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Learn the Significance of Installing Lockdown Shades

Installing Lockdown Shades

What Happens During a Lockdown?

Unfortunately, it is a problematic situation to ever be in a school or even on a college campus during a lockdown. During a lockdown, the safety of the students is a topmost priority. Staff members and teachers alike take the necessary measures to make sure that their students are safe from harm. All activities are relocated to safer places, preferably inside the educational facility. No individual is allowed to enter or exit when there is a lockdown situation.

The Right Shade Matters

Lockdown shades help to secure the safety of the students inside the classrooms. These shades prevent the attacker or threat from seeing what’s inside these rooms. They block the visibility of potential targets, and that is what makes the difference. By installing shades, you are transforming a place of high risk to a safe haven with upgraded security measures. The right shade can save a person’s life. For the past couple of decades, there have been a series of school shootings occurring all over the country. As a result of that, many schools are conducting lockdown drills as a precautionary measure. By making the students aware of what to expect and how to cope with an unexpected situation, they increase their chances of survival. What can ensure this is window coverings and how well they shade the view between the intruder and the classroom. For it to be a hundred percent effective, it must cover the window entirely. It is then possible for the students, staff, and teachers to remain safe and secure during the lockdown.

Security shades
Security shades are those types of shades that disrupt the visibility of the intruder or threat. When a window on the classroom door is blocked, it is difficult to figure out the occupancy of that room. The shooter then proceeds to spend that time in going through other locked doors and to other areas of the educational facility. This act alone increases the chances of survival during a lockdown situation. With these shades installed, the threat won’t cause any further casualties.

Benefits of using these shades
Security shades reduce theft and kidnapping threats: These shades are quite versatile. They can mitigate potential kidnapping and thefts in educational buildings. Installing these shades will significantly affect the security of the building for the better. School equipment which is detrimental to a child’s learning can be prevented from getting stolen on campus. Children are protected from possible kidnapping as well. Visibility is obscured into the classrooms which makes it harder for intruders to gauge or assess their targets.

Security shades minimize distractions
As an added benefit, these shades help teachers reduce outside distractions from disrupting the class lecture. External events or students can disrupt the class taking away the attention from the classroom exercise. With these shades installed, you would be creating a barrier between the outside noise and the students seated inside. In this way, the students can focus on what is important for them at his point in their lives – their education.

Campus Safety Shades
These shades are perfect for providing protection from intruders and privacy for the classrooms. Wherever narrow windows exist, these shades do come in handy. Installing them is quick and easy. Their blackout fabric makes it difficult for incoming sunlight to seep through and reduces visibility from strangers and possible threats.

Features and Benefits of These Shades

• Coverings for windows on doors
• They help to cover the sidelights
• Can be used in the case of emergencies
• The classroom view is easily blocked
• They can act as a hindrance
• They are not that expensive
• Can be utilized on all window sizes and doors

Keeping Other Shading Options Open

Here is some sound advice if you are considering other window shading options like blinds and shutters. Blinds that have vanes or slats can block the light or allow incoming light to seep through. But some don’t offer complete light blockage. They consume a lot of time in operating and in the case of a lockdown, this could prove to be a dangerous task to undertake. The intruder would also be able to peek into the classroom. They are thereby endangering the students and teachers. Shutters, on the other hand, are a viable option but not a cost-friendly one. They are excellent in blocking the view and are mighty durable window coverings. However, they require tools and the proper hardware to get them permanently installed on doors. Another drawback of using these window covers is the fact that they cannot be utilized on large windows or sidelights.

Benefits of Using a Lockdown Shade

• Completely blocks views from the hallway
• Functional, efficient and effective
• Installs easily
• Very affordable
• Stays securely on windows
• Fire retardant

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

When an intruder, a threat or a possible shooter can see what is inside any classroom, the students present inside automatically become targets. What can negate this situation is a blackout shading that blocks the visibility of the shooter by a hundred percent. By installing window shading, you can save the lives of your students, your staff, and even your fellow teachers of the institution. Don’t hesitate in securing your classrooms and upgrading its security and safety standards.

Caution: Never Use Paper

It is very critical that this is made common knowledge. The paper must never be used to shade classroom windows during a lockdown procedure. There is no spare time to cut out paper and tape them to windows. It is highly dangerous and time-consuming. Not to mention, it is a futile exercise. To adequately cover up the windows, pre-cut paper paneling is not a good idea. It cannot act as a reliable blackout solution. Moreover, they also violate fire regulations and codes, as well as add unwanted risks. Nowadays, there is an array of safety and security related products to help your campus or school out. Many consumers are actively seeking new and inventive performance-based items that will make learning environments safe and education facilities secure. So, choose the right lockdown shade that best suits your requirement and need. Stay safe.