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Smart Blinds – Touchless Technologies For The Home

Smart Blinds - Touchless Technologies For The Home

Smart blinds are window treatments that come with the option of automation. They come with a built-in motor, which enables the owner to remotely control the blind with a click of a button on a remote, or through smart technology. They can also be programmable, allowing them to lower or raise with a set schedule. Some of the smart blinds come with sensors and can automatically raise or lower if they detect rain or sunshine. Likewise, at night, these blinds can be programmed to roll down automatically to give the owner complete privacy from the outside world. These blinds help in making the room a safe and comfortable haven for the owner.  

Some of the models of these smart blinds come with an extra feature of virtual assistant integration. Once activated, the owner can control the blinds through voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The owner also has the option of integrating these smart blinds with Apple HomeKit and Google Nest. Smart blinds that can be controlled through voice commands are available in a wide variety of options, and the customers can select one which suits their requirements.

Components of a smart blind

Smart blinds are available in a host of different sizes, styles, colours and designs. Some of the standard components of a smart blind are:

  • A Fully Integrated Motor:

The fully integrated motor gets activated by a voice command, an application on a phone, or remote control. It makes the blind move up and down the window frame. The built-in sensor, which detects the voice command helps the blind act as per wishes of the owner.

  • A Controlling Device like a Remote Control or an Application on a Mobile Phone:

These enable the owner to operate the blind without physically going to the window and manually lowering the entire blind down. Now they can simply sit on their comfortable sofa and press a button to control all the blinds.

  • Light Sensors:

These sensors are integrated with the upper-end models. They allow the owner to program the blinds per the amount of light outside. So when an ample amount of light is required inside, these smart blinds can be programmed to roll up, and when less natural light is required in the room, especially in the late evening, the blinds can be scheduled to roll down automatically.

Advantages of using smart blinds

  • Smart Blinds make it Easy to Access Windows and Control them:

If the owner decides to have the smart blinds installed in the house, it becomes easier for him to access all the windows. They can easily access the difficult to reach windows as now all the blinds can be controlled with just a remote control or even a voice command. Compared to non-motorized blinds, smart blinds simply require a press of a button to perform its function.

  • Smart Blinds make life Simple and Easy:

A highlight of the Smart blinds is that they can be programmed to operate at set times. So if the owner has a busy schedule or he or she simply forgets to close the blinds, the smart blinds have a solution. Furthermore, they are capable of moving up and down per a pre-programmed schedule. Therefore, they make the life of the owner simple and easy.

  • Smart Blinds can Act as the Owner’s Natural Alarm Clock:

If the owner programs the smart blind that they open at day break, they can act as natural alarm clocks for him or her. The implication is, that as the morning rays hit the window, the blind will roll up, letting them in. The idea is that it will make the room bright enough for the owner to wake up naturally. Thus, he or she can do away with irritating alarm clocks and can wake up in a calm and serene environment.

  • Smart Blinds Give Extra Privacy and Security:

If a homeowner is away from the house, he or she can roll down the blinds with voice command or with a press a button on a remote. The blinds can also be programmed a per a schedule, making them move at set times during the day. For an outsider observing the house, it will look occupied. Therefore, smart blinds help in protecting the house as well.

  • Smart Blinds Give protection from Ultra Violet (UV) Lights:

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) radiation is hazardous for human health. However, if the owner has smart blackout blinds, he or she can be program them to roll down during hot summer afternoons, when the risk of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is at its highest. Thus, it will save the owner from exposure.

  • Smart Blinds are Available in a variety of Designs and Colours:

Smart blinds are available in the market in a variety of colors and designs. Hence, the owner has the luxury of choosing a style and color which will help him or her create the desired look for his or her interior design. Furthermore, they are also available in different types of material, allowing varying levels of sunlight control to the owner, allowing him or her full light control for their indoors.

  • Smart Blinds are Eco Friendly:

Some of the smart blinds are battery-operated, and can be rechargeable. Thus these blinds do not have a high carbon footprint and do not cause much pollution.

  • Smart Blinds are Beneficial for the elderly and infirmed:

A real benefit of smart blinds is for people with mobility issues, namely the aged and infirmed. For those with mobility issues, moving to the window and pulling down the blind can be a strenuous task. For all such people, smart blind is a blessing as they can easily control all the blinds in the house with a voice command or a remote.