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How to Dress Your Semi Circle Windows with Curtains

Semi Circle Window Curtains

Window decor plays a very pivotal role in the architectural set up of your home or work station. Not only does window decor give you the ability and freedom to control the amount of natural light that enters your space but they also help to provide some color and personality as well. When it comes to picking the right window decor and window accents there are many factors you need to take into consideration like measurements and size. But you’ll have to take into account the shape of your window as well. The unique shape of your window at home is a reflection of your personality, it shows that you’re okay with becoming a bit unconventional when it comes to style. But the shape of the window affects the kind of window treatment you can have. An unconventional yet elegant window shape is semi-circular/ arched windows. Not all designs in window treatment work but you can find customized drapes, curtains, blinds and more for arched shaped windows. Curtains are especially a good option as decorating your window with.
How to Cover Half Circle Windows

What Are Semi-Circular Window Shapes?

Window shapes come in a wide variety. Apart from the convention square and rectangular shapes, windows come in circular and semi-circular shapes as well and there are window treatments that are specially made for them. A semi-circular or an arched window is when the body portion of the window is rectangular and the top portion of your window is arched or semicircular. This window shape is extremely pleasing to the eye as it provides or generates a simple appeal to your space. When the semi-circular space is combined with the entryway it can give your space a magnificent looking entry space. They come with some unique features as well.

• An arched or semicircular shape is extremely unique to any space it is in.
• You can easily convert your regular window to an arched window, therefore, giving you the flexibility to decide where you would like to have your arched window placed.
• Arched shaped windows provide a traditional look that will never go out of style.
• Arched windows are easy to maintain. Just like how you regularly maintain your normal windows you won’t need to do anything extra for semi-circular windows as well.
• You can easily find an arched window shade that fits your budget as well.
Blinds and Curtains for Semi Circular Windows

Are There Curtain Options for Semi-Circular Windows?

People are often hesitant about getting arched windows. Even though their versatile and unique design are most sought after, there are some concerns when it comes to arched windows. People face difficulty in finding the right window accents for them. This is because the shape of the window makes it difficult for the regular blinds, shades, and curtains that cannot be fixed. While their timeless appeal and geometric pattern make them a must-have in almost every space, it is also important to find the right window treatment. A simple, floral or vibrant curtain would do wonders in uplifting the absence of the space.

While there is a preconceived notion that hinders people from keeping semi-circular windows, it is indeed a myth that there are no semi-circle window curtains or treatment options. You can easily make your style statement by picking from a wide variety of blinds, shutters, shades, and curtains that are specially made for the arch. In fact, these window treatments including curtains are custom made to highlight the figure of the arch!
Curtains for Arched Windows

What to Keep in Mind Before Investing in Curtains for Arched Windows?

When it comes to picking that picture-perfect setup or curtain for your semi-circular window, there are so many thoughts and ideas that race through your head. Some questions you might ask are if you should invest in fabric to cover the arch, how to hang a straight curtain panel, what elements should I customize, etc. While these questions might put you in a dilemma, here are some pointers that you can keep in mind that’ll help you declutter your mind when it comes to semi-circle window curtains.

• Fitting a straight rod along a curved arch is an impossible task that’ll take away from the aesthetics of the window. You either customize a window rod if your budget allows it or just browses online and find various hacks and alternatives to hanging window coverings, they’re extremely, easy, do-able and will surely accentuate the idea you have in your head.
• Another alternative to curtains is curtains scarves. They not only help in light control but also, they’re easy to maintain as well.
• You can even use a straight or regular curtain hardware and run it along with the top 1/3rd portion of the arch so as to hang the curtain. But this might limit your control a bit of privacy and lighting.
• Apart from curtains, you have a wide range of blinds, shades, shutters, sheer fabrics or valances to choose from as well.