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Bias in Choosing Window Shading Brands

Sheer Window Shades

Shangri-La Sheer Window Shades

What keeps us going back to a particular company or brand? It can be any number of reasons, but one thing I need to know is that I’m not landed with a lemon, and next if I do run into difficulties with the product, the brand must take ownership. Sort of like buying Levi’s jeans. Levi’s is a brand I’ve used since forever. Recently, I bought a pair that had its in-seem stitching going cross after a wash. I took it back to the store, and Levi’s replaced the pair without batting an eyelid. Instant satisfaction! Also, I was offered a coupon from Barista – they told me that I’d taken the trouble to go back to them, so least they could offer was refreshment! It warmed my soul!

Sheer Window Shades


Sheer Window Shades


A friend of mine recently outfitted all the windows of the common areas of his house with the Sheer Shades from a famed, billion-dollar Window Fashions Enterprise. It was with great anticipation that he went to the store and bought them because he was, of course, the market giant in window fashions. Needless to say, he paid a premium buck for this premium looking product. And, he bought automated shades, to boot, powered by battery packs, as he didn’t want the hassle of hard wiring his rather old home! And it was all downhill from there. First, the battery power option was a badly thought out idea as all the windows were large, and the large shades required a lot of power to operate them – he goes through many packs of AA batteries, and he cries every time the batteries die because the battery pack is attached to the headrails that a really high. Then, for his French doors, the shades were inside mounted on their frames using magnets, and the cassettes covering the headrail work themselves loose and fall off, damaging the blinds. And this was a huge issue for him as the company wasn’t willing to send replacement parts. The blinds had to be taken down and sent to them for repair, and it took forever and a day to get them back, and then, they had to be reprogrammed to sync with the other shades – hassles all the way through! And he opted for that particular brand because of their market repute. And because he loved the sheer shades. But when he came to my place and saw my Shangri-La Sheers, he felt cheated all over again!

What Are Shangri-La Sheer Window Shades?

Shangri-La Sheer Window Shades are window shades that combine the benefits of roller shades and horizontal blinds in fabric splendor. Intrinsically beautiful, they feature two of the sheerest translucent polyester fabrics enclosing fabric vanes that can be turned open, closed, or anywhere in between to provide protection and privacy. They are also available in room darkening fabrics more suitable for bedrooms and media rooms. Shangri-La Shades are also designed to fit within the door frames of French Doors – Shangri-La Door Styles – to offer great versatility in form and function, and isn’t it just great to have a matching window and door shades? I’d hate to have a vertical and horizontal shade in the same room, wouldn’t you? Sort of wearing a horizontal striped shirt with a vertically striped pair of pants! And the door styles shades are installed with brackets and hinges that are screwed into the door frame, so nothing falls off.

The Shangri-La Sheers offer exciting dimensions to any room. The view through the shades when they’re lowered completely is muted thoroughly, making the ugliest of views appear magical. Even with the sheer vanes closed, beautifully soft and filtered light is allowed through, protecting interior elements from the harmful UV rays of the sun. They frame and decorate windows with artistic flair, nullifying the need for any wall décor.

The Shangri-La Shades feature the Omni-View system that allows the shades to be raised up to 24 inches with the vanes open for varying degrees of light control privacy and ventilation. One can raise double hung windows from the bottom and not have the dust deposit itself on the fine fabric, or a light rain wet the fabric!



These shades can be operated through RF-enabled automated controls, powered by Simplicity Motors, making them a smart feature to incorporate for privacy and security. For those who prefer seamless efficiency, the Cordless Power Touch system allows the vanes to be operated to any desired position in addition to raising and lowering the shades, unlike the conventional horizontal blinds that have only motorized vanes due to weight restrictions.

Shangri-La shades are a wonderful option that fits into any decor possible, but for me, it’s the epitome of contemporary stylishness, a reflection of resourcefulness and ingenuity. Available in a host of neutral colors that blend into any composition, in both light filtering and room darkening options, they are also easily maintained by vacuuming with the fabric brush on low suction, or even feather dusting. They can also be ultrasonically cleaned professionally. The GreenGuard certified fabric ensures that VOC’s aren’t released into homes to create respiratory ailments. What more could one ask for?! And it’s covered by a limited lifetime warranty that assures you of efficient shade management for the lifetime of the shades. And all at a considerably better price than the other sheer Shades! My buddy couldn’t believe the luck I’d had and left considerably more upset than he was when he’d arrived.


Finally, no matter the repute of a brand, go with one that has served you well. Alternatively, retailers like ZebraBlinds offer impartial advice about the features and benefits of a window shading depending on a customer’s needs. Crown, Comfortex and Graber trump every other brand in my eyes, because they own any defect in their products and replace items promptly. For them, the customer is indeed the king!

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