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Should Blinds Go Inside or Outside The Window Frame?

Should Blinds Go Inside or Outside The Window Frame

When you go about decorating your house, dressing up your windows forms an important part of that endeavor. No home décor is complete without factoring in the look you want to achieve with your windows. Window treatments are the best and most effective way of dressing up the windows in your house. While the aesthetic appeal of the interiors sees a significant uptick, the window treatments also provide effective heat insulation, light control, dust protection, noise reduction, etc. besides enhancing the energy efficiency of your house.

All the above-mentioned factors make window treatments very logical as well as an attractive investment. However, selecting the right kind of window treatments is not as straightforward as getting the first option you lay eyes on. You need to take into account other aspects also into considerations. Things such as your specific requirements, your budget, the suitability of the features offered by the window coverings to your needs, and your preferences in terms of the design, color, etc. are some of those aspects.

Why Do You Need to Choose Your Mounting Option Beforehand?

Another important thing that you need to be sure about before getting the window treatments for your house is whether you want to opt for inside mounting or outside mounting options. Both inside and outside mounting options have advantages and downsides of their own and should be considered before making up your mind about the same. If there is enough unobstructed space within the window frame, you can install the window treatments directly in the window opening itself.

If there is a scarcity of space, then you are left with no choice but to opt for an outside mount. In both cases, however, you need to refer to the product specifications and the space requirements for the proper installation of the window treatments. Then you need to check if you have sufficient space on the window frame in case of inside mount and space above the window in case of the outside mount.

Choosing the mounting option beforehand is important as you can only utilize your window coverings once they are properly installed. If you buy the window coverings beforehand and then you find out that you can not mount them the way you would prefer, it can become a bit of an issue. You may as well be targeting a certain look for the interiors of your house and if you have to change the mounting position mid-way, it may hamper your expectations.

Moreover, the architecture of the windows also needs to be kept in mind. Inside mounts work better for certain window shapes while outside mounts are more preferable in other situations. For instance, if your house boasts of asymmetrical windows or arched windows that increase the elements of architectural interest in the house, outside mounts will ruin the overall look. The outside mounts will hide the decorative moldings in the area around the window and that definitely reduces the aesthetic value of the interiors. Similarly, if you are looking for better energy efficiency and coverage, inside mounts may not be the best option as there is always the possibility of some gap towards the side through which the outside light can enter the house or heat gain can happen. The extent may not be too much but the possibility remains nevertheless. Outside mounts provide better coverage and that helps achieve better blackout effect and also improves the overall energy efficiency of the window treatments.

Should Blinds Go inside or Outside the Window Frame?

Blinds are often lightweight and easy to install and are compact enough to be mounted within the window frame itself. So, in principle, blinds can easily be installed both inside and outside the window frame. Hence, the decision regarding the mounting position has to be on a case to case basis. So to better answer this question, you need to be aware of the factors that make the outside mount more favorable and likewise for the inside mounts. Let us look at them in greater detail:

When You Should Opt for an Outside Mount

Outside mounts are normally installed above the window frame or on the wall above the window depending on the availability of the space. Whenever you are installing blinds or any other window treatments on the windows or doors of your house, you need to make sure that there is enough space for them to function properly.

Mounting your blinds outside is preferable when the window frame under consideration is either are too shallow for the mounting hardware or when there is less vacant space on the window frame to work with. If there are obstructions like the window cranks, trims, security sensors, etc. on the window frame, they may interfere with the normal functioning of the blinds or they may prevent the blinds from lowering fully. Hence, in such cases, it is always better to opt for an outside mount.

Mounting your blinds outside the window frame also provides better coverage as the window frame gets covered fully. Inside mounted blinds are bound to have some gaps on the sides through which the light can enter. Hence, if you want to better blackout performance, outside mounts are more suitable for you. This solution is particularly useful for places such as the bedroom or the media room in your house. Better blackout performance will ensure that there are no sleep interruptions or there is no glare to hamper visibility in the media room or when you are working on your laptop.

Outside mounts also help make your windows look taller if you install the mounts higher than the window opening. This improves the aesthetic appeal of the interiors and makes the décor more cohesive. If the window frame has some scratches, any hint of damage or any kind of blemishes, an inside mount won’t be able to hide it well. Outside mount, on the other hand, can effectively cover all such blemishes so that they are no longer visible or noticeable.
Horizontal Outside Mount Blinds

When You Should Opt for an Inside Mount

Inside mount, as the name suggests, is meant to be installed inside the window frame. This solution makes the window coverings look more compact, sleek, and makes for a neat and clean look. Outside mounted blinds can look a bit bulkier. If you are more concerned about the visual appeal, inside-mounted blinds will definitely look more elegant. If you have uniquely-shaped windows in your house as an element of architectural and decorative interest, the inside mount will ensure that the decorative moldings along the window frame are very much visible and don’t get hidden behind the window treatments.
Inside Mount Blinds

Installing blinds as an inside mount gives a more finished look to the décor of the windows. If you are trying to achieve a minimalistic yet elegant look for the interiors, inside mount is the ideal choice for you. If your windows are not the fixed type and can be opened, installing the window coverings directly on the window frame is always advisable so that you don’t have to remove the coverings every time you have to open the windows.

So, in a nutshell, it is safe to say that both the inside and the outside mounts have certain advantages and drawbacks. So, instead of having a rigid preference for either one of them, you should analyze the suitability of both the mounts and go with the ones that better fit the bill in terms of your requirements and the space available on the window frame.

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