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Sheer Window Shades- Bring out the Bright Side of Your Home Decor

Sheer Shades

Customizing to Achieve a Luxurious Look with Sheer Shades

Developed by Hunter Douglas in the early 1990s, sheer shades combine the perfect look of elegance and functionality of blinds and are an authentic testament to ingenuity. People generally get confused between the sheer curtains and sheer shades, but these two entities are entirely different. Since the inception, many corporations have copied the design but many still consider the Hunter Douglas’ shades as the best.

Sheer shades are made up of a combination of shade and blind. These shades have alternating transparent and opaque strips. With the help of their unique design, regulation of incoming light and privacy becomes easy. Hence, they can be used as light filtering or as a room darkening shade, with the option for sheer if desired. In the end, it becomes very easy as, when closed, it behaves as shade, but it can be adjusted to let in more light like a blind. Users’ can match and adjust them as per their relevant requirements. They have delicate yet luxurious fabric and their multiple varying functions make them one of the most popular products.

The Highlights of Sheer Shades

The most prominent feature of sheer shades is its ability to filter the light. As already mentioned, the alternative style of sheer shades serves perfectly for letting in diffused or dim light. Addition to that, these shades also blocks down the UV rays and other harmful sun rays, when compared to the partial or fully raised window shades. This protection from the harmful rays will preserve your wooden furniture and floors. However, they also provide the standard shades and sheer blinds setting along with the ability to be lowered and raised with ease. Control options include a cordless motorized lift which makes them ideal for a home with pets and/or children. Besides privacy, users can opt for light control and insulation. They also offer a diverse option in fabrics and textures to fit most decors. Their light weight makes them easy to operate and ideal for larger windows. The users can enjoy these benefits once they install the right window treatment at home just like sheer shades.

On top of that, sheer shades work well with other shades. A shade can have many purposes, however, if you are considering to include other decorative window coverings, they can be easily coupled with other types. These include sheer blinds, blackout roller shades, drapes, vertical shades, sliding glass doors, or pleated fabric at the top of the window to allow some light in.

 Versatility is at its Best with Sheer Shades

You will never run out of styles when opting for sheer shades as they come in diverse varieties to choose from. Not only are they affordable but also aesthetically pleasing, whether you choose a traditional or modern style.


Zebra Sheer Shades


Room Darkening: Excellent sheer blinds that darken your bedroom but still allows a full view out of your window. Room darkening fabrics on the Zebra Sheer Window Shades do not completely block your outside view, but still, dim your room.


Light Filtering Horizontal Sheer Shades


Light Filter Horizontal Sheer Shades: Made up from the combination of nylon and polyester, these shades offer the finest look without compromising the quality

Light Filtering Zebra Shades: As the name suggests, and previously mentioned, the alternating style is placed in a zebra pattern and presents both sheer and light filtering fabric

Getting the Most out of the View

For most of the people, window view is the primary reason for purchasing a home and they want to make sure that they get the best of it. The Sheer Shades give you versatility in adjusting so that you can keep a view through while blocking some light.

Perfect for Every Budget and Preference

Sheer shades’ unique adaptability with regards to expenses brings out the modern touch of elegance to your rooms. These are affordable and can be labeled as cheap shades. Hence, you will be rocking your room with the versatility of sheer shades, at very little expenses. Being made from lighter fabrics like cotton, linen or synthetic, they offer the perfect economical balance. Often, a blend of two or more light fabrics is used to design them. Hence, they are reasonably priced when contrasted to the other window treatments.

Cleaning your Shades

Reaching at the end of the article, it is time to know how to keep your shades clean. They obviously add a beautiful and elegant touch to any room, but they do attract dirt and dust just like others. Hence, they should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain the look of your room. The fabric inside the shades is delicate and cleaning must be carried out with care, without ripping the material. Clean them with a soft vacuum brush attachment or with dusting. If needed you can spot clean the fabric but should be gentle.

You have an array of choices when it comes to recreating your living space, alongside keeping a comfortable yet luxurious environment. Also, when choosing for sheer shades, it is important to keep in mind what matters most to you. When it comes to lighting, sheer shades are the perfect options. The flexible nature of sheer shades makes them a good addition to anywhere you want a certain level of light and privacy in your precious home.