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SheerWeaves from Phifer for Exterior Blinds and Shades

Functional Exterior Blinds and Shades

Phifer is a brand known for their superior quality fabric productions since 1952. Apart from their SheerWeave fabrics designed to provide high performing solutions to the sun’s harsh rays, Phifer also brings you a broad range of Exterior Sun Control Products that are designed to absorb and dissipate a large amount of the sun’s heat and glare even before it reaches window or door glass. SheerWeaves Exterior Solar Shades made from Phifer fabrics prevent the temperatures in the room from rising quickly, thus saving you energy bills. As an added bonus, the vinyl coated fiberglass fabrics improve your privacy levels during daytime while offering excellent visibility of outside for you. Exterior sun control products allow proper airflow as well.

Being eco-friendly and following all the USA safety protocols, Phifer Incorporated’s entire line of Exterior Sun Control fabrics is lead-free. They, in fact, not only meet but far exceed several window covering industry testing standards for hazardous materials.

Phifer has proudly partnered with the Melanoma International Foundation to promote sun safety, and are recipients of their seal of approval. They are Greenguard and Microban certified as well.

Effects Of Solar Glare On Your Windows.

Did you know that nearly 230 BTUs (British Thermal Units) can strike each square foot of glass on your windows without protection? This, in turn, will not only heat up your home during hot summers, but also result in fading of furniture, carpets and precious decorations in your interiors. Inconsistency of sunlight on cloudy days can bother you as well when you are flooded with light one moment and the next you are dumped in darkness. When you are outdoors, it is quite difficult to control either the intensity or heat of the sunlight. Indoors can be a different story though. When you install the right kind of solar protection screens like that of Phifer, nearly 90 percent of heat and glare caused by sunlight is absorbed, reflected and dissipated even before it reaches the surface of your window.

When you look at your unprotected window glass that is reflecting sunlight, you are subjected to disability glare. It disables your vision momentarily, obscuring your vision to see things clearly. Uncomfortable glare is bright light entering your eyes when you are trying to focus on an object that in the path of the light. When you attempt to focus on such an object for a long period, you may end up with a headache, eye fatigue or pain in eyes though your vision will be unaffected. It is the light seeping through the sides that hurts your eyes. When you install Phifer’s Exterior Sun Control Fabrics, you can effectively block nearly 95 percent of solar heat and glare. So, you don’t have to worry about either discomfort or disabling glares anymore.

Super Solar Screening.

Sunlight and glares can be troublesome, especially on bright and hot summer days. Phifer gives you Super Solar Screening + for such days. This specially woven vinyl-coated fiberglass fabric brings you superior quality sun protection by blocking sun glares and heat. You can now protect your interiors from fading without losing your outward visibility. They are available in two variants of Charcoal and Bronze. They are also certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. They are lead-free and come with 10-year warranty.

Sun Tex.

Another popular product is the Phifer SunTex fabrics that are known to block up to 80-90 percent of the sun’s heat and ideal for exterior window coverings. It is woven in a unique mesh that guards your windows against harsh sun rays entering your windows. It is available in standard colors of Brown, Black, Dark Bronze, Grey, Stucco, and Beige. The mildew and fade resistant fabrics are made of sturdy vinyl coated polyester. You can keep them sparkling clean with occasional cleaning using mild soap and lukewarm water. They are also used on doors and porches, besides exterior window coverings.

Phifer has recently introduced Sun Tex 95, which was designed specifically for exterior roller shade applications. This vinyl coated polyester fabric with a basket-weave pattern, is thinner and lighter in weight than its counterparts. It comes with 5 percent openness factor and increases the glare control to the level of 95 percent. You also have two new colors Alpaca, a desert khaki hue, and Mocha, a peanut shell color to choose from.

With Sun Tex Phifer fabrics, you will havefar cooler interiorss during the hot summer months, cutting down on your energy bills.

Insect Protection.

It can be an annoying nuisance when insects such as flies, mosquitoes or gnats enter your home. When you install Phifer exterior sun control screen dual purpose fabrics, they double up as insect protection screens as well. Once mounted on your windows, they continue to protect your home, without being affected by closed or open windows. They stop up to 65 percent of heat and glare resulting from sunlight. The Charcoal and Silver Grey colors increase the aesthetic appeal of your outdoors.

The advantage you have with Phifer sun control/insect protection screen is that you have a greater choice of colors than you would have with regular insect screens. They are visually more appealing as well.

Advantages of Solar Insect Screens from Phifer at a glance:

· They give you excellent outward visibility

· You don’t have to worry about daytime privacy

· Even the tiniest of insects cannot get past its 20 x 30 per square inch weave

· Allows air flow


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