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Should All Blinds in a House Match?

Should All Blinds In A House Match

Homeowners are bombarded with series of questions when they are doing up their homes or they are planning a makeover. There is so much to consider, weighing and judging before you can go ahead and make a choice for your homes. Whatever you choose must be able to match the wall color, existing decor style of every room, furnishings colors and also the stain and texture of your furniture. Each of these has a bearing on the choice you make otherwise the product you choose will stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the aesthetic balance.

Choosing Window Treatments for Homes

When you are in the process of selecting window treatments for your homes you have a lot on your mind. Window treatments come with their own share of functionality and you must choose depending upon your need. There are window coverings offering insulation from cold, heat protection, privacy protection, light and noise blockage, UV ray blockage etc. There are different materials for modern blinds to choose from ranging from aluminum, vinyl, wood, and fabric with a whole lot of colors, textures, and designs at the disposal of the customer. Once you cross this hurdle there is another very valid query that they are confronted with. Should all blinds in a house match? Aesthetically is it mandatory for blinds to match between rooms? The answer is no. While the appeal of cohesion cannot be underestimated, this does necessarily not work for window treatments or decor style in homes.

Every Room is Different

Every room has a different role to play in our lives. They have different needs and those must be addressed by window treatments. One single window treatment cannot address all our needs.

Living Room
Living room is where you entertain guests and bond with family. You need aesthetically pleasing window dressings like sheer blinds or drapes or Roman Shades that have a regal and elegant flair about them, and ideally, you’d want fabrics that let in a soft glow of light.
Drapery Panels for Living Room
Bedrooms are where you rest and spend private moments with family and the topmost requirement is the preservation of your privacy and blockage of light for deep uninterrupted sleep. Blackout Roller blinds, blackout cellular shades, blackout top down bottom up cellular shades make a great choice of window treatment for your bedrooms as they allow a beautiful blend of light filtration, light blockage and privacy.
Bathrooms & Kitchens
Bathrooms and kitchens are high on humidity and are exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time. You need window treatments that can sustain moisture, will not warp or peel of easily, can be maintained and cleaned easily and also offer good privacy. Wood and fabric share the worst relation with water as they will become damaged over time. Aluminum, vinyl and faux wood blinds make a fantastic choice for these rooms.
This means that if you are using fabric shades in your bedroom you cannot use the same for your bathrooms and kitchens. Similarly, aluminum blinds work as great bathroom window treatments, but they may not look as regal and elegant as wood or fabric and these qualities are essential for rooms like living rooms and bedrooms.
Aluminum Blinds for Kitchen Windows
Layout of Rooms
Layout of your homes has an important bearing on your choice of window treatment for different rooms. There are some rooms in the house which may be exposed to direct rays of the sun for a prolonged period of time and hence the windows need to be well covered with sun-protected shades like solar shades to block out UV rays and the harsh glares of the sun and also to keep these rooms cool and pleasant throughout the day. There are again rooms that may be receiving less natural light as compared to other rooms in the house and you need window treatments like sheer curtains, roller blinds, vertisheer blinds that will allow as much light as possible to pass through and privacy at the same time. A nursery needs as much natural light as light and noise blockage to put babies to sleep with ease even during the day hours when the sun is at its peak. More than aesthetic beauty functionality is of prime importance here.
Cordless Blinds for Nursery

Different Decor in Every Room

Moreover, every room follows a different decor style. Following the same color scheme or decor in every room would become monotonous for every occupant. After spending some time in the living room when you enter the bedroom you visually and mentally you should feel fresh and a change of colors and decor style is helpful in breaking this monotony. This means that you cannot use the same window treatment in every room as they will not blend with the decor. Every room does not follow the same wall color scheme either. It is important that every room should be cohesively integrated. If your room has multiple windows it is important that they are dressing using similar blinds to pull the room together in unison.

While you need not necessarily choose the same window treatment for every room, you could opt for a layered window treatment solution. You could use shutters for every room which blends with every decor and then layer them with drapes of different colors and designs depending upon color scheme and room style. This will help to create a uniform curb appeal.