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Smart Home Blinds Means Smart Lighting: Make the Most Out of the Day’s Natural Light

Smart Window Blinds

Smart Window Blinds Means Smart Lighting: Make the Most Out of the Day’s Natural Light


For anyone constructing or renovating a home, energy efficiency is a principal factor. From insulation to appearance, the way you build a home can have a direct impact on the amount of the energy consumed. Make sure you create a home that can remain comfortable through all seasons without relying completely on an intense heating or cooling system. Make your home energy efficient with Smart Window Blinds.

Smart motorized window shades can help regulate the heat gain and loss your room experiences naturally all day long just by opening and closing at regular pre-programmed times. With the installation of smart window treatments, the shades can open and close according to the temperature, the sunlight, and time of day, improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Advantages of Smart Window Blinds


#1. Convenience 

Motorized shades can be operated simply with the soft touch of a button. Use a remote control, or access your shades with your smartphone. Window coverings are a known way to lessen solar gain and block heat loss, and with simple operation, these motorized shades give you utmost comfort. Additionally, the ability to set programs to open and close at specific times means you may never have to bother about them at all. 

#2. Energy Savings

Installing motorized blinds to your home can help reduce your home’s energy use by letting the window treatments respond autonomously to the intensity of the temperature and light sensors also linked up to the smart hub. With proper configuration, the window treatments will know when to close through the hottest period of the day to reduce the need for air conditioning, or whether to open during a bright day in the winter to let in the sun to heat a room freely.

#3. Smart Home Integration

Use smart home accessories to increase the functionality of your Smart Shades. Smart thermostats can help your shades determine whether they should open or close based on the temperature of your room or home. The thermostat senses that the room is getting too hot and closes the shades, to reduce incoming heat from the sunlight.

#4. Safety

Motorized window treatments are cordless and hence safer for homes with young kids and pets. As window treatments with cords are considered as one of the top five unknown dangers in the home, it is better to replace your old blinds with the motorized window treatments. You can automatically operate these motorized blinds and shades making you feel safe when your kids are crawling around.

#5. Security

There are many homes that are burglarized every day in the United States. Secure your home with these motorized blinds and shades. These smart window shades make it look like you are home night and day, even when you are not. The smart Z-wave technology accesses your window coverings while you are not home. Operate your shades while you are away to give the illusion that someone is inside the house.

Motorized Window Treatments for Your Sunrooms

Outdoor Motorized Solar Shades

A sunroom is a fantastic addition to any home and is the perfect place to cuddle up in the warm solar heat and take a nap or read your favorite book. But sometimes during the summer, the sun’s heat can be too much and make your sunroom uncomfortable. Don’t worry. There are lots of choices for window coverings for your sunroom. Sunroom Window Treatments and Exterior Solar Shades can make all the difference in the comfort level you experience in your sunroom. To endure the ultimate level of comfort in your sunroom, install smart motorized window treatments.


Motorized Exterior Solar Shades for Your Outdoors

Smart Window Shades


Exterior solar shades are probably the best choice for sunrooms in hotter weathers because they prevent the maximum heat of the sun before it even arrives the windows. Motorized exterior shades give you overall control over the temperature.

You can keep your outdoors cool this summer and make it a better place to spend your evening by installing the outdoor motorized solar shades. These Smart Window Shades also protect your outdoor furniture, valuables, etc.They make your outdoor furniture last for a long time without fading. These outdoor blinds let you enjoy your outdoors and also provide extra cooling to your indoors as they block out the sun’s heat from entering your home. These shades have a variety of colors to choose from and make your outdoors look amazing with the right selection.


Motorized Solar Shades for Your Indoors

Motorized Solar Shades


You can also make your interiors cool and comfortable this summer by installing Motorized Solar Shades. For more light and UV ray blockage, choose a solar shade with a lower openness percentage, like 1% or 3%.

Experience excellent privacy, convenience, and improved sun protection for your interiors, from the various arresting choices of fabrics varying from light filtering to blackout, with our Roller Shades – Solar Shades. These shades are great at protecting your home from damaging UV ray damage. While the light filtering fabric allows scattered lighting into the room, the room darkening or blackout fabrics are fabulous for added light blockage and privacy.

Shop Motorized Window Treatments

You can now get these smart motorized window treatments at at the best prices as we have amazing discount offers to go on. Make your home energy efficient, safe, and secure this summer with these wonderful motorized window treatments.

If you have any issues concerning installation, selection, or anything else, you can always contact our support team. We are always ready to serve you and help answer your questions and are eager to help you bring out the best look to your windows and to your home.

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