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Simple Solutions for Hard-to-reach Windows Solar Powered Skylight Blinds

Solar Powered Skylight Window Blinds

Solar Powered Skylight Window Blinds – Hard to Reach Windows

Searching for the right window treatments for your skylights just got easier and more budget friendly. Those hard to reach windows just got a new facelift with an automated system by using Solar Powered Skylight Window Blinds.

A solar panel is mounted on the head channel facing the window to receive sunlight. It converts the sunlight into electrical energy that powers the motor on the blinds. By using a simple hand-held remote you can open or close the blinds depending on your need. During the day, you can allow the blinds to remain open so as to allow the sunlight to help heat up the building. And during the night, keep it closed to produce a thermal barrier to retain the heat inside your living spaces.

The solar battery holds enough charge to operate your blinds for one open and one close per day. With the motorized lift, they can be operated with an easy to use hand-held remote without the hassle or the need for batteries. The solar panels help cut down the energy used to power the motorized system. This helps in reducing your energy bills. After all, energy conservation starts at home!

Benefits of Solar Powered Skylight Window Blinds

  • These motorized skylight shades are an eco-friendly option since you cut down the usage of batteries in the functioning of this product

  • Easy plug and play installation also help do away any construction cost. Do away with the hard wiring costs during installation

  • Low operational expenditure as there are no battery costs

  • Low maintenance as they are designed to handle the direct heat from the sun

  • Seasonal automation with reduced cooling and heating costs

  • Depending on your choice of blinds, you can take advantage of the benefit of a federal tax credit for supporting renewable energy, giving you big savings

Graber Skylight Products

Graber, a well known and leading brand of window treatments, brings you hi-tech engineered products to suit your every need. With superior quality products, their promise of high performance and deliverables is unmatched. Graber blends form and function to help you get the most from your skylights;

Graber Skylight Cellular Shades

  • Graber Skylight Cellular Shades – Available in a variety of light filtering or blackout fabrics, cellular shades are excellent for skylights as they are designed to create a barrier between your interiors and your windows. With the cellular fabric, this barrier helps insulate your home and reduce incoming heat from the sun, as well as reducing any heat gain or heat loss from the skylight window.

Graber Skylight Aluminum Blinds

  • Graber Aluminum Skylight Blinds – Aluminum skylight blinds are affordable and available in a variety of sizes. They are a solid choice for helping to block light and can be tilted open to allow their slats to reflect light and illuminate the room.

Find the right skylight for your home. Choose between motorized lifts with solar panel options, or go for traditional telescopic sky poles to manually adjust your shades. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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