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Sliding Panels Window Shades for Home Solutions

Creating Spaces and Partitions with Ease

“Barack Obama knows that to create an economy built to last, we need to focus on middle-class families. Families who stay up on Sunday nights pacing the floor, like my dad did, while their children, tucked in bed, dream big dreams. Families who aren’t sure what Monday morning will bring, but who believe our Nation’s best days are still ahead.”
Chuck Schumer

Let me assure you that I am not trying to make a political statement here. I just want to bring to your notice the families who struggle to keep their children happy, secure, well provided and safe by giving them everything they have. I get those wealthy clients who have limitless budgets to decorate or re-decorate their homes, and also those who are trying to make life better for their children with whatever they can manage to squeeze out from their budget.

I often come across growing families who need to utilize their present living space to accommodate a new baby or to develop a new area for some utility purpose. This is when I use sliding panels which help me to create a secluded private space with ease. I never embark on cumbersome architectural plans to divide an existing large room into two for a client on a tight budget, but instead I make it easy for them with sliding panel tracks. These panel tracks can be moved or operated sideways in a very simple and comfortable manner, making the task easier and more convenient for the client.



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Recently I met a family who had two boys named Frank and Joe Hardy, yes after the famous Hardy Boys, by their dad Jay Hardy. It was one of the loveliest families I had come across. The couple was completely in love with each other and the twins. Now Susan, the lady of the house was pregnant with a baby after nine long years. The two boys shared a bedroom, and the couple had the master bedroom. They were worried as to where to set up another room for the baby? Two nine-year-olds with a baby in their midst was not an option, and neither was keeping the baby in the parent’s bedroom. They approached me to resolve the issue without having to spend much from their budget since they were saving for a bigger house that they planned to buy in 3 years down the lane.
After spending the whole Sunday afternoon over evaluation and discussion, I finally came up with a solution for the family. I suggested that they create a nursery in their rather huge master bedroom for the baby using the sliding panels window shades. With a few of my engineering ideas, I could make it reasonably comfortable and cool for the arrival of the new baby. Since the panel tracks can be customized as per the length and width that is required, it wouldn’t be a tough job to do either. After a serious discussion that lasted 15 minutes, the couple decided to move ahead with the idea.

I gave them several options of sliding panels and they chose Accent Sliding Panels Natural Shades by Graber, which was among the best product in the market. I knew for sure since I had previously installed them in innumerable homes to create study spaces, as a cover up for utility areas, to create private spaces for sewing projects and many more similar projects. The fabric used for these panels range between sheer, room darkening and light filtering that gave my clients a wide range of choice to meet their specific requirement. The levels of privacy may also vary depending on the fabric that for the present need was high. I made use of liners to increase the privacy level and thermal insulation for creating the nursery in the bedroom. Since the family already had children and one more was on way along with a pet dog, I suggested them to opt for the wand control option for these panels as they are safe by dint of being cordless.

The use of natural materials like Bamboo Reed, Jute Rope, Jute Twist, Cellulose, Slit Bamboo and many other similar materials made these sliding panels safe and eco-friendly. The couple was in love with the overall look of the shades that got a boost due to the different natural colors available for these panels.

Advanced and innovative technology ensures smooth operation of these panels. They are certified by OEKO-TEK that ensures that these are non-toxic and are safe for the environment due to the use of natural materials while making these panels. That should convince every parent who is worried about the safety of their children.

The premium quality material used in the making of these panel tracks ensures that they are long lasting and durable, so they were good for the baby room for another three years for sure. Finally, the couple wanted to have a look at the sliding panel to be sure that the rails on which these panel tracks operate would be quite and smooth as to not wake up the baby. I took permission from a client for whom I had recently created a study to allow the couple to check it out for themselves. They found that the rails were not only smooth and sleek but were also very sturdy and robust.

The smooth finish of these panel tracks lends an alluring beauty to a home. The family was quite happy with the design I had created for the nursery within their bedroom. The baby and the couple would not have to compromise on their privacy anymore, and they did not have to spend an enormous chunk of their budget for this either. Apart from their great visual appeal and practical function, these panel tracks are available at very economical price points thereby, making them easily affordable. Another satisfaction for me from a job well done.



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