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Should You Get Colored Window Blinds?

Colored Window Blinds

Colored Window Blinds: The New Trend

Window treatments are an integral part of our home décor because of their effectiveness in light control, privacy, and energy-efficiency. The functional values make them a unique selection that brings elegance and sophistication throughout the space. But what about aesthetics? Proper customization can add a pop style to your interior. But the confusion occurs when it comes to selecting the right hue.

But before that, one question can come to your mind – Why should you focus on the colored window blinds? Researches and studies have been proved that color has the power to affect our mood, even it can make people become more productive and energized. If we start talking about the benefits of color, then the list will go on and on. Colored window blinds not only transform the appearance of a space but also affect your physical and mental health positively. Colored window blinds determine the amount of light penetration, and the amount of heat enters your room. That’s why selecting the right blinds color is an essential part of the buying process. Depending on the room types, blind color can be different, and that will have its significance also.

Available Window Covering Colors and Their Significance

Let’s learn about the colors and the impact that they have in deciding the atmosphere of your interior –

• Orange hues are considered energetic, which make them a great choice in exercise or playroom but not suitable for kids’ room.
• Gray hue tone softness the look of any space and brings peace of mind. Install gray colored window blinds anywhere where you need a calm ambiance.
• White is a neutral that denotes peace, purity, and perfection. These colored shades have some functional value as well. By reflecting the direct daylight, this hue keeps the room’s temperature at an ideal condition, making it a perfect choice to install in the bedroom and living room.
• Brown color creates an earthy feeling inside your home, and it represents strength and security.
• Black hue helps in absorbing the heat and light. And proper installation of black colored blinds can make the windows to be the focal point of the home while highlighting the other things.
• A soothing blue tone to help keep you relaxed and calm throughout the day. It offers peace and serenity all over the room.
• Yellow tone enhances the brightness of any space. Install them in the living room or kitchen area to elevate the overall appearance.
• Green and purple bring the positivity, so they work well in every room.
• Red can be intense and can easily grab your attention. Red blinds and shades are a good choice for the living room and dining area but not worthy when installing in the home office.
Blue Window Blinds

Blind Color Categories

Choosing the right color that too from an array of hue options can be challenging and to help you out we have divided these colors into three categories –

• Neutral Color – Neutral tone doesn’t mean it has to be always annoying. This color group includes white, gray, beige, cream, which is always easy to blend with every type of home décor. These transitional and long-lasting tones provide your space with a clean and elegant look. If your room has plenty of colors, then neutral hues are ideal.
• Bright Vs. Dark Hues – While selecting a color tone, the most common thing that comes in our mind is whether we should go for light-colored material or dark. Well, if you wish to give your space a spacious and airy feel, then opt for lighter color window dressings such as yellow or orange. Darker colors like brown or black make an indoor feel a bit smaller but keep the space comfortable and warm.
• Warm Vs. Cool Colors – Different colors have different impacts and vibes. Red and orange colors are considered as the most energetic tone and can be used to warm ambiance. And for a calm and comfortable ambiance, cool colors like green and yellow are most demanding.
Warm Color Window Shades

Think About the Outdoor Windows Also

When we talk about blind colors, we often think about the interior windows. But if you have an exterior area, then it needs some special care and attention, especially when it confronts the street side. While dressing the windows, we should consider the blind’s functionality as well. For example, if you are planning to install solar shades or cellular shades, then keep in mind that light-colored solar or cellular shadings are excellent in insulation, but they can obstruct the outside view while dark-colored window coverings offer a better view but absorb most of the sun’s rays. Depending on the requirements, you decide the color and place your order.
Dark Color Outdoor Shades

Mixing and Matching of Colors

Explore all the shade colors and experiment with them as that is the best way to see how your new color will suit your interior décor. You can do some mixing and match with the window shades. For example, if you have white-colored roman shades in your room, then layer them with yellow-colored curtains for a unique transformation. Come up with some unique ideas like this and do something innovative for your décor. This not only changes the beauty of the space, but you also enjoy double benefits.

Colored Window Blinds for Interior Finishing Touch

Now you are aware of the significance of blind color and why it’s essential to choose it wisely. The right color can create an aesthetically pleasing ambiance without compromising on functionality or longevity. With all these tips and tricks, you will be able to design your perfect home décor, which you have dreamt about. But make sure your window treatment color should match the wall colors and other furnishings in your room. And keep the uniformity of the colors maintained.

You can order the free blind samples so that you can check the tone and holding them on the windows will tell you how beautiful and versatile they are. For one color category, they can be various tones. So, don’t forget to order them all. Take the help of the professionals and create charming and colorful windows!!