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Should You Cover A Transom Window Above Your Patio Door?

Should You Cover A Transom Window Above Your Patio Door

Why is it Essential to Cover a Transom Window above Your Patio Door

Transom windows are architectural design statements and an innovative invention that enhances the value of your home interior in a dramatic way. These windows are located above a patio door or a beam that makes a separation of your windows and door. Available in different shapes and styles including curved and square, they are designed to provide proper ventilation while letting soft natural light in. The windows have been used above the patio doors for centuries because of their simplicity and elegance. From a design perspective, a transom window always adds visual appeal and grandeur to the overall decor. Furthermore, the latest advancements and modern technology help them to open or close with a control panel that is mounted on the wall. These windows have the capability of creating an illusion of a bigger room for your space. On that note, we can say that the transom window along with patio doors is a remarkable addition for any interior.

Irrespective of all these aesthetic and functional purposes, there is one more thing to consider. Transom windows are designed with glass that permits natural light and wind to enter your space just like the patio doors do. We always cover patio doors with unique solutions to prevent our indoor from the harsh light and heat that makes space unbearable and uneasy to stay. Now the question is should we cover transom windows or not as they are also a part of the patio door? Many people wish to keep these windows uncovered because of their sophisticated and distinct appearance, they open up a room and bring in lots of extra light. But interior designers always suggest covering the transom windows which are located above the patio doors especially when you need complete indoor darkness and privacy.

There are multiple window designs available to dress up these windows, all are uniquely manufactured and can be easily accessed at your convenience. But before you plan anything, it’s important to know why you should cover these windows. This will help you to make your decision easier.
Elegant Transom Window

Reasons to Cover Transom Windows

● To Enhance Security:
The first and foremost reason to cover your transom window above a patio door is privacy. Patio doors open up the indoor to the outside world and that’s the reason we always keep them covered. And the same applies to transom windows as well especially when they are installed in your bedroom and living room. Outsiders can easily peep inside through these windows and that’s why it is advisable to cover them.

● Light Prevention:
Transom windows offer soft and smooth natural light to brighten up your space but if you want a complete darkroom, then covering them with the right window covering is necessary. Blackout window treatments work well in this scenario. They obstruct all the natural and artificial light completely, creating the perfect ambiance you desire for. Depending on the light requirements, you can opt for other fabrics too.

● Protection Against Harmful Rays:
An exposed transom window allows glare and dangerous UV rays that can cause damage and discoloration to your interior and other valuable belongings. But a covered transom will protect your floors and designer indoor elements from sun fading.

● Energy-efficiency:
As we have already mentioned that open transom windows always permit direct daylight which slowly enhances the temperature of your space. And this can impact your heating and cooling costs as well. But covering them will keep the indoor atmosphere ideal and energy-efficiency while reducing energy bills.

● Create Uniformity:
Covering both patio doors and transom windows with matching coverings will create a balanced and symmetrical appeal. Even if you don’t want to divide these two architectural frameworks, then you hang curtains that will also increase the versatility and uniqueness of your decor.
Transom Solar Shades

Top 3 Transom Window Coverings

● Woven Wood Shades:

If you are looking to give your transom windows an eco-friendly appeal and finishes, then woven wood shades are a great selection. They make windows feel lavish and complete the looks with ultimate grace and sophistication. Install them a little high for maximum efficiency along with architectural interest. Customizing the shades with the right texture and hue option will transform the feel of your room instantly, giving the interior a sober and magnificent look.
Woven Wood Shades for Transom Windows

● Drapes:

Window draperies or curtains are a timeless choice when it comes to covering your transom windows. Their soft elegance and touch bring out the best of these windows. They are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and style options to suit any decor scheme. With these designs, you can make these windows and the door as a single continuous unit. Hanging them high will make your smaller space look bigger and spacious. Choose the fabric wisely to prevent unwanted light and heat conditions while keeping indoor safe and protected. Customize and hang properly to add phenomenal beauty to the overall decor.
Drapes for Transom Windows

● Valances:

Valances work as the additional accessory for your windows but you can hang them alone on the transom windows too for maximum impact. Apart from styling up your windows, they offer functional values as well. There are different designs available that too in multiple colors and pattern choices and you can always customize them to get the desired appeal. There are no better ways when it comes to make the windows the focal point of your interior. And the best part is these window solutions increase the aura and beauty of your patio doors simultaneously.
Valances for Transom Windows


Transom windows are a great addition to any living spaces because of their light controlling and air circulation capabilities. But they need to be covered over time for functional and aesthetic purposes. All you have to do is consult with the professionals to get the right coverage that will suit your interior and fulfill all your requirements!

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