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Are Sliding Glass Doors Good to Install When You Need Privacy?

Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Are Sliding Glass Door Blinds Good to Install When You Need Privacy?

The job of an interior designer is very interesting yet challenging at the same time. They must design the house keeping in mind the consumer’s budget, the size of the home, window spaces, room dimensions and the outdoor space. A connoisseur takes great pleasure in setting up their home, but what we need is a simple guide for laymen so they can dress their home the way they want.

An essential part of interior decoration involves setting up your window spaces with the right treatment. Many people are happy in having a window glass pane that opens and closes in a conventional way. However, a modern decor treatment that is gaining due importance on a global scale is that of sliding glass doors, a large opening that separates a room to the outdoors, which could be the front lawn, the backyard or a balcony.

Wooden Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors


Despite their attractiveness and ease of function, there are limitations to having a sliding door. Whether or not they are good for providing privacy is what we will discuss in this section.


Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Having the right door blinds is essential to lend them a uniform look that can also prove to be doubly effective. They need to be adjusted and installed in such a way that they move in the direction of the door simultaneously as they open.

Vertical cellular shades are good examples of ideal sliding glass door blinds. They provide excellent insulation from heat and cold and can be opened from either side. You can also have woven wood panels attached to the doors, which are a cross between the folding door and traditional drapes. These can be installed with the help of a curtain rod and are made of sustainable materials such as bamboo and natural wood.

Sheer shadings and wood/faux wood shutters are other blinds that can fit well on your sliding doors to give them an inimitable look.

 Vertical Cellular Shades for Sliding Glass Doors


Disadvantages of Having Sliding Doors

From a privacy point of view, sliding doors have certain limitations that must not be ignored if security is your primary concern. Have a look at some of them.

#1. A simple latch

It’s not that they do not come with locks. It’s just that getting through a sliding door might not be a tough job for an experienced burglar. In order to overcome this weakness, they must be secured with an additional lock or an alarm system of some sort that can throw the intruder off-guard. Also, have a reliable metal structure in place that is complicated enough for anyone to get through without getting a key to it.


#2. Energy Efficiency

Due to their large glass, sliding glass doors let in a lot of excess light and heat, and they allow heat to more easily transfer from your interiors to the exteriors, and vice versa. As a result, they can become a large source of lost energy efficiency.


#3. Indoors viewable from outside

Sliding doors contain big and wide windows made entirely of glass, and they give a good enough peek inside the home when they don’t have blinds closed on them. This gives an opportunity to prying eyes of getting a good look of important items placed just inside the house, including your valuables.


#4. Glass Easier to Break Compared to Wood or Other Sturdy Materials

While sliding glass doors are great to brighten up the beauty of your home and add a great aesthetic and appealing value to your house, they are made of material that is more fragile.

Sheer Shadings for Sliding Glass Doors

Advantages of Having Sliding Doors

Despite their disadvantages with respect to privacy, here are a few advantages that you must be aware of:

#1. Seamless operation

They allow for smooth flow of operation by simply sliding the doors to let yourself walk in or out of the room.


#2. Save Space

These doors open without a hinge; they move sideways instead of swinging open. Hence they save space on both the inside and outside of the window, allowing you to utilize the space by keeping items just along the door.


#3.  Natural Light

As these doors are wide and large, they allow for a copious amount of natural light to pass through. This makes you bask in a bright and sunny morning, without having the need to step out.


To sum up, sliding doors are an amazing part of your home decor, but they have their weaknesses. You can shore up these weaknesses with the proper window coverings that provide privacy, light control, and insulation.

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