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Smart Kitchens and Trending Kitchen Ideas

Smart Kitchens And Trending Kitchen Ideas

Role of Kitchens in a Home

For most homeowners, the kitchen holds a very special place in their hearts. Every house has different rooms and every room serves a definite purpose. The living room is for relaxing and socializing, bedrooms for resting and catching up on a good night’s sleep and study rooms are, as the name suggests, for studying, reading or working. The kitchen is the place where you weave magic with spices, cook up delicious dishes, and experiment with different ingredients to serve some delectable and warm food to your loved ones every day.

And to cook up these lovely aromatic dishes you need a well-equipped and furnished kitchen. A beautiful airy, spacious and well-stocked kitchen with all modern appliances is any cook’s dream. Cooking is an emotion and an art and you need that perfect setting for the emotion and art to find an expression and magic to come alive.

Transformation of Kitchens

Kitchens too have seen their share of changes and transformations. What your mothers had for kitchens and what you envisage or have is very different. Styles have changed and so have the use of colors, designs and storage facilities. What has changed most is perhaps the way you function in the kitchen, in the use of varied appliances which facilitate cooking. Smart kitchen arenas have taken over the traditional ones and we are more than impressed.

Latest Kitchen Trends & Technological Impact

Smart Kitchens

Technology has invaded kitchens in full force and left its imprint everywhere. Kitchens today are complete with gadgets and appliances and every function from lighting to faucets are technologically integrated. Smart kitchens are fast evolving and take over the traditional and conventional cooking spaces. They are being customized for their users to make them more convenient for the homeowners. The motion sensor-equipped faucets can sense the presence of hands beneath and will automatically turn on. A simple voice command can lift the custom window shades or lower them if your hands are tied up in work. Same for lights, a voice command and they light up. You can have refrigerators to alert you when groceries are running low, program the coffee maker so that coffee is made when you wake up in the morning. It sounds all too overwhelming, doesn’t it? This is how a smart kitchen operates and it has completely revolutionized functionality of kitchens.

Kitchen Roller Shades

Cabinet Colors

You have grown up seeing neutral color for kitchens like white, cream or off-white shades. They were considered elegant and sophisticated. Kitchen cabinets in other colors and shades were quite unthinkable. Today white and other neutral shades are on their way out and darker shades are fast making their way in. Different wood stain colors and paints are being used in the kitchens. Dark jewel tones like emerald, black, navy, and plum are extensively being experimented for kitchens and with high success rate. While white was classy, these dark shades give a luxurious and rich feel to the kitchens. The secret is not to overdo it and balance it with subtle choices for window dressings and wall paint.

Wooden Cabinet For Kitchen

Effective Storage Solution

One of the things that must have bothered you about traditional kitchen is the wastage of kitchen storage spaces while finding little space for your utensils and cooking ingredients. The way these cabinets were designed and structured in the past it led to a lot of wastages. Either there is no space to accommodate your goods or they make a poor fit that spoilt the entire look of the kitchen. Kitchen storage has undergone a major makeover and kitchen lovers are yet to get over the euphoria. They are better structured and utilize every space to accommodate the big and small appliances, utensils, ingredients and much more. There are designated slots for ovens and refrigerators which gives a streamlined appearance to the kitchen. There are pull-outs for spices, drawer dividers for ladles and spoons, pull out shelves for easy access to cereals and other boxes and so much more.


Even a decade or two ago, our mothers could not have imagined the types of appliances that would flood their kitchens in the future. Ovens, mixers and grinders, hand-held mixtures, rice cookers, choppers, coffee-makers, dough makers, dishwashers, toasters and grillers, waffle makers, etc. Not only the appliances but their colors and designs are also being customized to fit the look and feel of the kitchen décor. So the stainless steel appliances which dominated kitchen spaces are making way for those gorgeously red and blue colored ones that are sleek and chic to look at. Wider ranges of color tones are available for homeowners today which are spoiling them.

Designs and Materials

Modern-day kitchens are distinct in terms of their streamlined designs and structures. They are sleek with clean lines with optimal utilization of space. The upper wall cabinets that used to dominate kitchens are being removed to give the kitchens a spacious feel. Textured materials are being used in place of the usual polished or glossy finish to add a zing to the kitchen. It not only feels great but also looks extremely classy and stunning.

Kitchen Islands

There was a time when photos of kitchen islands impressed us endlessly. It was something that was not very common or was added as an afterthought which did not do justice to the kitchen. These kitchen islands have become extremely popular and they look brilliant. They can be used for multiple purposes, from being used to cut veggies, to catching a quick cup of coffee or bringing your laptop to complete work while you cook or simply bond over some beer. They are often being used to extend into the living spaces so as not to clutter the kitchen while serving various purposes in the living room as well.

Kitchen Islands

Connecting Kitchens to the Outdoors

This is a growing trend which will be there to stay. Many homeowners are fitting glass doors to connect the kitchen with the patio or outdoors which gives the kitchen a stunning view, and alters the very appearance of the kitchen. It allows natural light to flood the kitchen making it a happy space.

Hardwood Flooring Making Way for Ceramic Tiles

When it comes to kitchens hardwood flooring is very popular. In recent times however ceramic tiles too have become a favorite among homeowners and are a big hit. They now come in different designs and sizes. These ceramic floorings are easy to maintain and clean. These tiles can be designed to resemble different styles like stones and wood so you have more options to choose from.

The important point to remember when designing or furnishing your kitchen is not to add anything as an after-thought. Consider the layout and have a blueprint ready. Decide on the appliances and where you want them installed. Decide on the color tones you prefer for your kitchen and the feel you want. This will give your kitchen an integrated and structured appearance. No appliance or storage cabinet will feel out of place. This is the secret to having a highly functional kitchen that scores high on aesthetics.