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The Latest Trends of 2019 for Smart Home Systems

Smart Home Trends 2019

Smart Home Trends 2019 that will Help You to Stay One Step Ahead

The impact of smart home automation is all over the world, and new features make them more efficient than ever before. Now you can live more comfortably with these hassle-free technologies while improving your daily living style. In the modern world, the internet is not only limited to computers and smartphones but when it comes to smart home trends – cameras, speakers, doorbells, window treatments; all these play a significant role. Following the trends leads your home to become more fashionable and at the same time it will express your style and attitude in a different way.
Smart Home Devices

Now, what is home automation?

Having the ability to control everything using various smart gadgets is called automation. And what if you can communicate with your devices? Yes, now you can command your smart devices to work automatically using Google Home and Alexa voice-assistants. This is not science fiction; it’s referred to the Internet of Things which is an integral part of home automation and smart home.

There are many products available to smartly and smoothly control your home. Below are the trendy fashions that can be used for every room of the home.

    • Smart Home Controllers

Controlling everything with our voice is the new fashion which gives you a hands-free mechanism and added comfort. Google Home and Amazon Echo are the most handy voice assistants. These Bluetooth speakers work with a variety of smart home products by using your voice. For example, if you wish to play a song, just command your assistant and they will play the best one from your playlists. If you have smart window blinds, (smart motorized cellular shades, roller solar shades, roman blinds, etc.) then you can raise or lower them through voice commands. Alexa compatible shades are the sign of having a vibrant home that cares for you and your family’s wellness.
Alexa Controlled Smart Window Shades

  • Various Hubs

Home automation hubs such as Samsung’s SmartThings, Wink, and Vera Plus are the top recommended selection by home designers. These work best with the devices that use Z-wave technology and wifi. These are the most reliable and versatile hubs and work without creating any complication. Always make sure that smart window coverings are compatible or suitable with the home automation hubs. Operate them by pressing a single remote button or smartphone and see the magic! These wifi smart shades provide a lot of benefits of controlling natural light while preventing the harmful beams and glare. They are responsible for maintaining your energy bills as timers adjust themselves depending on the indoor and outdoor atmosphere.
Smart Things Home Automation Hub

Transformation with Smart Home Trends 2019

    • Smart Security Camera

Having protection for our home is one of the biggest concerns in our lives. Technology has some amazing solutions that will keep help an eye on everything of your home known. Smart security cameras are not only a device; various smart features make them a popular choice to install in every home. Starting from video recording to sound detection, time-lapse detecting, everything can be done efficiently. Wyze Cam Pan, SkyBell HD, and iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro are the popular choices in this category.

    • Smart Locks

Smart locks have a major impact in providing security to your home. They are easy to install and can be controlled through voice assistants or remotely. ADT Pulse is the best option when it comes to trendy home security gadget.
Smart Locks

    • Smart Lighting

If you are looking for some wireless lighting in your home, then Philips Hue delivers the best you desire to have. Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb White and Color is another great option for your smart lighting system. These lighting solutions support voice commands through the voice assistants.
Smart Lighting

    • Smart Window Treatments

When we talk about smart home trends in 2019, smart window solutions are a big one. Windows are the main way to let natural daylight and fresh air inside your home. But an excess of anything makes you feel uncomfortable. Smart blinds and shades provide excellent protection and control over privacy, light, and heat. Window solutions with the programmable timers program themselves and protect the home from being overheated or overcooled. This helps saves on your energy bills too. There is a wide range of Graber window coverings available at an affordable price along with the variety of colors, fabrics, and textures to choose from that will match the existing décor design. All these blinds are integrated with the z-wave technology and automation hub to raise and lower smartly. Explore them now to give your windows a new stylish appearance.
Automated Window Blinds

  • Smart Thermostat

Apart from the smart blinds, a smart thermostat is another great option to control the temperature remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

Ecobee4 is another smart heating and cooling system which is sleek in design and easy to use. Allow your voice to work and enjoy a warm ambiance throughout the interior.
Smart Thermostat

Follow the 2019 Smart Home Trends and Create a Home You Want to See!!

This year get the best version of your home by following these smart trends. Install all these tech featured products to enjoy all the benefits at your fingertips. Whether you want to shop, play music, or want to hear the latest news, all can be done using voice commands and to operate the things just a simple press or touch of your smartphone. Take the right decision for your home and see the new changes!!