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Can Shutters be Used for Large Windows?

Shutters for Large Windows

Modern Plantation Shutters for Large Window

The practical solutions offered by window treatments account for their growing popularity and they are becoming indispensable for a comfortable living. Whether you’re in the plains, hills, or in a coastal home with humid, arid or polar climates, blinds or curtains are becoming a necessity and the absence of which is threatening sanctity and mental peace of homes.

There are different window treatments customized to meet the varying demands of weather and of course to meet the unique needs and features of your homes. All of these make a great choice of window dressing but not all may be suitable for your large wide windows.

This isn’t to scare you into buying blinds for all the windows in the house. But there are good enough chances that you already have a window dressing idea for most windows in your house. Some people use curtains, some shutters, and a few go for honeycomb blinds, Venetian blinds and so on.

Shutters are among the most versatile and reliable window solutions which come in a wide variety in texture, color and design and also material. They can be wooden or made of MDF or vinyl depending upon your budget and where you want to get them installed.

The good news is, shutters are among the few window treatment solutions that can be used for large windows. Well, large windows allow the maximum amount of sunlight and other unwanted beams while hampering the privacy level. Covering the windows in the most efficient way will give you maximum luxury while keeping indoor pleasing and comfortable. Know why shutters are a great option for your large windows before getting them.

White Plantation Shutters

Shutters for Large Windows

Before the obvious question is answered, what are shutters and what are they used for? And how do they differ from other, similar-looking window treatments with louvers?

A window shutter is a “solid and stable window covering with a frame of horizontal rails and vertical stiles.” That sounds a bit technical and may be confusing to the layman whose primary concern is to just get a decent closure for his window to help block out the natural elements.

To make the definition simpler, window shutters are window treatments made of sturdy material that contains louvers, which are horizontal panels that can be adjusted to open or close according to your convenience. Instead of coming separately, they are fixed directly to the frame of the window. These shutters offer endless benefits for your interior – from blocking out the excess light to offering privacy, they are a brilliant choice. They act as one of the best insulators (R-value – 3.4), and lower your utility bills by maintaining an ideal atmosphere throughout your space.

They were originally made of wood; however, now they come in a number of other materials such as faux wood, PVC, and aluminum which boasts of important features such as water resistance and dust resistance. Many window shutters can be installed both inside and outside the window, and the most common type of shutters are plantation shutters. These are made of wide louvers that, when open, can let in a substantial amount of sunlight to brighten the room. At other times, especially when you seek some privacy, they can be shut to keep the outside noises, heat, light and, onlookers at bay.
Coming back to the pertinent question (can shutters be used on large windows?), the answer is both yes and no. We’d like to discuss a few points in detail here.
Wooden Shutters for Large Windows

Allow Proper Ventilation while Controlling Light

Large windows always allow excessive light and air to enter your home. But to prevent the harshness, covering them with the right shutter is a great idea. Adjusting the different sized louvers will let a soft and smooth glow of natural light in your interior. When the vanes are open, they permit for enhanced ventilation and air to pass. This prevents the feeling of claustrophobia while keeping the indoor ambiance fresh and cozy.

Enhance Privacy

If your large windows face a busy street-side or neighbor’s house, then privacy or security is an important factor to consider. Lowering the vanes will keep the prying eyes of the outsiders out of the home.

Durable Window Treatment that Lasts for Long

Shutters are sturdy and they’re built to last. Large windows always require something durable for maximum efficiency and smooth operation. Shutters are made of premium quality thick material that make them withstand in harsh weather condition.

Can You Reach Them?

Large windows ensure your home is subject to a substantial amount of natural light and they look great when dressed with shutters. However, with large windows comes a great deal of responsibility, starting with installing them and maintaining them regularly by ensuring every single one of those wide louvers are cleaned every now and then. It is not always a simple task. If the shutters are hard to reach they can be difficult to clean. Additionally, if your large windows are high up, it will be difficult to operate your shutters since they are moved manually, by hand. If they are difficult to reach, consider going for a motorized lift if available, which allows you to tilt the slats open and close with the press of a button.

Versatile Window Coverings for Every Window

The benefits of shutters as window coverings aren’t limited to windows of a particular size. Although as discussed, taking care of them is your responsibility. They do their job equally well wherever placed. There are shutters that extend to the maximum possible height in larger areas such as living rooms. They cover the entire dimension of the windows with their seamless and tall panels. Is there any wonder why they work so amazingly well as cafe style shutters, where louvers are attached only to the top half of the windows and the bottom half covers against outside light?

Thinking about Cleaning Procedures

You might think that cleaning the large window solutions can be difficult and challenging. But shutters make this job easier for you. They need only a proper wipe down to maintain the shine. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust between the slats. Clean them on a weekly basis and enjoy their shine lifelong.
Cleaning Plantation Shutters

How Do Shutters Work?

The mechanism isn’t rocket science to understand, for many shutters have hinged panels that close and open. Here the panels can be neatly stacked on one side of the window when they are not in use. They are also one of the best options to be used on French doors as they fit in easily, and can be opened and closed like a door if you feel the need to allow some light in without bothering to tilt the blinds.

Additionally, you can get hinged shutters that move out of the way of your window opening, which can be especially effective for large windows as if you need to let in a lot of light, you can move the entire shutter out of the way to give you a clear view.

All shutters have these adjustable louvers that allow filtering and diffusion of light. There are tilt rods that you would hold on to and then push up or down to tilt the slats. The tilt road can be customized to sit in the center of the shutter, on the side or hidden out of sight.
How Do Shutters Work

Vibrant & Classy Colors

When choosing colors for your shutters, the immediate options that come to mind are white, beige or light brown. While we appreciate these choices to keep it low-key and suitably classy at the same time, your choices must not be restricted to these tried and tested, yet cliched options. These exciting colors offer a great natural stain even when you’re not looking for natural wood. You can buy them at very affordable and reasonable prices. You have the option to explore. There are many different options and brands to pick from – Sussex Norman Wood Shutters, Graber Traditions Plantation Shutters, or Normandy Norman Wood Shutters. You can choose the style depending on the taste and requirements.

To sum up, there are many reasons why you should go for shutters for your homes, cafes or offices. There’s no way to suggest shutters aren’t suitable for large windows, for cafe style curtains prove how they can be effectively set up and used for a variety of purposes. You must, however, know their implications and impact. You can also use them with a combination of other window treatments such as sheer curtains to get the maximum benefits of a window covering. That being said, these window treatments are among the best ones in the market, and they give your windows a classic and beautiful look that will stand the test of time. Fit them on the large windows and create a fashion statement for your décor.