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Give Your Living Room a Splash of Color with Vibrant Window Shades

Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas – Give a Splash of Color

The living room is one of our favorite spaces in our homes. It’s the place where we watch TV, and where we spend good times with our family and friends. It’s the place where we relax and it’s also a great place to take a nap in the afternoon. In fact, the living room is a space that can be used for multiple purposes. It is the center of attraction of any home. It grabs the attention of any guest that visits your home. Most of the homeowners stress over how they should dress up their living rooms. If you have got a small living room, however, not need to worry. This blog will help you with some ideas for dressing your small living room in the best way.

Here are Few Small Living Room Ideas

If you have got a small living room, one way to make it look bigger and wider is to let in lots of natural light into your space. When light enters your spaces, it makes your room look more spacious and wide. The best way to invite sunlight into your spaces is to mount light filtering or sheer window blinds and shades on your windows. The sheer and light filtering window coverings do an excellent job in letting the light flow through while retaining privacy.

Sheer Window Shades for Living Room


Sheer Window Shades


Sheer window shades are considered as the most versatile and stylish of all window treatments. They allow a softly diffused light to penetrate through the windows and doors of your living room and create a pleasant and bright ambiance within your spaces. These window coverings have the ability to make any space look romantic and glamorous.  Being possible in many patterns and color choices, the perfect selection of the sheer window shades stands out as the beauty element of your overall living room design. They block all the harmful UV rays and scatter the light that is allowed to pass through your windows. They make your living room look beautiful and bright.

Light Filtering Shades for Your Living Room


Light Filtering Window Shades


Give your living room the best design with the right selection of light filtering window shades. The light filtering shades, when mounted on your windows, transform your spaces. The right selection of the light filtering fabric helps you to enjoy your desired privacy and comfort in your rooms. They filter the harsh light perfectly and allow the soft light to make your spaces comfortable and bright.

Roman Shades for a Sleek Designer Look


Fabric Roman Shades


Fabric Roman shades are one of a kind, and they are beautifully made. Made of different types of fabrics and is available in a countless number of colors and design patterns these wonderful window coverings let you design your living room the way you desire. Roman shades have the look of drapery with luxurious folded fabric. You can have a bright room with light filtering Fabric Roman shade or an immense dark room with blackout dense fabric. You can get them customized to fit your windows and doors perfectly. They offer light control, privacy, insulation, elegance and everything you need for your room.

Layering Window Treatments with Drapery Window Coverings



Drapery Window Coverings


Layering your existing window blinds and shades is one of the most beautiful ways to design your living room. This idea makes you use your living room for multiple purposes. They make any space look beautiful. Curtains and drapes stand as one of the most economical choices of window coverings to dress up your home. Drapery window curtains can transform the beauty of any living room. When you layer them with the other window coverings they act as an extra layer of insulation to your living room and make it even more energy efficient. If the glare falling through the windows or the window shades is disturbing you from watching the television, you can just pull down the window curtains to cover the windows and block the distracting glare. If you choose the blackout drapery window coverings to hang on your living room windows they help you block all the light entering through your windows and invite darkness into your spaces when needed. You can enjoy a nap resting at the sofa of your living room with the windows dressed up with the window drapes.

Valances and Cornices to Enhance Glamour

One of the most alluring decorative elements with respect to home design is the valances and cornice boards. Window coverings topped with the perfect pair of valances and cornice boards make the perfect home decor. They complete the design of your living room. The valances and cornices are possible in all types of fabrics and colors. They can be custom made to suit your home design and personal style. They are stylish, beautiful and make your home look extremely glamorous.

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