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Shutters to magnify the elegance of windows

The Anger Management.

Whenever I think of shutters, the first image that crops up in my mind is Charlie Sheen in Anger Management. The windows in his living room cum counseling chamber are covered with white shutters as he blunders through his sessions! For reasons unknown even to viewers, the show continues to be an unparalleled success, in spite of the negative reviews by numerous critics. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Charlie, the irreverent but endlessly lovable therapist at the helm of the show. But it grates on my nerves every time I see the tacky sofas in a room that has such elegantly done up windows!

Do you see red when someone cuts across you in the traffic? Does your blood pressure skyrocket when your child is uncooperative? Do you go bonkers when your window dressings are open equally? Anger is a normal reaction to stress, but it can wreck havoc on your health and relationships if it’s uncontrolled. Tips from the Mayo Clinic include –

1. Think before you speak

2. Express your anger once you’re calm

3. Get some exercise

4. Take a time out

5. Identify possible solutions

Now, the possibilities are endless for those souls beleaguered with OCD tendencies or leanings in home maintenance. In terms of window treatments, one of the options that provide precision, splendor and superior interior charm is the good old shutter. Traveling through a time warp that has enabled it to remain splendidly distinctive; it has a wholesome history of sorts!

Used by ancient Grecians to provide shelter against the heat, dust and sunlight, window shutters were initially crafted from crude pieces of wood set in a frame at angles to aid in keeping the intense sun from heating up humble homes that had just about begged the discovery of the benefits of utilizing windows for ventilation and lighting. It was also accidentally discovered that shutters provided respite from lashing rains. And so they were used till glass was used to cover windows, and then used as hinged devices that – window shutters protected the glass during storms and provided shading. And, of course, man being the innovative creature he is has managed to refine and improvise on the original to create the beauty and perfection that shutters possess today, making them a high-end solution to window shading!

I find that shutters are endlessly versatile for use –

· They are made from wood, engineered wood or MDF, and polymer compounds, so they can find use in every possible area.

· They can be cut or modified to fit into any shape possible, the flaps set into a frame that can be clipped into any space with ease, especially for those arched and angled windows. Manipulation of dressed specialty windows is not as easy with any other type of window covering.

· The vanes can be adjusted to modify the amount of light filtering through, and when closed, provide the best insulation possible, as wood does not conduct heat.

· Today, engineers and designers have found a way to automate the vanes of shutters, so even if they are fit onto hard to reach windows, the vanes can be adjusted to provide light or shade, as it may be.

Using shutters can be a painless process – them masses of fabric that needs to be laundered if drapes were to be used does not bear thinking! Not to mention to millions of microbes that hide in them. Shutters can be vacuumed with the soft brush attachment, whatever the color. When people opt for large window banks, the view is obviously imperative, considering this different size louvers of window shutters are built with a variety of vane sizes, so just follow the rule of thumb that says that the broader the vane, the better the view as the space between vanes is also naturally wider. Also, the broader the vanes, he lesser their number, so the lighter the shutters are for large applications.

Like most window dressings, shutters can also blend into practically all sorts of decor schemes. And for sheer romantic beauty, team them with filmy curtains that will dance and shimmy in the breeze when the windows are left open to admit fresh air through the vanes of the shutters – self stripes, polka dots, paisley prints on colors that blend with the shutter! Fabulous for the summer! Enchanting new looks for those times when a lot of vanes can appear to be too much!

The only probable downside to shutters is that wood shutters are expensive – but when you’ve invested so much in a splendid structure, wouldn’t you want to match your window dressings to the structural elements? Shutters are also available in more economical forms, like those made out of engineered wood, polymer composites or Vinyl window shutters that bring down costs considerably and make them available for every possible weather status.

Manufacturers follow rigorous testing procedures to ensure that shutters are worth the once in a lifetime investment you’ve made. Remember, our founding fathers couldn’t do without them, so much so that they were imported from Spain and Portugal when they sought freedom in the land of milk and honey that was America!

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