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Advantages And Disadvantages of Using Shutters As Window Coverings

Smart Blinds And Shutters

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Smart Blinds And Shutters


People who visit the market looking for Smart Blinds And Shutters face the same issue. Imagine someone who stays in a place where the temperatures go beyond 40 degrees during summers. Their choice would be to go for window coverings which block heat than buying sheer shades which are more suited to temperatures with neutral or pleasant weather all the year. Every window covering that you buy comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Hence it is necessary to note down your purpose for going for a window treatment solution instead of merely looking for an excuse to dress up your windows in upgrading the look of your house. This section talks about the advantages and disadvantages of using shutters as window coverings.


Modern Blinds and Shades: Advantages of Using Shutters


Custom Plantation Shutters


Shutters are modern blinds and shades that usually a form of stable window coverings containing fixed planks and rails of vertical and horizontal panels. They can be made of glass, wood, fabric, synthetic or any material that can be mounted on the inside or outside of a window. They are used for a variety of purposes, including protection against weather, sound absorption, and privacy.


1) Attractive

Do away with old, baggy curtains that are as difficult to maintain as a difficult relationship. A modern home calls for wood, faux wood or fabric curtains that are sure shot ways to make your home attractive and beautiful. Shutters go well with any kind of interior and room. Whether you have installed them in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or study room, they are sure to blend in well with their versatile look.

2) Control Temperature

Technology has ensured that shutters are made from materials such as thermalite which keeps the temperature inside the house cozy and comfortable during any season. During the summers, they serve as heat-blocking window blinds, keeping the heat from entering the place and raising the temperature. Similarly, during the winters, they prevent the heat from escaping the house and protect it against the cold winds.

3) Keep Sunlight Out

With panels that can be accordingly adjusted according to your need, shutters keep the light out when the sun is shining bright. This can especially be discomforting for people who sleep during the day after a night shift. Shutters can be adjusted in varying degrees and angles, making them the perfect cure for any time of the day.

4) Easy to Clean

Shutters come in panels that can easily be swiped by a damp cloth or duster, making them easy to clean and maintain as compared to heavy curtains or drapes that require time and money to give them a makeover. Their construction also makes them ideal window coverings in areas that are prone to exposure from dust particles. This prevents you against allergies and health hazards.

5) Cost Effective

They are a fine investment in that they are not as expensive as some of the other window treatments like velvet curtains or high-end Roman shades. Because of their insulation features, they also save on energy costs. Since the temperature inside remains neutral because of heat blocking and prevention against cold in summers and winters, respectively, they do not require much use of air conditioners and heaters in extreme seasons.

6) Long lasting

Because of their make and construction, shutters are durable and long-lasting window protection treatments. Once you get them installed, you would not feel the need to replace them for years to come unlike lighter fabrics used in other window treatments that might fade with a couple of washes. There is also no need to worry against sun damage as they are made from materials to withstand heat. You just need to ensure that they are bought from a reputed company and are installed correctly before you start using them.

7) Privacy

Sheer Window Shades

One thing that bothers privacy-seeking people is when their home is exposed to intruders and potential threats. This may make them feel unsafe. To ensure this is not the case, shutters can be closed any time of the day and be opened whenever you want. This makes them a safer and better option than, say, flat sheer window shades that are at the mercy of peeping Toms.

8) Ease of Access

Many mechanisms may leave you confused and bewildered about how to operate them. But the mechanism of shutters is uncomplicated and simple. They can be operated by just about anyone by the mere tilting of the slats or using a remote in case they have the motorized feature.

9) Size

Shutters are versatile enough to fit any shape or size of windows. It’s best to have an expert examine your window dimensions first and then order the shutters accordingly. From large Palladian windows to kitchen windows, shutters can be accordingly mounted in any home.

10) No Need for Strings

Shutters do not require the need of having a dangling cord by their side or strings to pull them up or down. This is a great advantage as this offers a minimalist and clean look to the home beyond ease of operation and usage. This reduces the burden on you and also keeps the window treatments safe against kids who can damage cords within their reach.


Disadvantages of Using Smart Blinds And Shutters

Despite their many benefits, shutters also come with some disadvantages that you must consider before buying them.


1) Reduced visibility

Shutters are not the best option for people who like to enjoy the view outside during a pleasant day. Yes, they can be adjusted to allow the light inside but the slats/panels will always obstruct the view in some way.

2) No Hiding From Outside

Shutters will not be suitable in case you want a window treatment that can completely disappear from outside view. With their mostly opaque and solid structure, they are always visible.

3) Difficulties in Case of Damage

Damage of breakage in any of the slats or panels can affect the functionality of the entire window covering. In this case, you would need customer assistance from the place of purchase as you will be ill-equipped to fix it on your own. If the product is out of warranty, replacement costs can be high.

Despite their minor shortcomings, shutters are still one of the better options when you want to go for window treatments that last long. Available in different materials, sizes and textures, they are extremely popular and cost-effective at the same time. They also lend a unique aesthetic appeal and increase the style quotient of your space. However, they still require utmost care, the absence of which will lead to damage before their shelf life.

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