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Should your Curtains and Pelmets Match?

Should Your Curtains and Pelmet Match

Window treatments are not just about curtains and drapes. It encompasses a whole range of products that include blinds, shades, valances, cornices and pelmets as well. All of these boast of different functionalities. They also add aesthetic and architectural interest and value to the windows and help to pull the entire room together into a harmonious whole. Some continue to be in fashion, some are looking for ways to make a comeback. One of the very popular window treatments with a long history are pelmets. They can be dated back as long as 15th century during the Renaissance era when pelmets used to be of intricate woodwork and colorful fabrics.

What are Pelmets?

Pelmets may be defined as narrow borders of wood that are fitted across the windows to impart added beauty to the windows and also hide the curtain rods and other window treatment hardware. They have helped to insulate the windows by acting as a buffer against convection currents. These were a widespread feature during the 1970s and 80s and adorned almost every household across the world. So, yes they are an old-fashioned style that is associated with high ceiling mansion halls with regal drapes. But like most other decor items, pelmets too have undergone significant changes in appearance to suit the needs of modern times. Minimalist pelmets with sleek and smart appearance are available to blend with existing contemporary room decor. They are also available in upholstered variants apart from the wooden ones. Pelmets can be of any shape and size to fit any window type. They can be straight, curved and even ornamental.

Pelmets play a significant role in the heat and cooling of your homes. They can help reduce your energy bills and also reduce carbon footprint. They can prevent hot air from entering the homes during summer and from warm air from escaping during the cold winter months. Pelmets also help windows to become the focal points in a room by drawing attention towards the ceiling heights.
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Matching your Pelmets and Curtains

An interesting question related to pelmets is: should the pelmets and curtains match in design and colors? Most of the time, the answer is yes because it gives a neat and complete look to the windows and makes the pelmets appear as extensions of the window treatments.

• If you are using solid colored curtains you could pair these with the same solid color to complete the look. Solid greys, maroons, beige or even white look quite stunning.
• Similarly if you are using striped material for curtains you could use similar strips for pelmets. However if you are opting for vertical stripes for curtains as they are going to hang from top to bottom, opt for similar patterned but horizontal strips for pelmets as they are running from side to side. You could opt for fabrics with borders and use the same fabric for your pelmet. The fabric borders can be used to create border for the pelmet as well.
• You could opt for plain fabrics with broad borders. Use the bordered part to dress your pelmets.
• For printed materials like floral and other designs you could use the same fabric as the curtain for the pelmets. To create contrast for these similar colored curtains and pelmets, you could try layered them with a differently colored blind or sheer shade.
• You may be tempted to use a different color combination for curtains and pelmets, but we would suggest that you stick to the same color family. For instance, if you are using light brown curtains, you could pair them with deep brown colored pelmets. Or you could pair printed curtains with a solid colored pelmet, using any one dominant color from the curtains. It could be other way round as well. You can use solid-colored curtains with printed pelmet. Make sure that the solid shade that you use for the curtains uses any color present on the printed pelmet. This will help to create a cohesive feel for the windows and the rooms.
• If you are opting for wood pelmets then you can pair them with any colored curtains. You do not have to match them to create a harmonious whole. The rich texture of the wood can be used to complement any type of fabric printed, solid or stripped.
If you love pelmets and want to bring them back to style your house, go right ahead. Pelmets today are far more styled and streamlined to meet the strict requirements of a modern home which is characterized by minimalist decor. You can use different combinations of curtains and pelmets but remember to keep the color theme in mind.