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Some Major Benefits of Having Solar-Powered Window Shades

Solar Powered Skylight Window Shades

Our home is where we can feel secure and safe from the busy world outside. Naturally, we all like our homes to be the havens of comfort and lounging. To ensure that we stay absolutely relaxed and comfortable in our home, be it an independent house, an apartment in a building, or a coastal bungalow near a beach, we ensure that everything in it caters to our needs and aspirations.

A lot of us have different items in our home that bring us happiness and joy. Some get satisfaction from installing modern technology and gadgets. Some just want to lead a simple life and don’t watch much TV, but spend on practical items that bring them comfort and that lend them a satisfying and unperturbed sleep.

While the focus of many people in this respect shifts to buying soft beds with smooth bedsheets, pillows and cushion covers, it is important to note that window blinds and shades are very important additions in a home that make a major difference to your comfort. They protect us against heat, cold, rain, dust, light and UV radiation.


Solar Powered Skylight Window Shades


Skylights are often one of the most ignored areas of the house, but these are the openings through which maximum light comes in. If you are the sort who loves a natural sunlight-filled room, you can go for lighter shades that can diffuse light, allowing you to control how much light you want inside.

Skylights are hard-to-reach locations which are on the rooftops of the house, so you cannot have those traditional drapery or window sun protection curtains in place to cover those windows. Having suitable solar powered skylight window shades requires proper planning and customization. As the temperatures may soar when summer arrives, the lack of blinds or effective blinds may increase the temperatures and make staying inside very difficult. Similarly, during winters, they can cause drafty air leaks, resulting in a chilly atmosphere where you won’t feel like leaving from under your heavy sheets.

Skylight Cellular Shades

To avoid all that, install honeycomb or cellular shades on your skylights. Honeycomb shades are preferred window treatments for such types of windows as they have cell pockets inside them to trap heat or cold from outside. Their unique construction makes them ideal for use in a variety of circumstances and weather. If you want to have lots of sunlight inside, but do not want to be affected by its glare and ultraviolet radiation, you can go for single cell honeycomb shades. These window coverings have only one layer of thin material covering them with pockets inside. With enough light inside, you don’t have to switch on a bulb during the daytime, thereby leading to lower energy and electricity bills.

Similarly, you can achieve energy efficiency even with double or triple cell honeycomb shades. Such shades come with two or more layers of material covering windows for blackout, heat reduction and cold reduction purposes, especially in areas that experience extreme climates. When they are in place, you can enjoy room temperature in your home without having the need to switch on the air conditioner or your heater. This again leads to lower electricity bills.


Graber Roller Shades


Graber is one of the most trusted names in window treatments. Of their vast selection of window treatments, Graber solar shades stand out as an effective and unique treatment that helps filter light to brighten your home.

Graber solar shades are perfect and ideal shades for any home where you need a modern day look with an elegantly furnished finishing. With a special UV-resistant material, they let sunlight inside while reducing the effects of ultraviolet glare, which can otherwise cause skin pigmentation and can damage your floors and furniture over time.

Graber roller blinds are eco-friendly window treatments that have a very pleasant feel and appearance and amplify the style factor of the house by several notches. They are rather safe to use and have a minimal appearance, as they simply roll into a roller when closed. This makes them very easy to maintain and install. They can be easily cleaned through vacuuming and dusting. Many of them also come with dust-resistant and water-resistant properties, hence they can also be set up in moisture-prone areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

Graber Roller Shades

Graber roller shades also come in a variety of materials and color options to choose from, so you can take your pick and choose one that goes well with the hues of your room.

Roller shades reduce the need for lighting up your room by artificial means. If you want to have your room filled with natural light, you just need to choose a shade with less opacity level. You can achieve all this even without your room heating up during summers. So you have a natural light filled during the daytime and also have your electricity/air conditioning costs reduced by up to 70%. If you go with motorized lifts, use a solar panel to power the shade and reduce energy costs further.


Benefits of Solar Powered Shades


Solar Powered Skylight Window Shades


Solar powered shades are not only defined by motorized shades powered through solar panels, but also by shades that appropriately use sunlight to create benefits for your room. We can summarize the benefits of solar powered shades through the following points:

1) Natural Light

This is meant for people who scoff at the idea of having too many light bulbs switched on at all times during the day. While switching on the light bulb may be justifiable after dark, why use it when you have solar powered shades installed in your home to let your home filled with natural light

2) UV Protection

We love a bright morning. But we never quite realize what the sun can do to our skin when it is exposed to it for a long time. With effective solar/roller shades or honeycomb shades in place, your home is protected by the glaring effects of ultraviolet radiation that may cause skin pigmentation or even skin cancer in some scenarios.

3) Glare Protection

The sun’s blinding glare may be very distracting and irritating when you are reading a book or watching television. Having effective solar shades in place reduces the glare and let you enjoy the filtered sunlight in peace.

4) Energy Efficiency

This is the obvious benefit, as their name suggests. While their primary purpose is light diffusion, a lot of solar powered shades are also excellent heat reducers thanks to the modern technology that has found its way into developing state-of-the-art window coverings for contemporary homes.

5) Attractiveness in Design

Excellent solar powered shades such as Graber roller shades or single cell honeycomb shades for skylights have a minimal and subtle look which lends a classy and stylish vibe that doesn’t scream for attention. They are perfect modern window treatments that are easy on the eyes and bound to impress anyone visiting your home.

To sum up, solar powered shades are the need for any modern home. With their technology and construction, they reduce your energy bills while also boasting of a number of other benefits. They lend a modern and casual vibe to your home and come in a variety of textures and color options to choose from. So shop for them today and have them customized according to your window dimensions.

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