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Cleaning Your Solar Blinds and Shades with Ease

Solar Blinds And Shades

Cleaning Your Solar Blinds and Shades with Ease

“Once you have lost your privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing.” Solar Shades are an excellent choice for helping block glare and excess heat while allowing you some privacy during the day. Now that you have made the right purchase of solar blinds and shades, you can enjoy your daytime privacy and comfort for years to come.

But after a few months, the question will arise in your mind, how do I clean my favorite sunscreen roller shades on the windows? Should I use a wet cloth and wipe out the dirt, or should I vacuum it lightly? All these questions are bound to come to your mind when you are planning to buy our customized window shades.

Since we want you to relax and enjoy your selection, we have taken the responsibility to educate you about the right methods of cleaning the sunscreen roller shades on your windows. This will enhance a longer life to your solar window coverings and will keep your home germ-free.

Use a Well-wrung Cloth or Sponge for Your Custom Solar Shades

Roller Solar Shades

If you have bought classic vinyl solar roller shades, then your job is easy. Use a soft cloth or sponge dipped in a solution of mild detergent and add some lukewarm water to it. The warm water will take away the dirt and dust and the detergent will disinfect it completely. Now wasn’t that easy?

The best way to clean the entire custom solar shade will be to start at the bottom and continue moving upward. Just wipe the shade in sections until the entire shade is clean. Cleaning and rinsing the entire shade in portions will give you the time to do other things in between.

Lightly Dry the Solar Blinds and Shades

After you have cleaned and rinsed the entire length of the sunscreen roller shades for your windows, please use a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer to dry the shades. This will ensure that new dust particles do not stick to the freshly cleaned blinds and they look sparkling and new.

It will help you to get rid of the extra water which might be stuck to these blinds and shades. Even if you are staying in a humid area, or near the sea-shore, this will ensure that your window treatment is clean and dry now.

Use a Feather Duster

After you get rid of the extra water, use a feather duster to lightly clean the solar window shades. Any unwanted dirt or grime which might be stuck to the blinds or shades will go away.

Vacuum Clean Your Sunscreen Roller Shades for Windows

Solar roller shades are normally very durable and hence are liked by most of the users.  You will find that many of them are resistant to mold and moisture and hence they are quite easy to clean. If you do not like the idea of using detergent and water, then you can choose to use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

My mother prefers to use detergent and water, and our family home changes the custom solar shades only once in 5-7 years. Being a city woman, I prefer to use the vacuum cleaner. It has been three years, and the solar roller shades look as good as new.

Steam Cleaning Your Solar Roller Blinds and Shades

Many people think that if they steam clean their roller blinds, it will be damaged.  For some fabrics, it is actually the best way of cleaning your blinds. However, you need to keep a few factors in mind.

Different fabrics have different needs, so your cleaning method should adjust to your fabric as well.  Discount solar blinds, which are made from very hard fabric, can be cleaned by wiping them with a damp cloth. You can even steam-clean them.

But the solar blinds and shades which are made of soft fabric should be steam cleaned only. Water and detergent might spoil the material and make them look dull and listless. It will also reduce the longevity of the product.

The solar blinds and shades which do not absorb water have to be cleaned using a steam cleaning mechanism. The dirt spots and pollen grains deposited on the blinds can be removed easily through steam cleaning.

Spot Cleaning Your Custom Solar Shades

If you have pets and children at home, then spots are just a part of life. Be it the stains left by tomato ketchup, chocolate sauce or watercolors, kids love to mess around quite a bit. If you notice a new stain on the fabric of your custom solar shades, then we recommend you use a cloth or sponge to soak it up or dilute it as much as possible.

If the stain is dried up, then you might have to go for a steam cleaning. Under no circumstances should you use a rough hand to clean these stains. They will disrupt the fibers of the shades and will reduce the life of your favorite discount solar blinds.

Maintaining Your Favorite part

To maintain these shades is fairly easy. Just ensure that the windows are closed during the rainy season so that water or moisture does not seep into the fabric of the solar roller shades. Follow regular vacuum cleaning and stain removal procedures and you will be pleasantly surprised to see the longevity of this product. If you stay in a windy city like Chicago, IL or a damp city like Portland, OR, then going for vinyl-based shades will be the best idea.

Now since you have learned the ways to take care of your solar blinds and shades, feel free to leave a reply at the bottom of this blog. It will help us to ascertain whether the material we publish here is useful for you. You can also put requests for any queries you might have about our blinds and shades and we will try to address them in our subsequent blogs.