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Shutters or Blinds – Which is Better for your Living Room?

Shutters or Blinds - Which is Better for your Living Room?

The Living Room is the Centre-Stage of Your Home

Every room has a special role to play in the house which makes them indispensible. A bedroom is where you rest and refresh your body and mind after a long day. The kitchen is where you cook up a hot meal for yourself and the family. Nursery is for kids and babies to play grow and rest. Dining space is where the whole family meets up each day and share their stories over food. Bathrooms need no introduction but apart from meeting your basic needs, bathroom is where you get your alone time before facing the world again. The living room is the heart of the house. The family comes together to watch TV, play games, entertain friends and host parties. From a decor perspective, the living room is arguably the most important room in the house because guests get their first impression of the house when they step into the living room. How you decorate the room, and what kind of decor style you follow is often regarded as an extension of your personality. Decorating the living room is a reflection of you and your family. Hence every item added to that room must be done with care and caution to help maintain the harmony and balance in the room.

Exterior Solar Shades for Living Room

Getting the Look Right for Living Rooms

There are a number of objects in a living room that has the potential to become a focal point in room. Color combination is also critical. You can play safe and stick to neutral and indulge in a pop of color here and there or you could opt for a vibrant room with rich colors like blue, purple and green. The color of your couch, rugs and pillows must be able to create a harmonious balance with the wall colors. The window treatment you choose, the color and texture will also affect the surroundings significantly.

Shutters or Blinds for Living Rooms

You can experiment with window coverings and opt for shades, drapes, blinds or shutters. Each have their own beauty, elegance and functional values which will help create a stunning, stylish, pleasant and comfortable environment inside the living room. Homeowners who are doing up their living rooms for the first time may encounter some confusion regarding the choice of window treatment. The most common dilemma is between shutter and blinds. This is because unlike shades, both shutters and blinds are designed with slats and louvers which can be adjusted for light control, privacy etc. both are equally classy and stylish. So, when you have to choose between the two, which one would you choose for living rooms?

Cost-Effective Blinds for Living Room


Plantation shutters are breathtakingly gorgeous. They are elegance personified. They are a stable window covering that is mounted inside the window frame and makes a snug fit. They consist of wood or faux wood louvers that are mounted inside the solid frame of the shutters. These louvers are operated by tilt rods that are hidden in the middle or at the back of the shutter. The louvers can be adjusted to control the amount of light inside the room. This helps to fill the living room with a warm diffused light that is soothing and adds softness to the surroundings.

Shutters can complement any decor style which makes them a popular choice for homes. Even when you decide to change your home decor style few years later, the shutters continue to remain relevant and loose none of their shine and sheen. Plantation shutters are more expensive but they can last for years. So if your budget permits, it is always advisable to invest in shutters as in the long run it will prove to be more economical.

As shutters make a snug fit on to the window, they offer good insulation to the rooms. There is no gap along the edges through which warm air can escape the room. When shut, the louvers tightly overlap, leaving no gaps in between for light or air to escape and enter the house.

For a more luxurious and regal appearance, pair these shutters with sheer or solid drapes and curtains.

Living Room Wooden Shutters


While shades consist of a single continuous piece of fabric, blinds come with slats which can be adjusted for light control, privacy and outside view which closing the blinds complete. Blinds are made of different materials like wood, faux wood, vinyl, plastic and fabric. If you are considering blinds for your living rooms, wood and fabric blinds look classy and smart. They lend a touch of grace to your surroundings.

  • Wood blinds lend a timeless charm, a cosy and warm effect that suits a living room with classic style. Wood and faux wood blinds can be custom-made to match your existing furniture.
  • If your living room has sliding glass door we recommend vertical blinds. They help to enhance height and dimension and creates a feeling of spaciousness in the room. Vibrant colors and textures are available to meet your needs.
  • If you are looking to add soft texture to your living space, opt for fabric blinds. You can choose from different colors, weaves, designs and textures and also add valances for a dramatic impact.
  • Aluminium mini blinds are trendy and very contemporary and lend a refreshing look to your surroundings.

Wooden Window Shades for Living Room

Unlike shutters, blinds are a more economical choice as they cost less. However, they are not as durable or sturdy as shutters and may have to be replaced a few years down the line. They are delicate and can become damaged if you have pets and toddlers in the house. If your budget is limited and you enjoy changing the window treatments frequently then blinds can be good choice.

While shutters make a snug fit, blinds leave a gap along the edges of the windows. Their slats also do not overlap as tightly and this can cause loss of energy. Light will also sneak through though this may not be a serious concern for a living room.

Both shutters and blinds make a great choice of window treatment for your living room. They infuse the right amount of drama and elegant appeal that helps to pull the room together. With nothing much to choose between the two except price, it comes down to personal choice and what appeals to you at the time of purchase. Choose the one that appeals to you the most with their grace and class and take an informed decision.

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