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Smart Blinds: A Novel Work-from-Home Solution

Smart Blinds - A Novel Work-From-Home Solution

So it happened. Sure, there was no humanity-ending apocalypse, but this is the closest we’ve come to that in a long time! If you’re among the many who are stuck working from home during the Covid-19 quarantine, then we both know that you’re only a hair’s breadth away from hitting snooze and jumping back in bed. But before you indulge yourself in an afternoon nap, let’s talk about a great way to improve your work at home experience, using smart blinds and shades. Blinds are the ultimate work-from-home companion simply because of how well they control the heat and light in your home. But even they have their limits when it comes to keeping you comfortable.

Smart motorized blinds and work-from-home are like jam and peanut butter!

While it seems like a very simple thing to just adjust your blinds whenever you want, doesn’t it feel like this practice simply adds to the tedious list of tasks that take your time away from work? Well if you’re lucky then your window is right next to your desk or sofa or wherever you’ve decided to make your work-nest. Smart blinds and work-from-home seem strange, don’t they? Your first thought must be: “Why would I need smart blinds when I can just operate them manually at home?” The answer is simple; you can! But to do so would cause you to break your concentration and hinder your flow of operation, leaving you struggling to get a grip on your work again which could take anywhere from five minutes to an hour (assuming your cat doesn’t decide to take a nice walk across your keyboard.) There’s simply too much at risk to accommodate leaving your work in exchange for a cooler, darker room (or a warmer, brighter room!)
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So Remote Blinds Are the Way To Go?

So, there’s a small distinction to make here. Remote blinds definitely allow you to control your blinds from wherever you want in your home. However, if you’re using the type that needs a separate physical remote then you might want to reconsider your choice of smart blinds and smart shades. Because, while normal remote-controlled blinds are quite safe (no hazardous cord) and convenient; what happens if you were to lose your remote? Or worse, what happens if you don’t have it beside you when working? Instead of being a more convenient work-from-home solution, remote-controlled blinds might complicate things for those who’re a little more scatter-brained. While all smart blinds can be remote-controlled, not all remote-controlled shades and blinds are smart blinds. With a set of smart shades, you will find that your window coverings are controllable via your phone, or even with your voice. Once you find smart blinds online (or smart shades online!), make sure you take into account the color, material, and pattern on each set of smart shades so you can be certain that they will match the décor in your home.
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Smart Blinds Help You Focus!

Even with smart blinds, you might still need a moment’s lapse in concentration to even tap the button on your phone. But fret not! For there is a solution you simply haven’t noticed yet. While scheduling is nothing new, you’ll find that scheduling your blinds during a work-from-home stint is actually a brilliant move (one might even say tactical!). Scheduling your blinds based on your experience and requirements will make sure that your blinds move exactly when you need them to without you having to take the time to manually activate the blinds yourself.
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Smart Blinds Help You Cut Costs

Let’s face it when we’re working-from-home, the electricity costs are going to be a lot higher as opposed to when we’re home only for half the day. And the costs only keep rising as you try and maintain the right temperature with your climate control. Doing this for a few hours is one thing, but keeping this up all day is simply too much! It’s at times like this that smart blinds are a real boon. They offer another way to control the temperature and brightness in your home without relying as much on electric power. This allows you to cut back on costs and save in places that would have made work-from-home much harder. On the whole, smart blinds and shades are a breath-taking addition to your home regardless of whether you’re working-from-home or not. And let’s face it, at the end of the day you might find that smart blinds are fun to play with if you’re just bored at home. (it’s twice as fun if you have a pet!)