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Smart Motorized Blinds: Window Control at Your Fingertips

Smart Motorized Blinds

Get Smart

Imagine your kitchen area, dining room, living space, and master bedroom all having remote controlled shades or motorized blinds. How convenient would it be to sip your morning cup of much-needed coffee while opening the shades?
All this is possible just by the sound of your voice or a push of a button on the remote control. And voila! Incoming sunlight control, privacy settings, accessibility to hard-to-reach windows are just some of the benefits that you would enjoy if you convert your home into a smart home.

Home Automation: The Next Big Thing

The Metropolitan Builders & Contractors Association of NJ wrote an article about the future of home automation. It is mentioned in the report that according to a study conducted by Zion Research, by the year 2020, the global market for home automation will increase to $21 billion.
That means since the year 2015, there has been a steady growth rate of 25 percent. Moreover, there has been another study conducted for KB Homes. This study talks about a rise in the usage of smart home devices by 26 percent.

The Benefits of Transforming Your Home into a Smart One

A lifestyle upgrade: Whether adjusting your thermostat to a desirable temperature, turning your microwave on, or controlling your motorized wood blinds, having a smart home system activated can bring you such an update in your lifestyle.
Save the planet and your energy: Reduce the consumption of energy through home automation. It helps you keep a tab on all your home appliances with a touch of one finger or remote control.
Ensure safety measures: Once installed, your smart home systems can check unsolicited visitors coming to your place and thereby ensuring safety and security for your home and your family.
Add convenience to your life: By letting the home automation system focus on the mundane tasks, you can then focus your time and energies on the things that matter like your family.
Get peace of mind: The best home managers are the smart home devices in your home. Security, safety, convenience, and daily implementation of the domestic tasks provided by them enable you as a homeowner to get peace of mind and relaxation.

What is a Smart Motorized Shading System?

A window shading system, that is responsive to your voice. No strings or cables, these blinds can be used stress-free without the fear of entanglement. There are many benefits of using smart cheap motorized shades.

Benefits of Smart Shades

• It can be controlled by app or voice controllers.
Can be scheduled according to the sunrise or sunset of a specific geographical location or to any prescheduled timings. Even can be scheduled as per the presence of your phone in your home boundaries
Protection from harmful solar radiation: Smart motorized window shades help keep the sun at bay and thereby protecting you from harmful UV radiation. Can be controlled according to the inside temperature.
Reduction in heat gain and sun glare: Automated solar shades can help reduce the amount of heat and sun glare coming through your windows in summer. Shades can close or open according to the sun’s movement.
Allergy-proof: With smart shades, you can control the amount of dust and pollen entering your home. You can also prevent unwanted bugs from coming inside as well.
Best for outdoor spaces: When you are entertaining guests outside or having a barbecue party, outdoor solar smart shades are the best for you.
Indoor Privacy: Using smart shades for indoor office spaces and homes can provide privacy for your family and important meetings.

Google Home Solar Shades

Types of Motorization for Blinds

• Custom Made Blinds
• Battery or Dc volt Operated Blinds
• DIY Blinds
• Retrofit

Types of Smart Window Coverings Available

Roller or Solar Shades – (Blackout or Light Filtering)
Roman Fabrics Shades – (Blackout or Light Filtering)
Roman Natural Shades – (Light Filtering)
Cellular or Honeycomb Shades – (Blackout or Light Filtering)
Pleated Shades – (Light Filtering)
Smart Motorized Roman Shades for Bedroom

Why go for Smart Motorized Blinds?

According to an article published by the Window Covering Safety Council, it was made public that a new safety standard had been issued by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It stated that all window shading systems sold in Canada and the U.S., must either be cordless or have cords that do not have an easy reach or access.
As a result of this, homeowners today can safely buy cordless window treatments by checking for the “Best for Kids” label of certification. The WCMA had initiated this in the year 2015 so that customers could select cordless products easily.
So, if you are deciding to go for cordless window treatments, it would be a good idea to opt for smart motorized shading systems. You can be rest assured that your children and your pets will be safe and secure.
Smart Kitchen Blinds

Z-wave Technology

Z-wave technologies help control all your home and in office devices. It communicates with other connected devices through radio frequencies. The signals sent by the Z-wave helps you to get and send data with the aid of your network.

The central smart hub requires the help of the Internet. However, the sensors themselves don’t need Wi-Fi at all. The individual sensors use these waves to connect directly. Since the network is in the form of a mesh, the signals move from one device to another.

The most significant advantage of using Z-Wave is that it doesn’t face any big-time interference problems. It works on the radio frequency range of 800-900MHz. Here are the pros and cons of using Z-wave technology:

• It is compatible with all a wide array of smart home devices
• Z-wave Home appliances can communicate with each other “wirelessly”
• Easy setup process
• Can operate in homes and business spaces
• Best for home security
• Allows surveillance of your older family members
• Z-wave smart home gadgets can communicate its status

• Expensive
• Number of nodes is limited
• It depends heavily on the communication speed of 100 Kbps
• For network control, you require a smart hub
• Easy and simple to make Z-wave network and integrate with home hubs
• Don’t need extensive knowledge for users to create a home-based network
Alexa Controlled Smart Window Shades

Who Can Use this Technology?

Almost anybody can use it. If you are somebody, who wants total darkness for a good night’s sleep or a morning person, using automated window shades can give you an ideal lifestyle. For example, people facing excess heat gain emanating from their windows, require smart blinds to help them cope with high energy costs.

Smart homes: An intelligent option for the disabled and the elderly
An article published by Fortune Media IP Limited. talks about how home automation can aid the elderly and the disabled. Mark Perriello, from the American Association of People with Disabilities, mentions that there are 57 million disabled people in the U.S.

These smart home automotive systems provide the best tools for these people to live a life of independence and attain some levels self-sufficiency. For example, your elderly neighbor can open or close the window blinds with just a smartphone. A visually impaired person can activate the TV with just his voice.

Did You Know?
Z-Wave operates at specific frequencies depending upon the region. 908.4; 908.42; 916 MHz frequencies are used in the areas of USA, Canada. In Japan and Taiwan, it is 922 – 926, whereas in the region of Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia, it is 921.4; 919.8.
Smart Home Blinds

Smart Home Technology Trends

According to an article titled – “Consumer ‘Smart Home’ Technology Predictions For 2019” posted on the Forbes website, 802.11ax aka Wi-Fi 6 is going to be a big deal in the wireless technology arena. Especially in those homes that utilize smart devices to connect with their window treatments. So, operation of your indoor window shading systems via voice-activated commands would be commonplace.

Automated window coverings integrate with your smart hubs so that you can control them with just your voice. Controlling your smart home devices through voice commands can bring you a lot of benefits. Like saving on costs, scheduled exterior lighting can help you save on bills. Access your window coverings wherever and whenever you want.

Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri enable homeowners to manage their smart home devices with voice-activated commands like “Hey Google, turn off the lights.” In fact, there are different types of apps available on a smartphone on the Apple iOS and Android mobile interfaces. You can pick the one that best suits your needs.