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Selecting and Installing Smart Windows for Your Home

Smart Window Shades

Selecting and Installing Smart Window Blinds And Shades for Your Home



The digital era has made everything smart – from phones to cities to countries – houses are not left behind. No longer is comforted a luxury of the affluent. With so many tech innovations coming in the market at an affordable rate, who wants to go old-school anyway? For instance, we can’t live in today’s world without Wi-fi, while it was just a far-off dream no more than a quarter-century ago. These technological advancements sometimes do make me feel as though we are living those sci-fi movies from our childhoods, but without a doubt, they are revolutionizing the way we live and do things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is pushing us towards a much smarter and mechanized future. They let your various physical devices and appliances to seamlessly interact with each other, which is what makes home automation (Smart Homes) possible.

But smart homes need smarter window treatments to complement them. Smart Window Shades are designed with this purpose in mind. In this article, we bring you all the reasons why Smart Window Shades should be part of your home decor.


Looking to Choose Smart Window Blinds And Shades for Your Home? Here’s Why You Definitely Should!

Smart Window Blinds And Shades


Couch surfing is such a favorite pastime so getting up to adjust the blinds or shades as per the time of the day can be very annoying. So most of the time the window screens are set in the same setting almost throughout the day. With Smart Home Window Blinds and Shades, you don’t have to move at all. These are motorized shades with a built-in Z-wave antenna which enables easy integration with your home automation system. You can control and operate these shades using remotes or smartphones. All you have to is just to connect your smartphone to the Z-Wave home automation system such as SmartThings, Wink, and you can even use Voice Assistant speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo by connecting them to the Smart Home Hub. Pretty cool, right?

Smart Shades also provide other features:


Energy Efficiency

Automated shades prevent harmful UV rays from entering the room and can also manage the heat/cold using the temperature sensors. Connect these shades with Smart Hub, and they adjust themselves according to the weather outside saving huge on your monthly power bills.


They do not have any dangling cords making them very safe for children and pets


Do you install burglary alarms and inform your neighbors when leaving town to keep an eye on your home? Upgrade to Smart Home Blinds to get even further protection to your home. Pre-program the shades using the scheduled timers and sensors giving an outside impression as though someone is home at all times.


Privacy is just a click or a voice command away with Smart Home Blinds. They offer complete privacy by even controlling the hard to reach windows. Just set the percentage of light you want in the room either with your smartphones or to the voice assistant and you are gifted with privacy.

Protection of Your Valuables

By preventing harmful weather conditions from entering the home using the sensors, these shades can be positioned in such a way to help to retain the look of your furniture, arts, other valuables or wooden surfaces for a long time.


They offer a quiet and smooth shade operation due to the Somfy motors.


Z-wave Motor Technology

Virtual Cord Motorized Shades


The Z-wave technology is the game changer in Smart Homes. Graber’s Z-Wave motors use this communication protocol in the unique Virtual Cord Motorized System, accepted by many smart home hubs and automated devices, including Samsung Smart Things. Z-Wave technology works seamlessly with smart home devices and allows integration between multiple products and manufacturers. These Motorized Smart blinds can be operated in three different ways:

 Remote Control

Graber’s complements your lifestyle by offering two kinds of remotes. Choose a remote which works best for your home.

Included Remote

Small two-button remote; each shade comes with one pre-paired remote


Single Channel Remote


Ideal for hard-to-reach windows, you can get an extra remote programmed to control multiple shades at the same time. It also features a ‘home’ position – which is an adjustable, favorite preset position.



By connecting your smartphone to the Z-Wave network and the SmartThings app, you can control the shades with openness sliders and percentage. The shades can be opened or closed as a dimmer switch inside the app.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa can also help you adjust your window screens. Just ensure your smart hub is compatible with Alexa, and you can use your voice to control your window shades. Say, “Alexa turn down the living room shades to 50 percent” and voila you can see it happening. Google Home also is an excellent voice assistant device for your Smart Home Blinds.


Choose your power source – battery case or plug-in transformer, or your own hard wiring with a multi-motor power supply.

All these attributes make Motorized Smart Blinds the ideal partner to your Smart Homes. Smart Window Blinds And Shades are available on Cellular Shades, Roller and Solar Shades, Pleated Shades, and Natural Shades.

Setting up the Smart Home Window Blinds

Smart Home Blinds


Now that you have chosen Smart Home Blinds, the installation process is even easier and rarely takes more than 5 minutes. Set up your Motorized Smart Blinds with these steps:

1) Choose an appropriate mount position for your windows – inside or outside mount, and also the power source of your choice.

2) The mount brackets should be above the shade (for outside mount) and behind the shade (for inside mount)

3) Follow the instructions from the manual to properly outfit your window with these Smart Home blinds.

4) Now to include them in your existing home automation system, turn the shades into pairing mode by pressing the program button on the headrail. Hold until it is flashing green, then amber, and finally the blind will jog.

5) Once shades are integrated into the Smart Hubs, select add a new device option. Then just press and hold the headrail button until it starts to flash green to connect your shades to the home automation system.

We at ZebraBlinds come up with various innovative solutions to help better a customer’s lifestyle. Our range of Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave Smart Shades has taken innovation a notch higher, providing comfort, convenience, and style – all at a competitive price. So find our Best Smart Blinds and Shades at the ZebraBlinds website and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.