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Sleep in Lulling Darkness with Blackout Cellular Shades

Quality Sleep is a need.

There are times when you have slumbered for 10-12 hours only to find yourself feeling fatigued on leaving your bed. Why is it that instead of being energized with enough time in bed, you are left feeling drowsy the whole day? The answer is simple. It is not the quantity but the quality of sleep you get that rejuvenates you.
To get quality sleep, you have to create the perfect ambiance that does not interfere with your sleep. A pleasant, wafting aroma, soft music, clutter-free bed, clean, comfortable sheets, and soft colors go a long way creating the ‘mood’ for a good night’s rest. It’s equally important that you have complete darkness to sleep in as well. ALAN (Artificial Light at Night) has become an inherent part of not only cities, but also smaller towns, leading to symptoms like drowsiness during the day, headache, fatigue, dizziness, and many more. There are other severe underlying health issues we will discuss that are related to being continuously exposed to ALAN.


It’s not a working ‘day’ any longer. People working night shifts/late into the night, trying to catch power naps during the day. These attempts are not always successful; ‘life’ intrudes, robbing them of rest that is essential for their well being. If they knew that adequate restful sleep helps relieve stress, keeps chronic diseases at bay, tackles obesity, improves cognitive function and increases memory, I am sure they would give deeper thought to improve their sleep environment. Though sleep is in itself helpful the benefit of sleeping in complete darkness is not understood by all; do not hesitate to spend a few extra bucks, and get blackout shades for your bedrooms.


Secrets of the Dark Unveiled.

Many people are comforted with the glow of that little bit of light chasing ghosts away in the dead of the night. A small light is kept burning through the night. The myth that sleeping in blue light is healthy has been shown the door by recent research. No light is good for you when you sleep. An itty bitty bud in the brain called the pineal gland gets working when you sleep in the absence of light. Light hinders its function to a great extent. Why so? You have to understand that we have lived without artificial lights for thousands of years; hence, we aren’t biologically built to cope with artificial lights. The problem is evident for those who stay awake at night, a time their body has been conditioned to rest, trying to sleep with light not completely blocked during the day! This interrupts the production of melatonin, an important biochemical hormone, which regulates our body clock. Insufficient production of melatonin by pineal gland affects vital body functions like temperature, blood pressure, and glucose levels in the blood. In addition, inadequate production of this hormone impairs our immune system and increases the risk of diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiac problems, and various metabolic syndromes as well. Add to it the restlessness associated with insomnia, you have a walking, talking zombie! The solution? Blackout cellular shades or slumber shades from Comfortex.


Taking Advantage of Sensory Response to Stimuli.

Whether you like it or not, your body organs function ceaselessly – as soon as your optic nerves sense light, they transmit a signal to your brain to wake you up and start functioning. This stimulus, besides suppressing the production of melatonin, also increases the production of hormones that is required for you to get going. As the body gets geared to start the day, the cozy bed will fail to hold you in slumberland. On the other hand, if you install slumber shades that combine blackout cellular shades with a light blocking sidetrack, no light will enter your room. Without light, your body will receive the message that it is time to sleep and respond accordingly. In a pitch dark room, you can sleep like a baby even when the sun is at its zenith. Fortunately, you can fool your body easily because it blindly responds to external stimuli without a second thought.

Tackling the Light Issue Head-on.

Windows are a must for every room, and so, there is no stopping light anytime during day or night. The best way out is to create optimum darkness in your bedroom when you need sleep – be it day or night -with the installation of blackout shades. Blackout Cellular Slumber Shades not only help you get that much elusive peaceful sleep but also keeps your home safe from harsh UV rays. With top brands like Comfortex that provide window coverings with blackout blinds sidetracks, not a single beam of light will stream in through your window, thus creating a natural pitch dark night-like ambiance for you to sleep in.

Apart from blocking unwanted light streaming in, Blackout Cellular Slumber Shades are created to absorb light as well. They also regulate the temperature of your room by trapping air inside their honeycomb cells. Further, they insulate your bedroom against disturbing noise that can kill beautiful sleep in a jiffy. No more being startled out of your peaceful slumber due to a sudden change in temperature or a loud noise. A perfect complement of darkness stabilized temperature, and calm will ensure a peaceful sleep.

And that’s not all! As an added bonus, slumber shades take style and décor a notch higher – they are available in captivating colors and unique patterns to match any interiors, adding a dash of élan to your bedrooms. With the installation of slumber shades, you can shut out all the light and sleep tight anytime you feel like it, depending on your lifestyle. No more waiting for nightfall to call out sweet dreams!


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