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Adding Flair And Flamboyance: The Best Window Treatments to Breathe Life to Your Bedroom

Smart Window Coverings

Adding Flair And Flamboyance:  Smart Window Coverings


We are often very touchy when it comes to designing our bedrooms. We go for the best options to make it look attractive and tidy while providing us the necessary comfort with which we can enjoy a satisfying sleep. We love soft mattresses for our beds, neat and clean bedsheets, possible a study table to work from home or study and choose wall paints that lend an aesthetic appeal. Whatever we choose depends on our personal taste, and so does the window coverings that we decide.

Window coverings are essential items that add Vigor and life to a bedroom, apart from providing privacy and necessary protection from heat and glare. Without a proper window treatment, the best and coziest of bedrooms may feel discomforting and difficult to spend a lot of time. So all those designs, floorings and wall paints that you choose for your room may be redundant if you do not go for the best window coverings.


Smart Window Coverings: Best Ideas For Your Bedroom

Making your bedroom look beautiful sometimes requires mixing two different window treatments to bring out a unique aesthetic that lends character to your bedroom. Our moods depend a lot on our environment, and your focus should be on creating the right environment through apt window blinds.



1) Silk Drapes: Best Blackout Shades for Bedroom



Best Blackout Shades For Bedroom


These window treatment ideas may be traditional, and some may consider them too obsolete to be used in modern homes, but the effectiveness of silk drapes in keeping you protected from dust, heat, and sound is beyond question. They are still one of the most purchased window coverings available in the market, and their texture and design offer sophistication and class like no other.

They are made from luxurious silk fabric and are extremely soft and smooth to the core. With the high-quality natural fibers used in their construction, they are highly durable and look good as new, years from their initial purchase. With their ageless appearance, they can be widely used for not just bedrooms but media rooms, offices, buildings, and amphitheaters. With their moisture wicking and energy efficient properties, they keep you cozy and cool during summers and warm and comfortable during winters, making them one of the best blackout shades for the bedroom. Silk is also a natural reflector of dust and dirt and prevents noise from entering the room and disturbing you. If you want to enjoy a sound sleep, silk curtains are the obvious choice. As they are available in a variety of colors, you can choose one that matches with the colors of your home and that brings your bedroom alive.

All things considered, silk curtains require a lot of maintenance and may entail heavy costs in dry cleaning. You must not hand-wash or machine-wash them at home as it may damage the material.

2) Outdoor Roller Shades: Adding an Inimitable Flair


Outdoor Roller Shades


There are a few advantages of going for outdoor roller shades beyond adding an inimitable flair to your bedroom. First, since they do not have to be mounted inside the window, they save a decent amount of space which can be utilized for keeping a plant or a dressing/study table. Second, they are excellent heat absorbers that prevent the warming up of the room during high temperatures. Third, they prevent ultraviolet glare from falling on your floor and furniture and protect them against fading and aging. Fourth, as they are excellent heat absorbers, they are ideal energy efficient options in houses plagued with high electricity bills. When they are employed, you do not feel the need of switching on an air conditioner as they ensure comfortable room temperature.

Outdoor roller shades ensure you also have a clear enough view of the outside when you have invited your friends over for drinks and/or meals. You can simply sip your drink and have a chit-chat session in your bedroom while keeping a check on your property.

3) Valances Over Shutters: Perfect Amalgamation for Heat Reducing, Noise-Cancelling Window Treatments

Fabric window valances cover the upper part of a window and can be hung or paired with other window blinds or curtains. They add as a garnishing treatment to windows by accentuating the look of the bedroom and adding to its elegance.

When used with shutters, valances can bring more benefits than any standard window covering. This mixing of two attractive window coverings can lead to noise control, glare reduction, light control, room darkening and energy efficiency, as and when you desire.

For instance, when you feel the need for privacy, you can close the shutters. However, if you need some natural light to enter your home without being affected by the UV glare, you can open the slats of the shutters and use the valance for light filtering. For this purpose, you can probably go for sheer valances or drapes, as then you get a combination of light filtering fabric and room darkening, sturdy materials of the shutters. They are also great noise canceling window treatments.

As there are multiple textures, designs, and colors in both shutters and valances, you can choose ones that match the appearance of one another and go along well with the room and the items inside (sofas, bed, and walls, in particular).

4) Window Shelves with Flower Pots: Unconventional and Alluring

Sometimes an unconventional way to dress up your windows may go a long way in enhancing the beauty of a room. Then you do not feel the need to fall back on tried and tested ways of installing curtains and blinds. It’s always a great idea to build as many rows of window shelves as possible, and line them with pint-sized flower pots for an adorable finish. Try this method, and rest assured, you will have your invitees gushing over your splendid idea. Having little plants and flowers in your room also heightens your mood, and keeps you smiling all day.

Having multiple shelves also diffuses the light to a certain extent. However, for a better effect, you can get a pair of printed curtains that might get along well with these shelves.

5) Fabric Roman Shades: Perpetually Classy

The reliable fabric roman shades with their multiple styles and designs are affordable window coverings that are bound to be your money’s worth. Their single piece of fabric that prevents them from getting folded allows you to buy them in prints and colors of your choice. They can always be a charming addition to your bedroom, irrespective of its size and the design of windows. A perfect blend of modern and traditional styles, Roman shades are timeless window coverings.

They cater to various tastes and preferences. Whether they are a balloon, looped or flat, they can be as feminine in their appearance as they are masculine. However, since they are mostly available in corded options, you must think it over before purchasing them, as they are not really safe to use in homes that have pets and children who are always at a risk of getting entangled.


Buying window coverings can be a very easy task. There are always people and online websites to guide you in choosing ideal window treatment options. However, the choice that you make also depends on your personal taste, so choose one for your bedroom that not only reflects your personality but is also reflected in whomsoever visits the house.

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