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How Modern Smart Shades and Gadgets Play a Huge Role in Energy Efficiency and Self-Sustainability

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How Modern Smart Shades and Gadgets Play a Huge Role in Energy Efficiency and Self-Sustainability

The fast-paced and stressful lives that we live today are filled with unending schedules and activities. Whereas an increased budget, greater purchasing power, and an overall higher standard of living have ensured comfort, there are so many to-do items that are constantly adding to our everyday list.

We have, more or less, substantial devoted time to trivial matters that are part of our routine now, even if we can easily do away with them. In the process, we often miss out on essential things that require our attention. Does that ring a bell? Remember the time when you forgot to switch off the geyser or return your brother’s call while you were too busy online ordering that phone cover you found too tempting to resist?

However, technology has always found a way to help us, even while it might be the root cause of many of our problems. Setting reminders, alarms, and schedules come to the rescue when your memory fails. With the advent of motorized shades and gadgets, you no longer have to manually alter their position or shut them off when you feel the need. All you need to do is set a reminder or change some settings on your smartphone app, and the job is done.

In this section, we take a detailed look at the various benefits of smart motorized window treatments, and how their application in different settings have brought about a significant change in home decor.

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Modern Smart Shades: Energy Efficient and Self-Sustainable

Energy Efficiency

The HVAC system in modern homes is a necessity, especially in climates that become too hot or too cold when seasons change. At the same time, these systems entail greater electricity use and incur considerable costs in the process. However, when you have automated blinds that are set to close during hotter or colder parts of the day automatically, this reduces the need for employing HVAC systems.

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Greater Convenience

This feature of motorized blinds has become so common that it need not even be discussed. After all, why would you want to manually or physically operate them when you have a remote control or smartphone access to control their movements. It is not just one shade that can be operated via a smartphone. When you have the Z Wave and Smart Home apps installed on your phone, you can just turn the settings from “off” to “on” or “Good Morning” to “Good Evening” or “Armed” to “Unarmed” as you like, from anywhere as long as you have internet connection. Z-wave also gives you feedback on the current status of smart home gadgets. If there is a malfunction, it will provide you with the warnings.

My most impressive convenience for Z-wave devices is the reporting of current status. Most of the time while you were in a hurry to reach the airport for your business trip after checking in when you calmly wait at the gate then only you think of “Oh did I locked the door or the garage door or did I switch off the oven? All these worries come in, and once I had installed Z-wave embedded smart gadgets and smart blinds that displays the status in the app, it gave me peace of mind traveling anywhere without any panic.

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Google & Alexa Voice Instructions

Artificial Intelligence has been a significant boon to technology. While it may still be at an infancy stage to the possibilities it holds, it has made a lot of things convenient for users in different industries. Its application has ensured that you order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant with an app and have it delivered to your doorstep within a short period. Similarly, in home decor, it has ensured you get to switch on a bulb, dim your lights as well as adjust, open and shut your window blinds by just verbally “instructing” a device.

Google Home and Amazon Alexa, when properly integrated with your blinds, can efficiently operate once you feed them the correct instructions. You can instruct them by saying, “Google, please open the blinds to 80%,” and watch them open to just the right amount of degree you need. You can also set them to switch off at a scheduled time every day. For example, you can order your Amazon Alexa to “switch off the blinds in the bedroom at 10.30 PM, or you can set to sunset or sunrise,” and this can be done by a user-friendly user interface (UI) on your Google home hub or your smartphone apps.

Alexa Controlled Blinds

Integration with Environment

Z-wave enabled window treatments can easily get accustomed to their environment. Their sensor enables them to determine the temperature and find out if it is suitable to keep them open or closed. Similarly, they can quickly identify the time of the day, whether the sun is shining, or night has fallen, thus reducing the need for your interference and set them according to your convenience. They rather work for you instead, keeping you utmost comfortable at any time of the day.

Google Home Smart Blinds

Greater Privacy & Sense of Security

One of the immediate benefits of smart shades is the safety of your pets and children. When they are unattended, cords in blinds may pose a serious danger to them. However, cordless shades avoid any risk of strangulation or damage, and you can be assured of their well-being even when you aren’t home to look after them.

Other than the safety, they also provide security when the house is unoccupied. It often happens that we leave the house vacant for hours at a stretch due to work commitments or a family vacation. During this time, we often find ourselves worrying over potential intruders or burglars taking advantage of the situation. However, you can use your smartphone integrated setup to set their movements every once in a while, so that the outsider gets an impression that someone inside the house is controlling them.

Even as setting them up and integrating them with other devices may require some time and professional help, it is all worth the wait. Depending on your budget and requirement, you can filter through to the best option available online. They are energy-efficient, convenient, and enhance the safety and security of your home. This technology is a must-have in your home, and anything that conserves energy and contributes to the well-being of the planet must be given a chance.