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Sleep Like a Baby with the Blackout Cellular Slumber Shades

Ultimate Blackout Cellular Shades the Ultimate Solution for the deep sleep.


“Whoever came up with the phrase ‘sleeping like a baby’ must be bonkers,” I blurted to my mom, who had come down to spend some quality time with her new born grandchild. I was so relieved to have her at home, after two weeks at home with my baby girl who seldom slept. But for the time her dad spelled me, I could barely catch a few winks, and it was driving me crazy. All the excitement of being a mom had died down within the first few days at home!

My mom, who had raised 3 of us effortlessly, looked around the nursery, admiring the effort I put in to decorate it all in soft pink tones for baby girl. We had chosen all safe products for the nursery, taking care of minutest of details that might eventually turn out to be a danger for our beautiful princess. A feeling of pride surged in my heart when I saw my Mom looking around the nursery admiringly. She turned towards me and said, “Let us check what is disturbing your baby’s sleep in this beautiful nursery. There has to be a reason she doesn’t actually sleep like a baby”. This was a huge disappointment for me, as I was looking forward to a downpour of praise for the work I had done.

She checked the crib, the cupboards and everything else around the nursery while making the observation, “On an average, newbies sleep 13 -16 hours in a day for the first three months. It is good neither for you nor your baby’s health that she gets less sleep than that”. There was a sudden startling noise from outside that made my baby jump and let out a wail. My mom walked to the window and was displeased with and the view the beautiful cascading curtains shielded. An ongoing construction in the neighborhood was creating the ruckus that so obviously disturbed the infant. Obvious to all but me, the zombie! “You need noise and light blocking window coverings for the nursery, not these flippant sheers, beautiful they may be! How do you expect the baby to sleep with so much of light and noise filling the air? I see your baby has a stuffy nose that makes sleeping difficult as well. We need to get working on making the nursery not just beautiful but also peaceful and comfortable for baby to sleep in.”

Next morning, we logged on to the internet to find something more suited for a newborn’s bedroom. After surfing through endless options of blackout shades and blinds, we zeroed in on the Vinyl Blackout Cordless Roller Shades that were quite budget-friendly, and Comfortex Blackout Cellular Slumber Shades that were very sleek in appearance.

The Vinyl Blackout Cordless Roller Shades was one of the best means of safeguarding my baby’s nursery from the harmful and harsh UV rays of the sun. My baby nursery would have complete privacy for peaceful feeding time, in addition, the classy look it gave to the windows. Moreover, they come with cordless operation, which even though did not make much difference for the present moment, would be so helpful when my princess started toddling around. They were available in varied fabric styles, with a wide range of colors to choose from. With installation hardware they came with, putting them up would be a breeze! Light, durable and easy to clean, they looked the perfect option for nursery windows.

Though priced slightly higher, Comfortex Blackout Cellular Slumber Shades were an even better solution to providing peaceful sleep for my baby because:

1. The hexagonal honeycomb cells of these shades are lined on the inside with a metalized film that blocks light, blacking out a room. In addition, there wouldn’t be the slightest seepage of light into the nursery from the sides of the shade, as it’s constructed with durable, light blocking, PVC sidetracks which create peaceful darkness that is optimum for good sleep. The co-extruded blackout sidetracks are also blackened on the insides to absorb light effectively.

2. These slumber shades have a wonderful thermal insulation property (the air trapped within the honeycomb cells block heat transmission) that blocks the heat of the sun during the day while keeping the warmth in at night.

3. This insulation property of the slumber shades also cuts down on the noise from the outside. The shades were available in Virtuoso ½”, and Symphony 3.8” blackout varieties. The design and patterns on these fabrics were so unique that it was definitely going to add infant glamor and style to the nursery windows. I loved the color PrincessPink 3480, which would blend perfectly with the fabric tones of the nursery.

Operating them would be smooth even with the baby in my arms since they come with advance lift options of the Cordless Ultra Lift System, and Continuous Cord Loop Lift System along with the additional advantage of Top-Down, Bottom-Up (TDBU) feature.Blackout Top down Bottom up Cellular Shades -

Looking at the advantages and color options, we decided to opt for the Cordless Comfortex Blackout Cellular Slumber Shades with the Top-Down-Bottom-Up Shades feature for the nursery. I didn’t get rid of the beautiful curtains either, which could be used to allow diffused light to seep when the shades were up. Since the color of shades and curtains complemented each other perfectly, it added to the beauty of the décor in nursery.

Within a week, we had the perfect ambiance for restful sleep for my baby. There was no more noise or light seeping in from outside while she slept, or any undue temperature fluctuation that would create discomfort. Thanks to my Mom, the little angel is actually ‘Sleeping like a baby’, and I have enough time to dream about our beautiful future together.


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