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Window Shades in Your Home

 All artists understand the importance of light and colors, of how to manipulate it, filter it, highlight it, slant it, dim it, and ever more. Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Picaso, Edvard Munch are all artists who played with colors and light to create masterpieces. Now it’s your turn!

 Your home is your canvas, your inspiration your brush, your décor your colors, and your windows your light. Play with your colors and your lights to the fancies of your inspiration and let the masterpiece unfold.

 To shade in those sharp lights Zebra Blinds offers a variety of choices of colors, materials, and types of shades that may make your inspiration feel a bit hesitant to pick Relax! Here is a bit of help for your inspiration to guide you true. We have a few examples of shades that may be just right for your palette:

Roller Shades: For all you frugal artists this may just be what you are looking for. Roller Shades are simple and neat with its pull-down mechanism to open or close the shade. You can choose the colors, the fabric or the material perfect for you.

Pleated Shades: As the name suggests these are shades with pleated fabric. For the artists with an inclination for being efficiently green this is your shade. Manufacturers often use additional layers that makes pleated shades more energy efficient and perfect to maintain your privacy.

 Solar Shades: These are the shades for the truly green. Highly energy efficient and durable these shades are perfect to withstand long sunny days year round. Coated with filter screen such as fiberglass, polyester, aluminum backing and others lets these shades filter sharp UV rays without fading for a long time.

Roman Shades: For the look of classic beauty these are the shades. You can pick your unique colors and any materials just like drapes. In addition these shades can be selected to fold in a beautiful pattern.

Natural Shades: For the artists looking for that traditional beauty these shades are your calling. They give a rich natural look to the windows. However, they need to be cared for regularly to keep the beauty from fading.

Now go and let your inspiration lead you to your masterpiece!

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