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Sheer Shades an Elegant Touch to Spectacular French Doors

Enhancing the Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality of the French Doors in Your Home

French doors are the elegant designs in your home that can enhance its visual beauty by letting the all-encompassing outdoors in. Mounted on frames, these transparent large windows or patio doors, let in enough natural light into the rooms. The classic, in-swing French door is a sophisticated and majestic architectural component of a home that connects the inside to the outside conveniently. Because it is a hinged, swinging door, it will take up floor space, unlike many windows. They look gorgeous even without any window treatments mounted on them, but the appropriate window treatment can add color, controlled sunlight and heat streaming in while enhancing the overall beauty.

Though customers find covering their French doors harder than their windows, there are some exclusive window treatments in the contemporary market that solve the problem for them. French doors are different from typical windows, not only in their appearance but also function. Since they have handles or knobs to open or close them, window treatments to be mounted on French Doors should be measured to clear the door handle or knob. They should not obstruct the path of people who may use them as doors.

Susie, who had three French doors lined up in her living room, opening into her patio says, “When we were looking for a home in Atlanta, this feature of our present home was what sealed the deal for us. They gave the home a trendy appearance and illuminated the living room brightly, enhancing the beauty of interiors. But it was a completely different challenge to control that light when we settled down in our new home”.

Though they installed roller/solar shades on their windows, this was somehow not the option for their French doors. The doors already had some heavy window treatments that inevitably caused the slapping of weighty window treatments against the glass when opening and closing the door. “Since the previous owner seldom opened those doors, it worked fine for him”, says Susie, “but we enjoyed having access to our patio directly from our living room rather than going around the house to access it”. They had to remove the heavy window treatments and leave the French Doors bare. Though the sunlight was welcome in the cooler months, it started to warm up their home during the summer, their utility bills shooting up. Susie also observed that the sunlight was bleaching her carpet and causing damage to her furnishings.

Their window treatments were installed by a professional home decorator, but this time around, Susie and her husband Liam decided to install the window treatments by themselves. The first step was to log online to a window treatment website that offered a wide range of window treatments that included their need for the French doors. Susie and Liam were surprised with the wide variety of options they had to choose from. They had shutters, roman shades, cellular shades and many other contemporary window treatments that would fit perfectly over the French doors. Specialized window treatments like Shangri-La Sheer Doorstyles Room Darkening and Light Filtering Shades were also available for appropriately meeting all their needs.

“We opted for Room Darkening Shangri-La Sheer Door styles Shades since they blended in perfectly with our interior décor and also our requirements. They were a perfect choice for our French doors since the room darkening shades keep the sharp, bright sun rays away from our house, thereby providing a comfortable ambiance, even during hot summer days”, says Liam.

The shades are installed over French door with a sleek aluminum head rail. If customers prefer to have their shades motorized, they have to opt for deluxe head-rail. It is not difficult to operate the aluminum rail since it can be pulled up, or it can be shut down against the door with ease. When the rail is up, the Shangri-La Shades are open, and the horizontal darkening vane is held between two sheer fabrics and allows light into your home. With the rail lowered down against the door, the shade lays flat rather than being fully open, and the horizontal vanes lay flat as well which allows them to block out light and help to darken a room. Shangri-La Sheer Doorstyles Room Darkening Shades work to grant you privacy and increase the comfort level indoors. “I loved the premium quality color coordinated head rail that enhanced the beauty of our French doors since it is not bulky like other head-rails I have seen”, says Susie.






Liam and Susie are just one of the innumerable customers who have found Shangri-La Sheer Door styles shades perfect to cover for their French doors, transoms and sidelights. They fit in perfectly on the French door with chic silver hinges which can be tilted open or closed easily. However, you have to notice that these shades do not raise or lower but only tilt open and close. Shangri-La Door Styles shades is available in 2” and 3” variant vanes with the 3” vanes providing better visibility.

Though Liam and Susie were new to DIY project, they did not have any trouble measuring for their shades following detailed instructions given to them on the website. Since the product came with the necessary hardware required for installation, it was done without much effort.






One of most attractive features of these shades are the soft and delicate feel of Sheer fabrics which belies the durability of the material. Shangri-La shades are made of sturdy, knitted polyester fabrics and may be feather dusted or vacuumed at a low suction setting without damaging them in any way. Spots or stains can be rubbed clean with a damp sponge and mild soap. To avoid discoloration of the material, customers should avoid using chemical cleaners on the shades. You can hire a professional to clean them ultrasonically when required.

“I am so glad with our purchase of perfect window treatments for our French doors. They are the most beautiful feature of our home now” says a beaming Liam who is quite happy that they carried out their first DIY project successfully together.



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