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Blinds for Skylights with Remote Control & Solar Charging

Planning to buy new shades for your skylights? Get rid of your old school telescopic sky poles and check out the new and convenient trend of motorized cellular shades.

Blinds for skylights with remote control
Home automation as a term has evolved from the perception of what recalls being is no longer limited to its definition 30 years ago, of rich dudes closing their garage doors with contraptions three times the size of any modern day TV remote. Automatic products used to be a luxury, but have become more of a necessity as prices became more affordable. The fast pace of innovation has made it possible to control all your products remotely. And perception has changed as people consider automated products to be sound investments.

In keeping with the modern home, we bring you state-of-the art designer blinds for skylights with remote control and solar power options. Motorized skylight shades are a fantastic option for high, hard-to-reach windows and second-storey skylights. Skylight cellular shades will save you big on energy bills and prevent the fading of furniture and artwork. The shades offered by Crown are operated through minimally designed radio frequency remotes that are included at no additional charge.

Blinds for skylights with remote control
Crown’s motorized skylight cellular shades are uniquely designed to provide ultimate light, temperature, and UV control, keeping positioning and endurance constraints in mind. Skylight cellular shades have side channels which provide support during the Shade’s movement and avoid sagging at the center of the shades. The honeycomb structure is designed to block heat in the summer and provide warmth by trapping cold air in the winter.

Crown Motorized Skylight Cellular Shades

Blinds for skylights with remote control

The Crown Motorized Blackout Skylight Shades have the highest R-value with the blackout fabrics that are Mylar coated from inside. The benefit of using skylight cellular shades is that it allows for flexibility. Choose blackout with an inner Mylar coating for a high energy efficiency rating. Choose motorization for ease of use. With insulation and motorization, skylight cellular shades are your ideal option for skylights. They provide ease of use, ideal protection from the sun, and look fantastic. These shades come with three power options.

Remote Control Features

  • The Simplicity remote allows you to open and close the shades with the push of a button. To operate your motorized skylight cellular shade, select the desired channel with the channel button located at the bottom of the radio frequency handheld remote.
  • Push the open and close button to fully open or close an individual shade or a group of a shade.
  • As you open the skylight shade the fabric neatly stacks at the bottom.
  • The use of a multi channel remote allows for easy control of more than one skylight shade.

Power Options Include:

Battery operated skylight shades
Battery Wand: A 12V battery wand in pure white color can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. The reloadable battery tube is very easy to replace. Lithium batteries are more efficient than Alkaline batteries.
skylight shades power supply
Plug-in Power Source: A 12V DC power supply is also available which can plug into a domestic power source. It helps to operate a single skylight shade that requires a standard power outlet. It is also available in white color.

Solar Powered Skylight Shades

solar operated skylight shades
Upgrade your shade with a solar recharger that helps recharge batteries with solar energy. You only need four to six hours a day to recharge the battery from solar energy. Somfy claims solar kit batteries last for seven years as per their experience and feedback from customers.

solar operated skylight shades
To get the maximum efficiency out of the solar powered skylight shades you need to point the panels to the direction that captures the most sun. Therefore, the orientation of you window plays a major role in the efficiency of solar panels. The above infographics depict the optimal orientation of skylight shades for maximum efficiency. Solar skylight shades should always face true south if you are in the northern hemisphere and true north if you are in the southern hemisphere.

Maintenance of Light Filtering Fabrics:

motorized light filtering skylight shades

Among different fabric types, the light filtering ones are easier to take care of. Regular dusting with a feather duster or even vacuuming carefully will keep the shades at their best. In the case of accidental staining, the shades can be removed from the installation brackets and soaked in warm water. When damp, raise shade tightly to crisp pleats. For light stains, blotting with a damp sponge and mild detergent will be enough. Before using anything stronger than mild detergent and lukewarm water, test on an unobtrusive corner of the shade.

Maintenance of Blackout Fabrics:

motorized skylights stacking

The blackout fabric is inherently stain-proof and repels dust. But occasional cleaning may be necessary to keep the fabric looking fresh. The shades can be dusted with a soft clean cloth, a feather duster, or lightly vacuumed with a soft brush attachment. To spot clean, use a cloth or sponge dipped in a light solution of lukewarm water and clear dish detergent and lightly dab. Do not scrub the surface. Rinse thoroughly. Complete immersion is not recommended.

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