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Sheer Vertical Shades – Sheer Delight


The Large Window Solutions Vertical Sheer Shades.

“The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there.”
Ellie Rodriguez
Unfortunately, last summer it was the light and the warmth that kept me away from my home. Believe me, it can be dazzling and hot in summer when you live in a city like Gilbert; bad enough to chase you away from your own home. I went running to my sister in San Francisco and stayed there for nearly 3 weeks, not just because I loved her, but also because it I was terrified of getting back to my house that was hell bent on baking me.

After procrastinating for nearly three years, I finally gave in and took it upon myself to redecorate my windows, which were the primary source of heat gain in my home. I was amazed how the installation of proper window treatments has made my home a place where diffused light guides me, and cozy warmth controlled by my air conditioner keeps me there. This year I have come up with reasons not to visit my sister during the break because I was in love with the new look of my home.

Following the footsteps of luxury chasers, I had installed different window coverings for different rooms in my home to match their functions. Not stopping with window treatments, I went ahead and replaced my air conditioner with the latest and more efficient model that had 5-star EER (energy efficiency rate). How wonderful it is when you have even gained control over how much light and warmth you need to make you comfortable! With perfect window treatments and home appliances, every room in a house can be turned into perfect dwelling for people like me.

When I happily settled down to the change I had wrought, I faced the challenge of covering my patio door and one extra-large window in my drawing room for which I could not find a perfect solution. They let in too much of light and the accompanying heat gain, making my air conditioner groan. My utility bill had come down considerably compared to last year, and I was sure that I could save more energy by finding the perfect solution for my patio door and drawing room window.

The Large Patio Door Window Covering Solutions.

This was when I came across the vertical sheer shades that could deftly cover my patio door and the extra-large window perfectly. I had installed cheap horizontal blinds on these complex windows, only to see them bend under their own weight and become misshapen in less than two years! I learned my lesson that long slats made of cheap materials give in under the hot sun. Now wiser, I decided to check out the vertical blinds for my patio door and drawing room window. To my amazement, I find that, though horizontal blinds and shades are more popular, soft vertical shades are the Divas of the window treatment industry. Their graceful softness combined with ease of operation and visual appeal make them the elegant choice for my decor, especially for large doors or windows.

It is remarkable to notice how my patio door leading to the backyard pool had increased the beauty of not just my living room, but my whole home with its sheer vertical shades. The Graber Sheer Vertical Shades are kind of unique because of their perfect combination of the smooth sheer fabric and the awesome light controlling ability that is the chief characteristic of the blinds. This has been made possible by the innovative technology used in manufacture of these shades, which has their soft, flexible vinyl louvers draped in sheer fabric to create the magical effect – a perfect blend of both room darkening and light filtering options in one shade.

When the vanes are in the closed position they block the light entering the room while illuminating the room with beautiful gentle light when the vanes are open, my view is unobstructed and I am protected from the harmful UV rays. When I draw open the shade, the louvers stack compactly on the side of my window and patio door, giving it a tidy appearance. The ease of operation and the unbelievably simple installation of the shades made me fall in love with them instantly.

The Graber Sheer Shades are available in elegant fabrics for a wider range of decor options in outstanding colors. It gave me option to create unlimited decorating possibilities from contemporary to formal, giving a chic look to my decor. Further if I am going to change my decor, I can replace just the fabric of these shades without changing the whole, or I can just have one or more fabrics to change the look when I get bored with the pattern. I also love the robust aluminum head rail that allows an ultra-sleek operation due to a steel pantograph.

As for cleaning, the fabrics can be removed with ease without dismantling the whole for a wash. All I have to do is take care to set the washing machine to gentle and wash them in cold water. I see that they should not be run through the dryer but suspended when they are slightly damp. They are good enough to be ironed or steamed. The louvers, too, can be individually replaced, making them a splendidly convenient product to own. Duke Ellington said, “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”



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