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Should Curtains in Adjoining Rooms Match?

Should Curtains In Adjoining Rooms Match

When you decide to work on the interiors of your house, it is always better to have a décor style in mind that you plan on implementing universally across every section of the house. A consistent theme is always preferable as it lends coherence to the aesthetics of your house. Window treatments are an indispensable part of any décor plan and they need to be included in any such discussion. Dressing up your windows with appropriate window coverings not only accentuate the windows but also livens up the décor of the room.

Better heat and light control are other benefits that make window coverings a pragmatic investment. While window coverings of all kinds are feature-rich and provide good protection against the outside heat and light, the final choice rests to a large extent on the aesthetic effect you seek to achieve. To achieve the desired effect, many aspects such as color, pattern, quality of material, and design elements have to be considered. Finding window treatments that not only complement the rest of the décor but also provide coherence to the overall appeal is not always easy. The best bet is always the window covering variants which are easily available in all kinds of designs and hues and can be easily customized. That way you can be sure of finding something which is exactly as per your preference and vision.

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What Makes Curtains the Ideal Option for Decorating Your Windows?

Curtains are amongst the most popular and widely used window dressings and for good reason. Curtains have many favorable attributes and advantages that set them apart. Let us look at them in greater detail:

Curtains are available in all kinds of shapes, patterns, and color options. From delicate sheers to elegant blackout curtains, you get an extensive range, unmatched by other window covering options. This gives you the luxury of a greater variety at your disposal to choose from. Ideal for any room or living space, curtains are a truly versatile window covering option.

Easy to Install and Replace
Curtains don’t need an elaborate mounting mechanism for installation. This makes the whole installation process pretty straightforward and hasslefree. Moreover, you can easily replace the curtains whenever you feel like refreshing the décor of your room or house.

Excellent Value
Curtains not just enhance the look and feel of the space these are installed in but also provide superiors light control, privacy, noise reduction, and also help prevent heat gain. Curtains are instrumental in maintaining a comfortable environment inside the house and also reduce your energy bills. All these benefits are a testament to the high return on investment you get with curtains.

Availability at Different Price Points
With curtains, you don’t need to break the bank if you are planning to dress up the windows in your house. A price range that suits all kinds of budgets, gives you the flexibility of choosing the curtains which are in tune with your budget estimates, and also serve your desired purpose.

Easy to maintain
Curtains don’t need any exclusive or costly maintenance regime to stay in pristine shape. Most of the curtains can be easily taken down and washed. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the curtains for the best results.
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Should Curtains in Adjoining Rooms Match?

The answer to this question depends on the effect you want to achieve with the interiors of your house. If you want to have a uniform theme for the décor that reverberates throughout the house, it is always advisable to get matching curtains for your rooms. A consistent décor gives a coherent character to the interiors of the house. If allows your unique taste and aesthetic sense to come through.

However, it is not a compulsion to have the exact same sets of curtains across all the adjoining rooms. Even if the curtains resemble each other in some way or don’t look totally out of sync with each other, it is good enough. If you want to impart a coherent and consistent appeal to the interiors of the house, even different curtains which follow a similar design principle or color combination will do the trick.

People who like to experiment or prefer to incorporate bold aesthetic aspects in the home décor, often opt for diverse themes and design elements and choose to do the interiors of every room differently. The rationale behind this move is to impart a unique fervor to each section of the lived space. Being industrious and creative in that sense appeals to many.

Ultimately, it is upto your own discretion to decide what kind of character you want your house to have. If you want it to be less diverse and flashy and more coherent, symmetrical and uniform, you should certainly opt for matching curtains to dress-up windows in adjoining rooms. If you want the place to give more flavor and color to the interiors, you can keep the décor elements including the window treatments more variegated.