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5 Things You Need To Know When Choosing Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Sliding Door Window Blinds And Shades

5 Things You Need To Know When Choosing Sliding Door Window Blinds And Shades


Sliding door window blinds and shades are more often than not a challenge when designing them. With the market open with amazing endless products, choosing the right window-door coverings can be intimidating. From steep hi-end offerings to basic ones that have yet to provide you with decorative and functional options, the array of choices are countless. But there are some rules that we as designers and experts in the field follow. Here are 5 things you need to know when choosing Sliding door window blinds and shades.

  • Light and Privacy – Decide on how bright and airy or closed up and cozy room do you want. Is the idea to block out light or allow the sun to shine nice and bright inside your room? Are the sliding doors in the kitchen or the front room to the patio? These factors will influence your choice of style and fabrics.

  • Budget – Are you installing one sliding door panel or multiple door panels? Window coverings are priced by size and numbers, so do expect larger treatments to cost more. Or in case you are looking to do up multiple treatments, the budget is also a varying factor.

  • Time spent on maintenance – Standard blinds can be cleaned at home, but attract dust and need frequent attention. Shades in textured fabrics and weaves hide soil better and are best cared for by vacuuming.

  • Style – Formal, casual, comfortable or chic? Bold, subtle, neutral or earthy colors? Dull, loud, abstract or trendy patterns? Cordless, Corded or motorized?

  • Safety – Children and pets at home? You need a more streamlined cordless or motorized lift type for increased security, safety, and peace of mind.


Sliding Door Window Blinds

Blinds are the best option if you are looking for tilt-able slats that are easily adjustable to let the light in. They offer a clean custom fit with plenty of privacy. Prices for blinds generally climb in this order: Vinyl, aluminum, faux wood, and real wood.


Sliding Door Window Blinds And Shades - Vinyl Window Blinds

  • Vinyl Blinds are a popular option if budget is a constraint. Customize them with colors and patterns of your choice to gel with your existing decor. They are easy to maintain with just the swipe of a wet cloth, thereby ensuring you spend the least amount of time on these window coverings.


Vertical Window Blinds


  • Vertical Blinds work very well for wider windows. They are an ideal choice for sliding door windows coverings. Available in light filtering or room darkening styles for better light control and privacy. Stacks to the sides or a center split. Ensure you get a clean and easy to operate split.
  • Graber range – Graber products come to you with a lifetime warranty and the hallmark of quality. The precision and engineering used in their products is par excellence.


Graber Faux Wood Blinds


  • Graber faux wood blinds – Graber faux wood blinds are an ideal choice if you are looking for a substitute to real wood that is budget friendly. Made from the finest of PVC, the Graber faux wood blinds are an ideal solution for outdoor Sliding door window coverings. They are fire and moisture resistant, hence ensuring you can use them across all seasons.
  • Graber Woven Wood Blinds offer you an opportunity to give your home an eco-friendly persona. Made of natural elements like wood, jute or grass, these blinds are excellent for light control and privacy. They are the perfect option for your Sliding door window blinds.


Sliding Door Window Shades

Shades are versatile window coverings that come in a wide range of fabrics and other options.

  • Plain Roman Shades of fabric or natural material create gentle folds. Choose the natural materials over fabric as Sliding door window shades options. They offer a casual and chic appearance. Energy conservation starts at home so make sure your shades have a foam backing for added insulation.


Plain Roman Shades


  • Cellular shades also referred to as honeycomb shades, are available in a wide range of colors. Choose from single, double, or triple cell styles for extra insulation and energy conservation. Ideal as sliding door window shades as they block the heat in the cells at the doors, or the windows before they enter the room, hence making it an ideal pick for any season. Ideal as noise reduction shades.


Graber Pleated Window Shades


  • Graber pleated window shades are known for light filtering and adding depth to your living space. Available in a range of fabrics spanning from sheers to room darkening options and in a huge palette of colors, patterns, and textures. Available in Even Pleats and Fashion Pleats that give your room a touch of extra decor. Very handy as sliding door window shades.


Different Lift Types for Sliding Door Window Blinds And Shades

There is always confusion on the operations of the different lift types;

  • How to use cordless blinds

Cordless blinds are the easiest to operate. A pull-down or push-up pattern ensures the blinds are ready to function. They stack nicely on the top when retracted.

  • How to use corded blinds

Corded blinds come with a cord on the side which is turned to operate the slats in an open or closed movement. You can easily control light and privacy with the slats’ position. Not recommended for homes with kids and pets.

  • How to use motorized blinds

Motorized blinds, as the name suggests, work with the help of a small motor installed that is controlled with a remote. Charge the remote and you have complete controls at the click of a button.

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