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Using Smart Window Blinds to Maintain Your Home Security

Biggest Transformation: Upgrade Home Security System with Smart Window Blinds

When you pack up for an extended vacation, the one thing that comes in your mind is how well-protected your home is. For most of the homeowners, going far can be stressful, thinking about your home’s security. A smart home system that includes smart lighting, smart security camera, or smart blinds can make your interiors feel safe and protected from the hazard of outsiders or burglars. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, around 10% of burglaries that happen during the summer season is because this is the time when people love to keep their doors and windows bare for fresh and cool air which allows outsiders to come in and out.

The uses of technology in your home are always a smart move. There are various ways to stop these incidents while keeping your home more secure. But according to home specialists, smart privacy blinds are a great way to get safety and security, while offering other additional benefits which includes protection from excess light, heat, glare, and UV rays.

The goal of a home security system is to provide you with comfort and peace of mind. Read on for home security ideas with powered window blinds that can lower the risks of burglaries while giving you total satisfaction.

Smart Motorized Cellular Shades

Smart Blinds: A Total Package of Security and Home Automation

There are a wide variety of tech featured solutions available to enhance the security level of your indoors. But smart window coverings are more effective and better than other security systems. This article will help you to get a brief description on security so that you can easily take the right decision for your home benefits.

When you are far away from your home, you might like to close all your doors and windows tightly before leaving. If your room stays dark for several days, then it becomes easy for the robbers to get inside the home.

Smart lighting can be set up to keep the operation of lights balanced and because of that feature; outside people will think someone is there inside the home. But installing smart home window shades is like icing on the cake. Smart lighting may not work during the day time properly because of the natural sunlight. And most incidents of robbery actually happen during the daytimes. Window treatments with their various fabric choices (sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout) can be the right solution for this. By setting the programmable timers, you can let the shades to operate automatically throughout the daytime which will create an illusion of occupancy.
Google Home Smart Shades

Smart lighting system and smart window dressings – integrating these two with a security system will bring an amazing benefit to look for. Wondering how? If someone tries to enter your home forcefully, then window shade sensor will detect that, and smart programming will turn on the lights, and a security camera will record all the activities while sending an alert to your smart gadgets such as smartphone or tablet.

Again if your windows are closed for so many days, then your home also looks horrible. Apart from security, there are various disadvantages you have to face. For example, lack of proper sunlight or fresh air makes the indoor feel congested. It’s always better to add automation to the window blinds and shades so that they work smoothly and efficiently throughout the day to make sure your room maintains a comfortable temperature all day long. Smart cellular shades are a fantastic choice in this case. Their timers and temperature sensors will help them to trap the excess heat inside their cell pockets while protecting the home from unwanted things.

When you have large windows or patio doors, you might like to keep them open all the time, but that will allow the thieves more to look inside your home. So cover them with motorized window shades and feel safe when you are not at home.

Smart Motorized Patio Shades

Different Home Security Products: Comparing Price

Prices for home security gadgets depend on what type of product you select. Even some products installation can make you pay extra. But at ZebraBlinds, smart blinds introduced by Graber brand are less expensive. The cost of a smart shade differs on the fabric or color you choose. It’s always suggested to explore all the products and request for personalized quotes or final pricing. So, feel more secure with these home security window blinds by mounting them on your windows today.
Smart Window Treatments Cost

Best Home Security Product in the Market of 2019

Technology has made it easier to set up a smart home, where you can control everything remotely by using a smartphone app. With smart home window blinds, you will not feel disappointed after returning to your home. These smart security blinds are easily customizable, and free shipping is available all over the U.S. For more security tips, get in touch with a professional!

Be smart when it comes to your life and home’s security.

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