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Shopping Window Treatments For More On Black Friday

Shopping For More On Black Friday 

Year after year on Thanksgiving night people eat and drink and prep for the next morning rush. And year after year, people rush, cram, yell, push, shove, and grab for the best Black Friday Sales. People line up outside of stores as early as one in the morning to be first in line, to beat the rush and get the best deals. Now it’s even worse as stores have begun to offer deals, not just on Black Friday, but deals for the whole week, and even opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day to get the customers first. I mean the National Retail Federation has stated that this year they expect holiday sales to increase a whole percent, which is about $616.9 billion. So you can imagine the stores are going to be madhouses on Black Friday as people clamber to make their Holiday Shopping fit the budget this year. In all this hub and bub most people tend to forget that sales are not just offered in stores, but also online. This year, sales online have also gotten big as more retailer try to grab the customers as early as possible. So sales online are not waiting for cyber-Monday but have already started.

Now the smart shoppers will be clever to realize that it is just much easier to grab the online sales during the week up to cyber-Monday than rushing to the stores sleep deprived, and suffering from food comatose. Many retailers offer not only great deals, but also free shipping. For my family Christmas shopping, like many other families, I have a strict budget to follow. And in order to make sure the presents I buy stay to the budget, I have literally cut out any frivolous purchases. I have vowed to buy presents that will be useful to the people I’m giving to. This means no fancy jewelry or that fancy suite you know he will never wear. Instead, I go for the day to day stuff, like the knife set for my friend who loves to cook or a new leather chair for my husband. Even better, getting myself some better curtains for the bedroom to block the early morning sun.

The spring and summer are the peak seasons for most home improvements stores. That’s when it gets warm enough outside that people think about fixing the garden out back, the leak in the roof, or even getting new furnishing and a new look for the home. Like other home improvement items, people also think about shopping window treatments improvements during the warmer climates. Well, this year stock up on your window treatment ideas now. Most people don’t really consider the expenses of getting new blinds, shades, shutters or drapes until they have to. The fact that good quality window treatments can cost more that $2000 comes as an unexpected shocker to the average consumer.

With the Black Friday sales going all week, there are now great sales being offered for window treatments as well. Now is the time that the elusive brand-name window treatments with good light blockage, great insulation, child-friendly features, and made from fire proof material fall into the budget range. Best yet some of these home improvement ideas can also make great presents for your home and wallet. These can be an innovative and thoughtful gift for friends who you know love to play with their interior decor.  Find seasonal drapery fabrics and package them as a set for a friend who loves to keep with the season.  Or better yet,  buy me a good set of light blocking drapes for that east-facing bedroom window  (just kidding).

To maximize my budget and my peace of mind, this year I’m staying away from the chaos of the stores, and taking my time browsing online. Also, stores sometimes don’t put items like window treatments or other home improvement pieces like wall paint, and others on sale in the store as people are on the market for holiday shopping. But online where the buyer has the time to browse through lists and lists of items, there are many sales for home improvements.  Now with sales going all week online I’m literally taking my time to get the right measurements and color pallets to make my purchases. So don’t wait till summer for the big plans start the planning now. Figure out the changes you want to make to your home now and get a list together. With online shopping, you have the time to compare prices between multiple stores for the same holiday present and for the new interior you want. I have been taking things one step further and have been talking to friends and family on planning their home improvement for the coming year, which means I have some insider info on just what they will need. It’s has made Holiday shopping a lot more practical and less guess work this year for me.

So don’t waste your money on things they will thank you for, but never use. Buy your loved ones the things they need, and by that I don’t mean a new pack of underwear and socks. Get them what they would buy for themselves, things that will become part of their daily lives.


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