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Think Smart Window Blinds Aren’t Worth It? Here’s What You Should Know

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Think Smart Window Blinds Aren’t Worth It? Here’s What You Should Know

Everything in the market that is trending and is in high demand tends to claim a high price. This permeates down very well in technological products that have a new update every other. The market operates on unending demands and only when better products are released very frequently can this demand be maintained. However, it is not only the market operations and producer’s access to it that commands this, but even the technological advancements of our age have a huge impact on product availability. The rate of the invention is so quick that to keep pace with it, there is a new availability on the market every day. The consumer can feel intimidated and drained by such availabilities and there might be a chance that it creates unhappiness and dissatisfaction. But to keep pace with the changing and advancing times one has to be updated. For example, every new iPhone release does not require your attention but keeping a phone that has the essential features is a good idea. The constant pressure to upgrade and keep pace is sure to cause a drain on your pockets and it is only natural for anyone to consider whether the expenses to be born are worth it or not.

Similarly, there is a charm to antiquity, but this antiquity also has to be modernized and adapted to your current needs. This goes very well in cases of home decoration, where a perfect balance of appearance and efficiency has to be struck. In an age that seems to be offering smart window blinds, is it really necessary to make that change? And, even if it is not necessary, then how worthy is it of the cost that one pays for it? These smart window coverings are the new shiny toy in the market, and you may wonder whether it is just for the show or does it have more substance in its utility.

Here are a few reasons that show why smart window blinds actually contribute to your living experience and why they are not a waste of your resources:

1. They make your house more secure
These smart window coverings are a perfect option for a house with kids, the elderly or people that face mental and physical challenges. They have no hazardous cords and don’t require physical strain to operate. They can be installed and attached to alarm systems, smoke detectors, sunlight, forceful intrusion and other threats that save you from a lot of danger. Upon the security alarms going off, they may open on their own to give you an easy out. Some alarm systems might be attached with these window coverings to go off when it senses unusual disruption or movement. Some window coverings, upon detecting the smoke alarm going off turn transparent for a better view from the outside and for you to garner attention. They may even open upon the setting off of these smoke and fire detectors. They can be automated when you aren’t home to keep the illusion of occupancy to deter would-be intruders. It goes without saying that these measures come in handy when one stays away from home for long periods of time and cannot keep a constant watch on people and kids who might require such attention.
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2. Makes your house more accessible
There are many physical activities in the house that can be performed by a physically and mentally fit adult only. This may not be a problem for many but for those who are deprived of such everyday tasks, it is not right. Moving window coverings might just be a small and insignificant part of this list of tasks but it is through these small differences can we make the world a better place for everyone who occupies it. With a smart window covering system, you get to give them more access and control over their surroundings without physically discomforting them. It is only with a touch of a button or even through phones that these window coverings can open or close or behave as they would want to. Furthermore, normal mechanical window coverings have registered cases of strangulation, particularly, among kids and pets, through the strings and cords that hang out of them. Smart window coverings solve that problem also.

3. They are good for the environment
When it comes to choosing window coverings, you must have come across the term’ R-value’. R-value of window treatment is the amount of insulation it provides to the house so as to keep it warm during winter and cooler during summer. Buying a product of a high R-value has a lot of benefits. Firstly, they provide an opportunity to make a house that is closer to nature and wherein nature can be enjoyed without its disruptions. Secondly, they reduce electricity and energy consumption by devices that work on temperature regulation such as air conditioners and room heaters. The saving up of energy proves to be very beneficial for the environment in times where a small gesture can also have an impact. Smart window coverings maximize these benefits because they open and close on temperature changes and is sensitive to the requirements of the house. They can also be pre-set to open and close at times to properly channelize the heat gain and loss through these window coverings. Hence, these window coverings are beneficial to the environment.
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4. They make your lifestyle more efficient and make a good impression
Smart products are made to provide physical comfort and to make your life easy. You will be surprised to notice how heavily reliant you are on smart products throughout your day. From smartphones to smart TVs, even smart refrigerators and smart air-conditioners are making a big sale in the market. The basic qualities that any smart product exhibits are that it does not require direct commands from the operator and is capable of making some decisions on its own. This makes them perceptible to the environment and the space around them following which they regulate their function which can also be pre-set to suit your individual needs. Smart products are the product of the future and so is the case with smart window blind. Not only does it make a good show for those who see you use it but also give a good shot at seeing what it is like to use a product that adds to the quality of your life and the way you live it. Not to mention the image of your personality that it creates.
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5. They work very well with other fun devices too
We have already told you how smart window coverings can work well with cameras, smoke detectors and so on to provide you well with a secure house. They also work very well with fun devices such as smart sound systems and smart lighting systems which give your house an added oomph. They can dim the lights according to how the window slats are closed and they work very well with sound systems too. This can help you make your own room theatre and enjoy movies, TV shows and other videos with full theatre-like appeal. Binging shows has never been so much fun! Imagine calling your friends over for a party where not only are the drapes completely opaque so that the prying neighbors are kept at guard but are also soundproof. You can enjoy the music at loud volumes without being a source of inconvenience to others.

The above-mentioned features are the benefits of installing smart window coverings to your house and other spaces. They add much more than protection from the sunlight and privacy and are very easy to install also. A basic toolkit and some help from DIY videos or step-by-step manuals will get your job done. You don’t have to compromise on your aesthetics also as they come in a wide variety of designs and styles and can be made to fit whatever material or design that you may choose.