of avoiding glare and filtering out the UV rays, they reduce the harsh sunlight’s effects on your interiors. This will prove to be very beneficial to any furniture and other delicate items that are susceptible to such light and might rot or decay or lose color.
4. They give the scope for a good view- Another reason why solar shades are really popular is that they allow one to enjoy the view from their windows without compromising on their privacy. This also gives a spacious look to your house and keeps it fresh. It is also because of this feature that solar shades are commonly installed over large windows and in front of the house. They also make for very good outdoor window shades and are popularly installed over porches and so on.
Solar Shades
The disadvantages of using solar shades:
1. They don’t provide privacy at night – Solar shades are not blackout shades and it would be wrong to expect them to function as such. Because of their sheer properties, they become transparent when looking inside the home during the night with the lights on inside the house. So, your house is in full view to anyone standing outside in the dark. It is because of this that they are installed with curtains and drapes.
2. The vinyl weave style of the fabric limits the number of options in terms of patterning, colors, etc. Solar shades are generally very simple looking and are mostly available in solid colors.

Roller shades

The advantages of using roller shades –
1. They are quite versatile Given the different types of styles and patterns they are available in; it is quite easy to customize them and find something that suits your aesthetics as well. They give you the luxury to decorate your house on your own terms and can be a good choice for any room that may want to install them.
2. They are very easy to use – Given their easy operation and user-friendly controls, they are very handy. If you have a house with kids or old people or with someone who can’t access window shades easily, they can be a boon. They don’t require much hassle and are also compatible to become motorized window shades. This means that they can be handled with a remote and this increases the accessibility and the comfort of your house. Not to mention, these motorized window shades are your best friends for lazy days and a lazy morning, and you will be forever grateful for installing them.
3. There have a variety of light control options – These window shades provide for a lot of functions and are available as light-filtering shades and also as black-out shades. Given your needs and requirements, you can choose whichever one you want to install. So, no matter what you want, these shades will fulfill it. They can also be easily installed with drapes and curtains to add to the aesthetics and give you more options for light control.
4. They are inexpensive – Given their versatility and the functions that they deliver, they do not cost a lot. They are one of the cheapest types of window coverings in the market and that is what makes them really popular. They also do not require the extra cost of installation as they are very easy to put up on your own and you won’t require a professional hand to do so.
Roller Shades
The disadvantages of using roller shades
1. They are not compatible with all the window types- If you have a narrow window or an oddly shaped window, these shades can’t be installed there as they have a very standard shape which cannot be changed.
2. They can’t be used outdoors – Roller shades are not treated for outdoor use, unlike solar shades which have exterior versions for that purpose.
3. They are not easy to clean- These shades cannot be washed and can only be dusted or vacuumed. Unlike solar shades, most roller shade fabrics are not waterproof and can stain easily.

Now that we know of both sides of both the products, it is clear that they serve different purposes. It is up to us to see what we require the most and what is our priority. Both of them stand good in their places and one of them can suit one while the other can suit another. It all comes down to the user’s requirements and desires.