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Should A Couch Be Placed In Front Of A Window?

Should A Couch Be Placed In Front Of A Window?

Windows, regardless of whether vintage or modern, of standard size or floor-to-ceiling, improve the look and feel of our home. There are many types of windows based on their positions, materials, and functioning and you have plenty of options to dress them up:curtains or blinds, shades or shutters, each one of them accentuating the beauty of the windows in their own way.

Now, the question is, should a couch be placed in front of a window?

The answer is ‘yes,’and here’s why:

  • The ample light streaming through the window will make your couch look brighter. Together, the window, blinds and the couch will transform into the point of convergence of your space, around which you can position other furnishings.
  • A well-embellished window will be a design element in itself, so it solves the problem of what to do with the blank wall above the couch.
  • Placing the couch under the window frees up an extra wall where you can keep other items of home décor or a TV.

So, placing a couch under the window is definitely not a design blunder. Sometimes it might be your only option if your living space is small. However, in some exceptional cases, it may not be an ideal choice. In any case, you will have to consider the following factors when deciding whether to keep your couch in front of the window.

  • Height of the couch: If you are planning to place the couch in front of the window, the first thing is to ensure that the couch is not taller than the standard size. If the couch is too high, it will block a large portion of the window, causing you to compromise the view outside and disrupting the flow of air and light.
  • View outside the window: Does your window offer a splendid view outside? Like a garden ablaze with flowers within the compound? If yes, you don’t have to think twice before placing your sofa in front of the window. However, if there is a wall of another building, a parking lot, or some unpleasant view, you may want to reconsider your decision.
  • Size of your living room: If your living space is small, you may have no other choice but to position your couch under the window. However, that doesn’t mean you should go for this arrangement only under constraints. A couch in front of a window will look great even in a spacious room. Position all other furniture such as recliners, armchairs, low-seats and center tables in close proximity around the couch and impress your guests with the splendid arrangement.
  • Facing of the window: If your window directly faces the neighborhood, you may not like the idea of placing your sofa in front of the window as it may affect your privacy. However, if your space is limited and if you have no other wall against which you can place the sofa, ensure that draperies are adequately lined so as to not compromise your privacy. Adequate window insulation is also required so that you don’t feel chilled while sitting on the sofa during winter.
  • Pets at home: Dogs and cats love to peep through the windows, and if you have them at home, placing the sofa under the window could lead to problems as the pets may often climb over it and damage the upholstery with paw prints and fur. If you cannot avoid it owing to space constraints, use synthetic fabrics or cotton with synthetic blends which are relatively less prone to soiling.
  • Where to place the TV?: As a general rule, TV is directly placed across from the couch. But then, if your couch is below the window, the light from the window may bounce off the TV screen and cause reflections. In such cases, consider placing the TV elsewhere in the living room.
  • Leave a gap: There should be a gap of at least 10 inches between the sofa and the window so as to allow for window treatments.

The couch is the biggest and most essential piece of furniture in any living room, so it is crucial where you place it.  You may not want to block a window by placing your sofa in front of it, but then the positioning will work perfectly well if you keep in mind the above points. Since the window and the sofa together will become the focal point of your living room, come out with some gorgeous decoration ideas, mix and match draperies and upholstery, and toss in some pillows that sink with the overall design. Accessorize your couch in such a way that the shades and style of the pillows and throws go well with the rest of the room’s theme, and, at the same time, provide a good view if seen from outside the window. Play around with patterns and shades that have a similar undertone and a fabulous living room will be yours.